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Rita Ebert

Walking a New Path

Tags: Dr. Clair, heart and vascular institute, patient story, vascular disease

Living in constant, excruciating pain, Rita Ebert lost hope of getting better—until Cleveland Clinic changed her outlook and outcome. A successful triple graphic vascular bypass surgery gave Ebert new life.

adult putting band-aid on child

When Kids Fall on the Playground (Video)

Tags: child safety, falling

Kids run around on playgrounds all the time, and sometimes, they fall. An expert offers tips to be prepared to clean their cuts and bruises.

Sleeping woman

Too Stressed to Sleep?

Tags: acid reflux, chronic pain, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, sleep, sleep apnea, sleep disorders

People tend to bring their stress to bed — exactly the place where it doesn’t belong. Invite the sandman to return with tips from a sleep specialist.

heart vascular health line art

Artificial SmartHeart Could Help Many

Tags: artificial heart, discover, Dr. Leonard Golding, heart, innovation, SmartHeart

The future of the artificial heart looks bright with development of the SmartHeart.

illustration of artery

Can We Prevent Hardening Arteries? (Video)

Tags: atherosclerosis, cholesterol, coronary artery disease

A recent study finds clues to the causes of atherosclerosis, or hardening arteries. One day, it may lead to way to prevent this condition.

mother and son lying outdoors

Psyching Out Kids’ Pain

Tags: chronic pain, pain awareness month, relaxation

It's no secret that chronic pain during childhood can take a heavy toll on youngsters and their caregivers. But it doesn't have to be that way.


Blood Transfusions after Open Heart Surgery (Video)

Tags: blood conservation, blood transfusion, Dr. Sabik, heart surgery, innovation, minimally invasive

Joseph Sabik III, MD, explains how modern techniques can minimize blood transfusions after heart surgery.

older woman holding neck

What’s New in Pain Treatments

Tags: acupuncture, balloon kyphoplasty, cancer pain, chronic back pain, chronic pain, clinical trials, exercise, headache, pain awareness month, radiation therapy, transdiscal biacuplasty

Headaches and back and cancer pain are successfully being treated with new (and some old) techniques and technology. Here’s a quick rundown on some of these exciting developments in how people with pain are being helped today.


September: Pain Awareness Month

Tags: chronic pain, pain awareness month

This month, we’ve gathered together information about pain in many forms, including chronic pain, headaches, migraines, stomach aches and CRPS.

Steven Nissen, MD

Heart Health After Age 50

Tags: cardiac exam, diagnostic test, Dr. Steven Nissen, heart

Many choose to have a cardiac exam in their 50s and beyond. Cleveland Clinic Cardiologist, Steven Nissen, MD, shares his recommendations.