• Barbara Dunn

    I try to always get a to go box and eat half my serving to take home, it really works .Slow down while eating and wait a while and you will feel fuller. Also, taking a drink of water between bites works to.

  • david l. carr

    My wife and I are both 81. When we dine out we mutually agree on the main course. We place the order and ask for an extra plate which sometimes are charged $1.00. No alcohol, ice water with lemon. Desert is picked by my wife and we split it. By doing it this way we don’t have to be concerned with throwing the take out in the garbage two days later. The only left overs I like are from the meals we cook at home.

  • Paula Winne

    Doesn’t the fat in the salad dressing help your body absorb the fat soluble vitamins in the veggies? I opt for regular, but on the side and use a smaller quantity. Dipping just the edge of what is on your fork is helpful in using less, and you still get the flavor.

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