• Angela Keneven-Zanella

    sounds great, will try it tonight

  • Lil

    Pretty picture and I’m sure it’s tasty,
    but I noticed in the list of ingredients, the amount of onion has been left out. It does appear in the directions, however.

    • Health Hub Team

      Thank you Lil. We’ve corrected the “onion issue” in the recipe. Enjoy!

      Health Hub Team

  • Don Baker

    And, if you leave the dairy products out of it, it will be even healthier..

  • Terri

    How many carbs?

  • lisa

    Has anyone tried roasted tomatoes (can,diced) instead of fresh tomatoes? Forgot to get fresh but i have canned already.

  • google

    I have been told that when you heat olive oil (also other oils) to a temperature over 400 degrees, that it changes to trans fats. Is that true? Has anyone else heard that?

    • Jessica

      I have olive oil is to be used in lower heat settings as the higher the heat the more free radicals are released. Which is not good nor healthy for the body…

  • JAN

    Tried it just simply delicious

  • Sheryl

    should be minimal carbs since it’s all veggies, protein (cheese) & olive oil. The tomato may have a few. I think I would make it with even less or no olive oil :)

  • Kelly

    I made this today. it was really good! I added chick peas to it.

  • Martha Cameron Cobb

    Made this last night. About a minute before being done (baked in a 9×13 glass baking dish) the whole thing exploded in my oven. Not a fun time cleaning up. Don’t know if 450 degrees was too hot for my glass baking dish or if the dish was somehow damaged before putting everything in the oven. It smelled so good. I was disappointed not being able to eat it. Will try again tonight in some other baking dish.

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