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5 Healthy Habits You Can Learn From Your Dog

A dog's life might provide more guidance than you think

Instead of just wishing you had a dog’s life, why not pick up some of your pet’s healthy habits, says Emma Raizman, MD, a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children’s. Start with these five tips.


A dog's life might provide more guidance than you think
  • Get out and play

    “If you look at your dogs, they want to be let out all of the time,” Dr. Raizman says. “They want to run, they want to use their legs and build their muscles, build their endurance and get all of that energy out.”

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  • Learn portion control

    You’re typically serving the same amount of food to your dog every day. You should do the same for yourself. A routine will help you avoid overindulgence.

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  • Sleep like a dog

    Pay attention to how much sleep your dog gets; you should make sleep a priority too.

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  • Be forgiving

    Studies show people who forgive are less angry and less stressed.

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  • Show your appreciation

    Show gratitude and appreciation for the people you love. “You know when you come home your dog is wagging their tail, they’re happy to see you, and they don’t hold it in,” Dr. Raizman says. “They just let all of their emotions show.”

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  • David Engler

    Great advice. Reminds me that dogs make us better humans. Thanks

  • PeaPattie

    Portion control? My labs don’t have a clue about portion control. But they do drink lots of water and stretch a lot.

    • Susan

      Notice the article says that YOU control your animal’s portions.

  • Linda armstrong

    Great words to live by. We can learn so much from our furry family.

  • Catherine Simmons Miron

    This is great…Simply love dogs…