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Fixing a Floppy Mitral Valve (Video)

Whiteboarding mitral valve prolapse and surgical solutions

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Of all the heart valves, the mitral valve is the one repaired most often. That’s usually because of a leak called valve regurgitation. The good news is: There are a couple of effective ways to fix a “floppy” valve. In this whiteboard session, Cleveland Clinic thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon A. Marc Gillinov, MD, explains what causes mitral valve prolapse and common surgical methods of fixing it.

Mitral Regurgitation Tool

Is surgery recommended for your Mitral Valve Regurgitation? This interactive tool, based on the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association Guidelines for management of mitral valve disease will help determine if it is. The tool asks you several simple questions, considers your answers, and tells you whether you may be a candidate for surgery. Get answers today

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  • Ar0621

    MVP can be a result of Pectus Excavatum. Lived with MVP and medication for 20 + years before I knew. I had Nuss procedure under Dr. DiFiore to repair my chest wall, giving room for my heart and lungs. No more MVP and no heart surgery.