EKG Reveals If You Are Having a STEMI

Tags: coronary artery disease, heart, heart attack, heart disease, heart health, prevention

STEMI stands for ST segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction. This heart attack is caused by a prolonged period of blocked blood supply and it affects a large area of the heart muscle.

anxious woman looking at wrinkles

Can Anxiety Age You?

Tags: adrenaline, anxiety, blood pressure, Catalyst, chromosome, DNA-protein, premature aging, stress, telomere

Even the question, “Can anxiety age you?” strikes a chord of terror in one’s heart, mind… or more specifically one’s telomeres. It is true; the mental effects of anxiety translate to physical effects which include changes at the molecular and genetic level.


“Door-To-Balloon” Time May be Critical

Tags: coronary artery disease, heart, heart attack, heart disease

Every second counts when it comes to treating heart attacks. Steve Nissen, MD, explains what you should do and why.

Handful of vitamins

Can a Vitamin Meet Your Body’s Needs? (Diet Myth 2)

Tags: calcium, diet, folic acid, healthy diet, multivitamins, vitamin c, vitamin D, vitamins

We’re tackling the top 6 diet myths. This week's question: When it comes to the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to thrive, can a pill beat what nature provides?

woman holding recycle grocery bag

Reusable Grocery Bags and Bacteria (Video)

Tags: e. coli

A study finds reusable bags can harbor multiple bacteria, including E.coli. An expert offers tips to avoid contamination.

woman wearing mosquito hat

Insect Repellent: Down With the Mosquitoes!

Tags: deet, dermatology, insect repellent, insect sting allergy, mosquito

An expert chimes in with good stuff to know so you’ll use insect repellents effectively and safely this summer.


18 Innovations: National Diet Heart Study

Tags: cholesterol, coronary artery disease, diabetes, diet, healthy diet, healthy living, heart, heart disease, heart health, innovation, nutrition

Nobody believed that cheeseburgers could kill you. Irvine Page, MD., and Helen Brown, PhD, changed all that.


A Personal Story of Personalized Cancer Care

Tags: BRCA, breast cancer, breast cancer awareness month 2012, family history, mastectomy, oophorectomy, ovarian cancer, personalized healthcare

Dana Kachurchak faced tough decisions about her risk for ovarian cancer and breast cancer. With family history, genetic testing and personal advice, she didn't have to make those decisions alone.

boy measures weight on floor scale

Twitter Chat: Teens, Obesity and Diabetes

Tags: childhood obesity, cleveland clinic, heart disease, heart health, prevention

Ask questions and get answers about childhood obesity from Naim Alkhouri, MD, and his colleagues Gordon Blackburn, Ph.D., and dietitian Jula Zumpano during a live Twitter chat Monday at noon EST.

Heart in Hands

18 Innovations: Record Numbers of Heart and Lung Transplants

Tags: cleveland clinic, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart surgery, heart transplant, innovation, lung transplant

Vast experience in heart and lung transplantation enables Cleveland Clinic to constantly improve outcomes.