Daily Digest: Strokes, Allergies, Soda and More

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In our May 31, 2012 daily digest, read about strokes, allergy prevention, green vegetables, and soda pop.

Friends and physical activity

Video: How Friendships Affect Physical Activity

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Next time you make a play date, keep this in mind: Your children’s friends can affect their levels of physical activity. A Cleveland Clinic psychologist comments on a recent study about kids and their fitness influences.


Health Tip: Don’t Skip Your Pap Tests

Tags: annual exam, cervical cancer, Pap smears, pap test

Regular Pap smears lower the risk of cervical cancer and boost cure rates. If you can’t remember the last time you visited your primary care doctor or OB/GYN, make your appointment today.


Daily Digest: Extramarital Affairs, Childhood Constipation, and More

Tags: childhood constipation, cleveland clinic in the news, cri du chat, genetic disorder, heart attack, hypertension, pain

In our May 30, 2012 daily digest, read about extramarital affairs, heart attacks, childhood constipation, hypertension, pain, and a unique genetic disorder called Cri du Chat.

Older woman exercising

How Lifestyle Affects Alzheimer’s

Tags: Alzheimer's, exercise

For brain health, physical activity matters. Research shows that physically active people at risk for Alzheimer’s show more brain activity than those who are relatively inactive.


Hypertension Trial Taking Off!

Tags: hypertension, innovation, research

What keeps doctors up at night? Hypertension. Yours, not theirs.

First grader survives stroke

Video: First Grader Survives Stroke From Moyamoya Disease

Tags: brain surgery, hemorrhage, moyamoya, stroke

Stokes can strike children, too. Meet a first grader who survived a stroke and had a unique brain surgery after being diagnosed with a rare brain disease.


Statins Hurrah – But Not For Everyone!

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TBE occasionally conveys a dark view of certain popular drugs. But we’re happy to lead the cheers for a drug when it’s appropriate. A recent study in the Lancet shows that statins, America’s most widely taken class of prescription drug, are even better than was previously believed. They may be so beneficial, that even some


Is Calcium a Patriot or a Traitor?

Tags: bone health, calcium, calcium CITRATE supplements, dental health

A women's health expert weighs the pros and cons of this crucial mineral.

child hugging dog

Can a Pet Help Prevent Allergies?

Tags: allergies, anaphylaxis, HEPA filter

Having a family pet may help keep your little ones from developing allergies to dogs or cats later in life.