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Did You Have Too Much to Drink?

It’s New Year’s Eve. Like most people, you probably have plans to go out on one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. Your plans are set. But have you thought about a designated driver if you plan on celebrating by consuming alcoholic beverages? Here are a few tips: 1. Add a cab company … Read More

6 Smart Tips: Lose Weight and Keep It Off

As a doctor, a big part of what I do is help people lose weight. If you are overweight and need some practical advice, I recommend: 1. Restrict calories in a tailored program Not all calories, or bodies, are the same. The right diet for weight loss can be different combinations of carbohydrates, proteins and … Read More

‘Tis the Season for Headaches? (Video)

The holiday season could also be called “headache season.” Doctors say it’s not uncommon to see an increase in people complaining about migraines this time of the year. Jennifer Kriegler, MD, who treats migraine patients, says the increase is tied to the following: 1. Changes in diet “Holidays are a stressful time and there are … Read More

What Should Your Resolutions Be For 2013?

Do these women look familiar? It’s because each one is a Health Hub expert contributor. We reached out and asked them to share their resolutions for a healthier and happier new year. Remember, you can reach these goals with a little help from your friends: your family, doctors and healthcare professionals. 1. Schedule important health … Read More

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Energy Drinks and Alcohol: A Bad Combination

Planning to ring in the New Year at a party? If you’re going to be drinking to celebrate the occasion, think twice about what you use as a mixer. Lots of people mix energy drinks with their alcohol without thinking of the potential effects. Julia Zumpano, RD, a registered dietician with Cleveland Clinic, warns the … Read More

ICDs That Shock Less Are Better

Shocking news: Patients with heart arrhythmia who have implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) fare better when devices are programmed to wait out irregular heart beats that aren’t sustained. Rather than programming devices to react quickly to all beating irregularities—slow heart beats (tachyarrhythmias) and those of shorter duration—a Randomized Trial to Reduce Inappropriate Therapy (MADIT-RIT) showed that ICD … Read More

Busting 6 Drinking Myths

When it comes to alcohol, the line between myth and fact can be blurry. Below, Gregory Collins, MD, section head of the Cleveland Clinic Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center, sets the record straight on myths about drinking. Myth 1: Drinking perks you up at parties Only partially true. Alcohol is a brain depressant that first … Read More

Resolutions, Yoga and Personalized Healthcare

The end of the year brings what some people relish and others resent: New Year’s resolutions. With the New Year comes renewed hope and motivation. Like many people’s resolutions, mine tend to revolve around health. The New Year is a chance to begin again, to remind ourselves, “I will eat healthier, exercise more.” Becoming healthier … Read More

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Baby, Can You Hear Me? (Video)

Just a few months ago, 1-year-old Mason Henoch was way behind in his ability to communicate. Wendy Henoch, Mason’s mom, said she and her husband Matt knew something was wrong, but didn’t realize how severe the problem was. Around his first birthday, the couple took Mason to Cleveland Clinic, where he was diagnosed with severe … Read More

What’s It Like to Get an IUD?

First of all, congratulations for choosing the birth control method with the lowest failure rate! And if you are having an IUD placed for period-control reasons, good for you, too. I think you’re going to love it. Getting started When I place an IUD for one of my patients, it usually takes less than five … Read More