5 Tips for Living With Alzheimer’s (Slideshow)

Learn about the warning signs and tips for coping

Grandmother and granddaughter

For people with Alzheimer’s and the loved ones who care from them, information is crucial to dealing with the disease. Learn the warning signs, the importance of lifestyle, and tips for coping and communicating.


  • Watch for warning signs

    If you’re concerned about Alzheimer’s disease, watch for early warning signs. These include forgetting recent conversations, repeating yourself, and having trouble recalling words or learning new things, among other symptoms.

    Learn more warning signs
  • Lifestyle changes may help

    Research is underway on the benefits of physical activity for Alzheimer’s, and other lifestyle changes may play a part, too. For example, eating a diet of fish, veggies and fruit instead of red meat and sugars may help lower the incidence of Alzheimer’s.

    Find out more about lifestyle's affect on Alzheimer's
  • Give your brain a boost

    There are many ways to fight memory loss, and they may also help delay the onset of symptoms. Staying socially active helps. So does keeping your brain “exercised” by doing crossword puzzles, playing games or practicing a musical instrument.

    Tips for exercising your brain
  • If you are a caregiver, embrace the good

    Alzheimer’s can take a toll on caregivers, but try to find the positive in the things your loved one still enjoys. For example, many people with Alzheimer’s take pleasure from the arts even as the disease progresses. And physical contact can continue to be a comfort.

    Coping tips for caregivers
  • Be open and honest about Alzheimer’s

    Whether you are going through it or helping a loved one through it, honesty is crucial. For example, talk openly with children about the disease. They may notice a change in how their grandparents are acting, so explain that this change is not intentional.

    How to talk to children about Alzheimer's

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