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Pamper, Don’t Punish, Your Feet (Infographic)

A look at heels, ballet flats & flip-flops

Your genes are more important than shoe styles when it comes to bunions, flat feet or tight Achilles tendons. But you can choose shoes that keep your feet feeling better, longer.

Womens Shoes Infographic

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  • rah54drp49

    I love, love, love to wear flip flops. I developed ball of the foot pain and did some research and found a list of sandals and flip flops recommended by podiatrists. I purchased a pair of Orthaheel flip flops and my foot pain went away. These have arch support and a deep heel cup, they feel as comfortable as athletic shoes, which I hate to wear. I now have two pairs of Orthaheel flip flops and one pair of their sandals and think they are worth every penny.

    • meabood

      Their web site seems to encourage for heel pain, yet you say good for ball of foot pain? I have terrible problems with ball of foot pain in my right foot. Was there a style(s) meant for this particular issue?

      • rah54drp49

        I too had ball of the foot pain in my right foot and I knew if I complained to a doctor I would be told not to wear flip flops. I do wear athletic shoes for exercise and when I am walking on a surface where it would be unsafe to wear an open shoe but because my little toes flop down on their sides it makes that part of my foot extra wide and wearing enclosed shoes for an extended time uncomfortable. I knew my cute but cheap flip flops from the drug store did not have enough support so I looked online and found the website for the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and they have lists of approved/accepted footwear, including flip flops/sandals. While these do not specifically claim to help ball of the foot pain I thought it was worth a try to buy a flip flop with support so I bought a pair of Orthoheels. I only wore them, not my other flip flops, and the pain lessened and went completely away. They are so comfortable and fit the sole of the foot like an athletic shoe, I am so glad I gave them a try.

  • Wellwisher

    If walking shoes are the best, then we should encourage everyone to wear them!!

    • Susan

      I wear Birkenstock sandals. My feet perspire too much in “closed” shoes, so I wear them only when absolutely necessary.

  • NoHighHeels

    If walking shoes are the best, then non-uniformed Cleveland Clinic employees should be allowed, even encouraged, to wear them. Maybe it does not quite look as professional as wearing dress shoes with office attire, but I think it would be a great opportunity to encourage patients to wear proper shoes as well. And shouldn’t healthcare workers lead by example? Why tell them to lose weight, quit smoking and control their blood pressure if you allow them to destroy their feet with high heels?

  • Marlanew

    My foot surgeon recommended Telic sandals and approved of my Oofos sandals even though I had surgery for Achilles tendonitis.

  • mary

    The best you can do for your feet is Yamuna Foot Fitness. Exercising all 27 bones and 32 muscles found in one foot, 10%of all muscles and 25% of all bones in the body are in the foot. The feet are your foundation exercise them.