• Jay

    I noticed a lot of healthy nutritious fruit was left off of this information–bananas, oranges, nectarines, grapes, pears, raisins, to name a few. And what about the vegetables used in salads–lettuce, onions, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, I didn’t see them mentioned here. Maybe this information should be re-done.

    • Health Hub Team

      Including fresh fruit and vegetables as part of a plant based diet is definitely encouraged with meals or as snacks. Fruits are a great source of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Vegetables contain small amounts of carbohydrate and protein and large amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber. — Kate Patton, MEd, RD, CSSD, LD

  • William Mooney

    I’m 190 lbs, and get about 85 grams of protein now from about 1500 calories. How much would I need to consume on a plant diet to get the same protein requirements. I exercise quite bit.

    • The_Beating_Edge_Team

      Julia and Kate, from our Preventive Cardiology Nutrition Program recommend:”If you are following a plant based diet, based on your weight, you need about 10% more protein since the plant based protein sources are higher in fiber, the fiber prevents some protein from being absorbed. If you plan to start a plant based diet, I would recommend 95 grams of protein.”

  • Pat

    “A plant-based diet is also more likely to result in weight loss than a vegan diet. That’s because vegan diets eliminate animal products but do not restrict calories, fats or sugars. Plant-based diets use little oil, include few added sugars, avoid processed ingredients and focus on whole foods.” Huh?
    Vegan uses NO animal products, vegetarian may or may not eat eggs and/or dairy. That’s the definition. Where are the studies that show your assertions? I started vegetarian and used olive and other oils, honey, agave, brown rice syrup, stevia; now I am 99% vegan, eliminating dairy and eggs; only downfall is parmesan cheese. How a person implements their diet is up to them — You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to focus on whole foods, unprocessed foods. Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows they can’t eat more calories than they burn, no matter the source of those calories. In my opinion, losing weight is a separate aspect of your diet, whether your diet be traditional, vegetarian, or vegan.

  • Rebecca

    I switched over to plant-based and have never felt better!!! I lost some extra weight without restricting calories, counting carbs, or watching fats. I wish I would have known I would feel this good – I would have switched sooner. I don’t need caffeine anymore! I have so much energy, my skin is insanely smooth, I have increased mental clarity and my bloodwork is immaculate (even better than it was 5 years ago during my last physical). Not to sound corny, but I also feel better spiritually. Knowing that I can feel this good without harming animals or the planet as much makes me feel like a weight has been lifted. If you haven’t tried plant-based, give it a serious effort for a month. I doubt you will want to go back. Side-note: green smoothies are your friend! 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/jody.l.butts Jody Lynn Butts

    The cereals fortified with Vit B-12, is that plant or animal based B-12?

    • hvacigar

      They are typically fortified with the same source nutritional yeast is fortified, from bacterial sources.

  • Jennifer Brake

    Definitely plant based diet is one of the most beneficial diet program that helps especially in weight loss program. Therefore most of the diet experts are used to prefer plant based diet plan to get more nutrition and protein value so in various occasion plant based diet foods are quite beneficial for a quality healthy lifestyle.


  • Julie J.

    I think this should be redone to better reflect the current research. Vegans who eat their green leafy vegetables (missing in this discussion) get plenty of protein. Most people get too much protein on the meat based diets so commonly consumed in society. And most people eating meat based diets do not do it right and have many nutritional deficiencies including Vitamin D. All vegan should supplement B12.
    My question is why do we always stress “dangers” of a plant based diet when it has so many health benefits as in it can CURE diabetes, heart disease, obesity and IGNORE all the dangers of meat based diets like diabetes, heart disease, many cancers, and obesity. sheesh.

    • LIly G.

      “My question is why do we always stress “dangers” of a plant based diet when it has so many health benefits as in it can CURE diabetes, heart disease, obesity and IGNORE all the dangers of meat based diets like diabetes, heart disease, many cancers, and obesity. sheesh.” Because they can’t legally state that something can CURE something else without violating federal regulations. As it stands, I think the article was written in a very positive and favorable light and leans towards plant based eating while staying within the regs. Kudos to whoever the author was.

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