Workout Hydration Tips (Video)

Learn what you should drink after exercising

splash of chocolate milk

When you’re working out, there are lots of drinks you can choose, including water, sports drinks and shakes. Cleveland Clinic sports nutritionist Kate Mone explains how the intensity and amount of time you spend exercising should guide your choice for rehydration.

She says for workouts under one hour, water works well to rehydrate you. However, the tipping point hits after one hour, when you begin to lose more than water, including electrolytes, sodium and glucose. That’s when drinks that contain more than water, such as sports drinks, can help your body the most. However, Mone says to be careful to watch how much sugar you drink so that your glucose levels don’t spike.
What is the perfect drink after a tough workout? Chocolate milk. Surprised? Watch to learn more.

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  • Nana Jo

    Does it have to be cow’s milk or would chocolate almond milk work as well

  • Nancy N.

    Currently my workouts are outside in 85 degrees with 60% humidity. I usually do interval running and walking for 40-45 minutes. In spite of the workouts being less than 60 minutes should I hydrate with more than water due to the temperature and humidity.

  • Judy Vann

    I have always used chocolate milk after workouts(which I can’t do anymoe) to just plain strenous work in the yard or in the house. I’ve used it for all family members. I am a diabetic & when I get a low blood sugar chocolate milk works best for that too.Judy Vann.

    • Richard Kovacs

      My mother was a Type II insulin shooting diabetic for 40 years after suffering from shock in a car accident at the age of 40. She had a stomach condition that delayed her digestion called Gastroparesis. She’d drink milk, eat chocolates, etc., too late and suffer low blood sugar reactions. Her blood sugar would drop to 40-45! This happened fairly often until one day she fell backward in a driveway during a reaction and suffered a debilitating brain injury. She had a drink of milk and some chocolates 20 minutes earlier. Please be careful and be tested for Gastroparesis. (Her doctors stressed keeping her blood sugar levels from getting high to avoid blindness and circulatory problems. Her 90 day measurement was overemphasized in my opinion. She was paranoid about high 90 day numbers so she drove herself too low on a regular basis A small risk of blindness pales to the fairly high probability of serious injury or death due to falls resulting from very low blood sugar levels.)