Too Little and Too Much Vitamin D

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Vitamin D may be associated with like heart disease.


Heart Health Twitter Quiz: Sex and the Heart Patient

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Is sex safe for heart patients?


What is a heart CT scan?

Tags: cardiac CAT scan, Cardiac CT, coronary CT angiography, CT scan, intravenous contrast, percutaneous heart valve

A cardiac computed tomography also may be called a coronary CT angiography, MSCT, CT, cardiac CT, coronary CTA or cardiac CAT scan.


Heart Health Twitter Quiz: Women and Heart Attack

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Most women do not have chest pain when they have a heart attack.


Heart Patients: Pay attention to signs of depression

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Research indicates there is a greater risk of heart disease when a history of depression is involved.


Heart Health Twitter Quiz: Depression

Tags: depression, heart 411, heart disease

Twenty to thirty percent of all patients with heart disease develop depression.


A Heart-Stopping Feat

Tags: heart stop surgery, stopped-heart surgery

The date was February 17, 1956.  Surgeons at Cleveland Clinic were attempting something radical.  They planned to stop the heart of a living, 17-month-old boy. They planned to shunt his blood through a machine they’d invented with the help of some industrial engineers. They planned to operate on the stilled heart and start it up


Heart Health Twitter Quiz: Snow Shoveling

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If you have coronary heart disease, you should not shovel the driveway.


Give a Heart this Donor Day

Tags: Donor Day, organ donation

Here at Cleveland Clinic, today is more than just Valentine’s Day – it’s also National Donor Day.


Electronic Medical Records

Tags: Electronic Medical Records, EMR, MyChart, patient information

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) put patients’ records at the fingertips of medical professionals who need them so they can give you the best care.