COPD By the Numbers (Infographic)

7 prevention and lifestyle tips

COPD infographic

It all adds up: Understanding chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Conserving energy, breathing properly and eating the right way. Exercising and taking medicine to stay healthy. And above all: quitting smoking. Tobacco cessation experts can help you succeed.

COPD by the Number Infographic

Download the COPD By the Numbers Infographic

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  • Edith Flickinger

    Attractive graphics and easy to follow for COPD. The best I’ve ever seen for COPD with clear and concise instructions, but the graphics helps to follow this easy step-by-step instructions. Thanks for such attractive work.

  • Jackie Utley

    Thanks for information I have copd. The seven steps are exactly right its hard when your used to being active like to work in yard. Four out the hard way had attack of coughing fever try to excerise 4-5 times a week


  • Marge

    Doctor said my son 44 could have mold on lungs foods to heal or vitamins is on steroid? Help