I Found a Lump — Is It Testicular Cancer?

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Too often, patients and their doctors miss the early signs of testicular cancer, delaying the right diagnosis. Caught early, testicular cancer is one of the most curable forms of cancer.


For Teens: Testicular Cancer Self-exams

Tags: pediatrics, puberty, self-exam, teens, testicle, testicular cancer, testicular cancer awareness month 2013, urology

Regular testicular self-examinations (TSE) are key to early detection of testicular cancer. Cleveland Clinic pediatric urologist Audrey Rhee, MD, has advice for parents on talking to their sons about the importance of TSEs.

man in 50s with ice pack on shoulder

Don’t Live With Your Chronic Joint Pain

Tags: cartilage, chondroitin, chronic pain, glucosamine, inmotion, obesity, weight loss

The number of people with chronic joint pain is growing. Cartilage grows until about age 25, then slowly wears over the rest of our lives. What can you do if you experience chronic joint pain?

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Stroke Before 50 May Shorten Life

Tags: atherosclerosis, blood clots, intracerebral hemorrhage, stroke

Adults suffering strokes under the age of 50 are at increased risk of dying within 20 years, a new study finds.


Don’t Let Heart Disease Derail Your Travel Plans

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For many people, summer means travel season. For people with heart disease, it means planning ahead to avoid health issues while you’re away. Read these important tips for a heart-healthy vacation.

Boy with father

Autism and Genetics: A Q&A About What We Know

Tags: ASD, autism, autism awareness month 2013, autism spectrum disorders, genetics

With each new gene discovered, the understanding of autism grows. Take a look at the state of the science — and what it means for parents and kids.

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Omega-3s Linked to Better Memory Later in Life

Tags: brain health, memory, memory loss, nutrition, omega-3

A new study shows that eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like those in the Mediterranean diet, may help preserve memory and thinking abilities later in life.

Lentil puppy with cleft palette

Puppy With Cleft Palate Teaches Kids Tolerance (Slideshow)

Tags: aspiration, aspiration pneumonia, cleft palate, pets, slideshow

A special puppy named Lentil can help parents talk to their kids about tolerance and being different.

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PMS: Control Pain, Moodiness and Cramping (Video)

Tags: menstrual cramps, PMS

Mood swings? Sleeplessness? Severe cramps? Don’t suffer in silence. Find out how your doctor can ease your PMS.

stethoscope shaped as heart

Cholesterol: What’s Your ‘Type?’ (Video)

Tags: cholesterol, cholesterol 101 whiteboards, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart health, high cholesterol, risk factors, whiteboard sessions

How do ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol work? Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Michael Rocco lays it out in this whiteboard session about different types of cholesterol.