White Potatoes vs. Sweet Potatoes: Which Are Healthier? (Infographic)

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This Super Spud Knockout pits white potatoes against sweet potatoes. Each contender is a super source of fiber, which helps prevent colorectal cancer and digestive problems. Each packs a powerful nutritional punch. Can you guess the digestive health champ?

Health Hub Knockout White Potatoes vs. Sweet Potatoes final

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Health Hub Knockouts pit two contenders against each other to determine the health and wellness champ. These epic bouts are decided by fair and impartial Cleveland Clinic refs. In each match, you’ll learn the health benefits each contender brings to the ring — and whether it’s a Knockout, Technical Knockout or Draw!

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  • http://twitter.com/sibhuskylover Sandra K. Boggs

    If I have an autoimmune disease, are sweet potatoes still better for me?

    • Health Hub Team

      There are more than 80 different autoimmune conditions. If your condition affects your digestive tract, then the additional fiber in sweet potatoes may be difficult to digest. For questions about individual dietary recommendations, it is best to speak with a registered dietitian familiar with your health history.
      Lindsay Malone, RD, LD

    • John

      Recent research in to vitamin A has shown it could be very beneficial for IBD

    • Jeff S.

      Hi Sandra, I’m a Health & Fitness coach with Beachbody. Have you ever heard of Shakeology. It’s all natural, nothing artificial, with 70+ super foods which serves as your daily dose of dense nutrition. There are tons of testimonials from people with similar issues that drink Shakeology once a day and it has helped them out. Although it’s not a cure, in some instances it has limited the amount of medication/drugs they take and for others they were able to stop them all together. I would love to explain more to you if interested.

  • Landon Solomon

    This study mentions nothing about Solanine… Is chemical a non issue or is it simply something left out of the conversation?

  • AudreyA

    According to other sources, yams sold in the U.S. are sweet potatoes. True yams are (according to the web) dark colored (grey or black). If that’s true, maybe you need to modify your otherwise excellent post here, if you want to increase consumption of sweet potatoes/yams.

    • Karon Reiter

      What we eat here in the US are sweet potatoes mislabeled by the USFDA as Yams, whether they’re yellow of orange. In order to purchase real yams you would have to go to an international market and they don’t look anything like sweet potatoes.

      • 101

        It doesn’t matter if it’s a Sweet Potato or White Potato if it’s in America it’s getting deep fried XD

  • Jimbo99

    Based on the numbers, this is nutritional value. The white potato beats a sweet potato. Source of Fiber & protein, this is a push with 6g of each, only the white potato is balanced between each feature. For vitamin A the sweet potato is the clear winner, but don’t be impressed by 22,000 iu, because To convert 4000 iu of vitamin D to mg’s 1000 iu = 25 micrograms, so 4000 iu = 100 micrograms. One needs 600 ug as adaily requirement. I eat dark leafy greens or carrots instead, or how about a multivitamin ?

    More calories 130 vs 90, 40 more isn’t a deal killer. White potato has more carbs and fewer g’s of sugar. Whatever disadvantages a white potato has, eat a smaller potato ?

    • sweetd

      Thanks for posting this I was confused bc I came to the same conclusion, this site has different NF than the other two sources I checked.

    • Doug

      White potatoes have more protein too.

  • seamo

    What could you eat that has the same nutritional value as sweet potatoes?

  • Harper33

    white potatoes are demonized these days. People order sweet potato fries over white potato fries because they are “healthier” when in reality they are both fries! Health is about eating a variety of different foods to get a variety of different nutrients. So eat both white & sweet !

  • Karon Reiter

    I also read that white potatoes have more toxins than sweet potatoes; that sweet potatoes also have a lower glycemic index than white potatoes but only if they’re boiled. Since most people love ’em baked, they’re pretty much up there in spiking your blood sugar. In other words, the glycemic index and the glycemic load increases dramatically whenever you bake a potato.

    • davidisaak

      You’re correct. There are no toxins anywhere in sweet potato plants. They are in the morning glory family (you can see this clearly when they get flowers), not the nightshade family, and they are totally unrelated to potatoes.
      In fact, we like steamed or sauteed sweet potato leaves–a very common green vegetable in Asia and Africa. The stems are too tough to eat, but leaves and tubers are both healthy and tasty.

  • Tam Daly

    It all depends on the truth of Fat versus Sugar!

    Seeing as Sugar is an Alleged Toxin: then the White Spud wins hands down!

    If however, you’re in the other camp; that Fat is bad for you, then the colourful ones are winners.

    (I hope no one tries to pull the Cholesterol Card – another load of crap that is !!! )

    So, in reality – who cares? The ‘man’ is lying to us threw his back teeth every day!

    No one knows the real truth; every year the trends change, so don’t sweat the small crap and enjoy your food.

    Tuppence spent – out :-)

    • sweetd

      I kinda feel like they’re both winners, just watch all the crap ppl load on them that’s the problem.

  • LilMsInformed

    so, for diabetes – neither is a great choice –

  • http://gadgeteer.co.za/ Danie van der Merwe

    I thought the FDA had reversed their warnings about fat – this type of fat in the sweet potato should actually be good for us?

  • http://www.judyspatch.com/ gypsyjudy

    I have never seen true yams in North American supermarkets. What is labelled ‘yam’ is just another type of sweet potato. True yams are bulbous, weird-shaped root vegetables, which can grow to an enormous size. They have a different consistency from sweet potatoes.