Easy Guide to Heart-Healthy Cooking Oils

Keep this chart handy when you cook

different types of cooking oils

Which oils are the most heart-healthy for baking, sautéing and making salad dressing? Our experts explain which oils to use, which to avoid, and offer other do’s and don’ts in this simple, easy-to-read chart you can hang in your kitchen.

The BEST Heart-healthy Cooking Oils & How to Use Them

Download the Full Guide in Color

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  • Kosta

    There is a lot of literature that says coconut oil is very good for you. All saturated fat is not equal.

  • jeffrey7257

    It’s great for popcorn or for deep fat frying too. You can use it on your skiing, terrific for a sex lube, and can be used on your cutting board or teak stool in the show to maintain an antibaterial and maintain oil in the wood for conditioning.

    • jeffrey7257

      That should be skin, not skiing although if you put it on your skin before skiing that would work too!!!!

  • Kristin Kirkpatrick

    what is a good diet while on warfarin/coumadin?

  • Mary

    Check “Know Your Fats” by Mary Enig. She spent many years as the lead fats research person at the University of Maryland. Coconut is a lauric acid oil and as such has many beneficial properties. It is fully saturated naturally and cannot spoil the way many oils do.

  • Fad

    Why isn’t coconut oil on this list? It is right up there with olive oil for health. I tend not to trust a poster that would make such a glaring oversight.