How Many Egg Yolks Should You Eat?


Breakfast is still considered the most important meal of the day. But a lot of us aren’t sure whether eggs should be included because of their saturated fat and cholesterol content.

Julia Zumpano, RD, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic, says only people with heart disease risk factors should raise the red flag.

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How many yolks should you eat

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  • lilian Kingman

    Thanks, for the information!

  • Jeanine K Nehrling

    Only Nurses taught me nutrition and fluid restrictions and I said to this 21 year old, shouldn’t an RD be teaching this as a 15 min. instruction with none of the educational equivalents of an RD. I really was angered at this audacity as I have a graduate degree in nutrition and It took a BS, internship, and an MS for that. Your nursing program is like a hierarchy! I am sure you will delete this! Take a look at your professional equivalents. Nurses are studying to be Drs. Where is their PhD? And that is not an MD!

    • Genevieve Halcomb

      Hi Jeanine. ..sounds like a bit of “professional sibling rivalry”…kinda unrelated to the topic at hand.

    • Jerry

      Jeanine, this poorly written, incomprehensible rant has nothing to do with the subject of egg nutrition.

  • Harriet Fannin

    What is the nutritional difference between store bought eggs and home grown eggs? Also what is the difference between brown and white eggs?

  • Old Lady

    I use mustard and beat the eggs with it instead of putting salt in scrambled eggs. It’s a nice way to add flavor.

  • Carol

    I read a study years ago done by Mizzou that showed that the lecithin in egg whites “counteracted” the cholesterol, so it didn’t matter if you ate the yolks. Then I heard that the cholesterol was “good cholesterol.”