• Tina Hill

    Thanks folks, love all the tips and advice

  • sharon bellini

    what are the best foods to eat to help hypothroid trouble???

    • http://www.dogster.com/ Julia Szabo

      visit http://www.nahypothyroidism.org there’s lots of excellent advice, and the blog is especially informative about food and diet

  • Jerry

    Make sure to eat Organic. You certainly don’t want to eat Pesticides or artificial hormones

  • KayLyn VanderVeen

    Whatever happened to grapefruit lowering cholesterol???

  • Carol K

    That 2010 study is silly since it presumes everyone is a member of the clean plate club. I eat out a couple of times a week but never consume everything on my plate. Ask for a take-home box and skip cooking the following night!

  • Bwarren2

    Apples are on the “Dirty Dozen” list of foods that take in more pesticides than some other foods. So, when you can, buy ORGANIC apples for the best results!

    • libeaid

      Organic crops also have pesticides on them. I know we previously grew organic crops.

  • dakota


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