Red Wine vs. Dark Chocolate: Which Is Healthier? (Infographic)

Health Hub Knockout red wine dark chocolate

If you eat a heart-healthy diet, it’s fine to enjoy dark chocolate or red wine in moderation. But if you were to choose between them — say for Valentine’s Day — which one is better? What if we told you both have heart-healthy properties? In this match, Health Hub Knockout pits the two against each other to determine the champ. See who wins!

Health Hub Knockout Dark Chocolate Red Wine Teaser

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What is Health Hub Knockout?

Health Hub Knockouts pit two contenders against each other to determine the health and wellness champ. These epic bouts are decided by fair and impartial Cleveland Clinic refs. In each match, you’ll learn the health benefits each contender brings to the ring — and whether it’s a Knockout, Technical Knockout or Draw!

  • Kelly Luke

    I always ate butter. Makes sense, it’s real. Tastes better. I like salt. Red meat doesn’t always agree with me, same with too much dairy. Sad, I love ice cream. I didn’t always listen to the latest scientific findings. I use MY common sense. Which is not always reliable. So I investigate when I need to.

  • Alba Leclerc

    In other words… eat Italian, not Itamerican.