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Treating Aortic Aneurysms: A New System (Video)

One of 10 breakthroughs that will change medicine

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More than 15,000 people die because of aortic aneurysms every year. Sadly, most of these deaths could be avoided with proper monitoring and timely treatment.

Timely treatment can be tricky, though. A high number of cases — 20  to 40 percent — are so complex that common treatments such as grafts don’t work. That’s about to change.

An innovative new stent graft system allows surgeons to treat patients with complex aneurysms without having to wait for weeks or months for a customized solution. The system, approved for a multicenter clinical trial, should not only decrease deaths and reduce ICU stays but also offer life-saving technology to high-risk patients — patients who had no real options before.

Innovations in healthcare

What other innovations will come?

Every year, Cleveland Clinic asks that question of more than 110 of its physicians and researchers. Read about the next innovation relating to lung transplants.

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