Autism Gender Differences

Researcher studies affects on girls vs. boys

boy and girl standing back to back

Autism is a very complex disorder, with varying degrees of severity and different effects depending on gender.

Tom Frazier, PhD, a researcher who studies autism at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, says there are some known differences in the ways autism effects boys versus girls.

autism gender differences infographic from Cleveland Clinic

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Effects of Autism

Dr. Frazier is leading a study he hopes will pinpoint even more differences between autistic boys and girls — and eventually lead to individual treatment plans.

“It might develop into different ways we approach diagnosis or develop screenings for treatments,” explains Dr. Frazier. “For example, if we see a subgroup of girls that specifically need particular kinds of intervention, whether it be social thinking intervention, or intervention for challenging or impulsive behavior, then we can have those interventions ready.”

Dr. Frazier hopes to have the initial results of the study by early 2013.

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  • GeekGurhl Binks

    This is very gender normative and offensive. As an Aspie transwoman and someone that takes time out of her busy life to combat the gender stereotypes in this world. I am saddened to see this applied to people on the spectrum. Each Person is an individual and blanket statments based on gender do not apply to all of us.

    • Kathryn Hildebrandt

      Nonetheless, it is a step up from people being puzzled why I, as an Aspie, have bewildered professionals with my extensive vocabulary and writing skills, direct gaze, deep empathy, and overly focused interests “restricted” to hundreds of topics.

    • Dillonvale1964

      Seriously? You can deny the stats all you want. That doesn’t make them not true.

      • Andy White

        I agree. We have to follow the data and be willing to concede what the evidence shows us. Autism research has lost enough opportunity to people trying to define normalcy. Collect the data and see what it says.

  • Anna the Flutist