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Autism Warning Signs and Perception (Videos)

Children with autism behave and perceive things differently

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By age 1, children typically are in the habit of pointing at something interesting — like a squirrel running up a tree or a funny face.

Children with autism may not point, and they may not be able to recognize a funny face. A lack of pointing is just one of many possible early warning signs as a child develops, and it relates in part to how people with autism perceive things differently. The videos below offer more about both early warning signs and perception.

Aletta Sinoff, PhD, Director of Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital Center for Autism, talks about an important early warning sign for autism.


Clinical psychologist Leslie Speer, PhD, explains the differences in how people with autism perceive faces.


You can also read more about what is and is not a sign of autism. If you have concerns about your child, consult your pediatrician.

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