5 Tips for Keeping Your Spine Healthy

Learn simple tips to keep your spine happy and healthy

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Contributor: E. Kano Mayer, MD

Up to 90 percent of the entire American population will suffer spinal pain at some point in their lives. A little preventive effort could go a long way to reducing your chances of suffering from debilitating back pain.

“Nerves, muscles and ligaments from the spine provide support to your entire body,” says E. Kano Mayer, MD, Spine Specialist at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Spine Health. “That is why a healthy back is so important to your overall health.”

5 spine-healthy tips

1. Practice good posture by standing, walking, sitting, lifting and lying in positions where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments.

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2. Maintain a weight that is appropriate for your height and frame.

3. Take part in strength, stretch and aerobic programs to improve your fitness level, make you more resistant to injury, and speed recovery if you are injured.

4. Wear shoes that are well balanced, flexible and comfortable.

5. Stop smoking, as smokers experience more spine pain and heal more slowly.

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To make an appointment with Dr. Mayer or any of our spine specialists, please call 440.312.6242.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/LindaJeanLimesEllis Linda Jean Limes Ellis

    I have a curved spine with osteoporosis. Also a crooked spine, and I also have a forward-pitched neck with arthritis, and rounded shoulders (age 65). I am not able to stand up straight or sit up straight for any great length of time without feeling a strain in my muscles because my muscles are not able to make up for my spine issues.

    I’ve had full spine x-rays and MRIs and physical therapy over the years, but nothing has helped me with my curvature and other issues to improve them at all. I am not even sure which is the best kind of doctor to see for all of my spinal issues.

    Any suggestions would be greatly helpful. Thank you.

  • dr mike

    See a Chiropractor regularly for spinal alignment!!!

  • Cheryl Hall

    Your suggestions were great, but I don’t see a chiropractor on your team of doctors. Regular chiropractic adjustments offer many health benefits such as an improved immune system along with spinal alignment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/diane.krstulovich Diane Krstulovich

    thanks for the great recommendations – shocking about smoking!

  • James Lewils

    As you age, a glutathione boosting supplement may be necessary. This will help you recover faster, reduce inflammation and reduce oxidative stress. CellGevity by Max International is my choice.

  • Sook Minh Deek

    Deary Abby, does butt fucking affect spinal health? I have this little asshole friend who takes it in the ass, should I tell him that if he doesn’t care about his asshole, he should, at least, worry about his spine? –The Ass Hole’s Friend.

  • http://stephenjones2013.wordpress.com/ Stephen Jones

    Try the “Tibetan yoga” routine or, as it’s often called the “5 Rites.” I’ve had back problems for a dozen years, and I do them daily, often spread out throughout my day. They stretch, strengthen, and help align the spine. Besides, they are relatively easy to do. I would recommend seeing your MD before starting them, and warm-up your shoulders and hips before starting this yoga routine.

  • Terri Dobbins

    I have went to physical therapy, had shots in my back. Seen pain management, who tells me back surgery is expensive! He only said that because I am on CC financial Asst. Program!. So he refers me to a surgeon who is also in his office so I think they are in co-hoots with each other and she was more worried about “What fruits and vegetables were in my frig than wanting to operate on me!
    I have slipped disks, degenerated disk disease, spinal stenosis and pinched nerve. NO ONE will do anything but keep me on pain pills! Tells me I need to loose some weight. Well, that would be great if I could move around more without pain constantly, the weight would then come off. I go to CC too. I am sure there is something someone could do for me. I use to be so active, now it hurts to do anything. I have prayed about getting surgery done. All I want is my old life back so I can do the things I use to be able to do. I am so depressed because of this I see a counselor. Please if you think you can help me, please email me at sunkist7001@yahoo.com Thank you Terri Dobbins

    • Judy

      I have all of your spine issues and more from being struck by a car at the age of 12. I am now 51 and have been practicing Iyengar Yoga for over one year and have had great success. I still see a Chiropractor and Pain Management for injections and medications but will continue to sing the praises of practicing Yoga! Give it a try…you won’t be sorry! Good luck & God bless!

      • Terri Dobbins

        I have been seeing a Chiropractor also. Those injections did NOTHING for me. The pain management Doctor that I was seeing was so arrogate and snotty to me I quit seeing him. And Yoga I would not be able to do at all. I have seen people n tv do it and there is no way I can get myself in those positions. I am 54

    • Nancy Snyder

      Terri I had surgery on my spine 3 yrs ago at Cleveland clinic they are not fussy on what kind of insurance your on give them a call but you will need a MRI that is up to date I can tell you I had know pain during recovery or after they are great also had one of the best surgeons. good luck

  • dgpt

    Spinal alignment has very little correlation to pain. Look at all of the research. You adjustments are simple resets that a monkey can learn.

    Check out this research article for those with “slipped discs,” arthritis, DDD, etc. This study looked at 3110 asymptomatic individuals; 37% of 20-year-old individuals to 96% of 80-year-olds had disc degeneration, Disk bulge prevalence increased from 30% of those 20 years of age to 84% of those 80 years of age individuals.

    If you think “adjustments” make your immune system stronger, you are drunk.