3D image of heart

Understanding the Major Heart Arteries (Video)

Tags: coronary artery disease, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, understanding heart arteries whiteboards, whiteboard sessions

What’s at stake when an artery is blocked? Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Umesh N. Khot, MD, shows how the major arteries help the heart and entire body stay healthy.

young woman holding glass of milk

Don’t Give Up the Milk! (Video)

Tags: bone, bone density, bone health, Bone loss, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis

Younger women should think more about keeping their bones strong, and attaining maximum bone density. Find out why.

mother child stick figures with aspirin

Guide for Parents: Avoid Medication Mistakes (Infographic)

Tags: child safety, infographic, medications, overdose, pain medication, prescription drug, prescriptions

Are you giving your child the right amount of medicine at the right time for a fever, headache or cold? The consequences can be serious. Reference our easy-to-read guide to help your child feel better, fast.

Hoaglan Wedding Kiss

Matters of the Heart

Tags: cleveland clinic, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart failure, heart health, heart surgery, patient story

It was at Cleveland Clinic where Lee Hoaglan not only received a life-saving heart operation, but chose to marry his wife.

robotic surgery

Robot Gives Surgeon Four Arms (Video)

Tags: hemorrhoids, laparoscopy, robotic surgery, surgery

Surgery with a robot may sound like science fiction, yet it’s being used to help both patients and surgeons with certain procedures. Meagan Costedio, MD, regularly uses minimally invasive techniques to perform surgery, which includes using robots that give her four arms.

woman talking to doctor

Advice on Talking With Your Doctor

Tags: cleveland clinic, heart, heart health, prevention

Health outcomes are better when patients are actively involved in their healthcare. Here are a couple good resources that can help you prepare for your next doctor visit.

Cheat Foods: Eat Like the Experts

Cheat Foods: Eat Like the Experts

Tags: diet, eat like the experts, food, healthy diet

For the final part of our “Eat Like the Expert” series, we asked our doctors and registered dietitians: What are your favorite “cheat” foods?

young woman in hospital gown

Breast Cancer: Younger Women Diagnosed More Often

Tags: breast cancer, breast cancer awareness, breast exam, mammogram, self-breast exam

A study finds that younger women are developing advanced stage breast cancer. It’s more important than ever to start paying attention to your breast health early.

person giving self insulin injection in belly

Gastric Bypass Surgery Puts Diabetes in Remission

Tags: diabetes, diabetic, gastric bypass, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes

A new Cleveland Clinic study finds gastric bypass surgery can rejuvenate the pancreas and restore normal blood sugar control — putting diabetes in remission.

woman and microscope

‘Sleeper’ Cholesterol With Big Risks

Tags: aortic valve disease, heart, heart disease, heart health, high cholesterol, prevention, research

We manage the bad cholesterol and promote the good—but there’s a little-known type called Lp(a), and a recent study suggests that increased levels of it might cause aortic stenosis.