Two-minute Chair Yoga: Part 1 (Video)

Simple stretches you can do at work

woman stretching at work

Imagine if you could do something in only two minutes, right in your chair that could help you relax, feel better and be more productive!

Maybe it’s 9 a.m. and you’re feeling stiff and tired. Or it’s 3 p.m. and you’re feeling a bit sluggish.

Judi Bar, a certified yoga therapist at Cleveland Clinic, demonstrates two minutes of simple stretches you can do right at your desk at work or sitting at home.

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Combined with deep breathing, these movements can really help loosen your muscles and clear your mind. Over time, a habit of doing these stretches and breathing more deeply during the day has even more benefits, including managing stress and lowering blood pressure.

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  • Alena Strauss

    I really like this video and it’s advice. It’s especially good for folks like me who are so sedentary at work.

  • Theresa Bean

    These are the same exercises I do with my Seniors in the Chair Yoga class I teach. They love the easy stretches and the breath relives anxiety.