8 Foods for Head-to-Toe Beauty (Slideshow)

Good eats for how you look and feel


Beauty is more than skin-deep. In fact, sometimes it goes as deep as your digestive system — and the foods you eat. You won’t find the following foods at the beauty salon, but consider them delicious, nutritious beauty aids.


Foods with beauty benefits
  • Peanuts for healthy hair

    In addition to being packed with fiber and good fats, peanuts contain biotin, a B vitamin associated with healthy hair. In fact, too little biotin may lead to hair loss. Just be sure you keep your portions of peanuts or peanut butter small since they’re high in calories.
  • Kale for bright eyes

    You’ve probably heard of the link between carrots and eye health, but carrots aren’t the only snack rich in beta-carotene, a nutrient tied to eye health. For a delicious dose of beta-carotene, try kale, as well as sweet potatoes, pink grapefruit, pumpkin and cantaloupe.

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  • Broccoli for rich, full lips

    Among countless other health benefits, broccoli contains high levels of riboflavin, or vitamin B2. If your lips are always dry and cracked, you may not be getting enough riboflavin. Add more broccoli to your diet for moist, kissable lips.
  • Kiwi for smooth skin and healthy gums

    Worried about wrinkles? Help may come in the form of this little green fruit, kiwi. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, which studies have associated with smoother, less-wrinkled skin. Eating more vitamin C also will keep your gums healthy.
  • Asparagus for a flatter belly

    It turns out a few asparagus spears can deflate the “bloat” in your belly that comes from overeating or retaining too much fluid. Asparagus has a diuretic effect, which means it helps you get rid of excess fluid for a slimmer look and feel.
  • Spinach for a better bottom

    Popeye’s favorite strength booster is also beneficial for your behind — and your whole body. This leafy green has the right mix of vitamin C and iron for collagen metabolism, which keeps your skin tight and firm.
  • Cucumbers for youthful legs

    Cucumbers are full of water to hydrate your body. But they also come complete with silica, a mineral that increases your skin’s elasticity. Getting more silica in your diet can help prevent sagging, loose skin on your legs.
  • Brazil nuts for toenails (and fingernails)

    If your nails are on display, make them strong and healthy with a handful of Brazil nuts. The secret is in the selenium, a mineral found in these nuts and known to strengthen nails.

Brigid Titgemeier, nutrition assistant at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, contributed to this article.

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Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD

Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD, is a registered dietitian and wellness manager for the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.
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