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90% of Americans do not consume enough fiber. Cleveland Clinic HealthHub

Try Fiber for Healthy Heart, Svelte Body

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Most of us are missing something essential in our diets. It's not only good for your heart and digestion but it also helps you lose weight. It's fiber, and 90 percent of Americans don't get enough of it.

Even Tiger Woods’ golf game can be seriously compromised by back pain. To avoid back injury on the links — and to play your best — be flexible and get strong in your core.

Golf: 2 Exercises for Strength and Flexibility

Tags: back pain, golf, spine, sports injuries, sports injury, stress, yoga

Even Tiger Woods’ golf game can be seriously compromised by back pain. To avoid back injury on the links — and to play your best — be flexible and get strong in your core.

milk peanuts and an egg

Food Allergies Rising in Kids

Tags: allergy, food allergies

Food allergies in kids have doubled since 2007, and now affect more than six million kids in America. There are plenty of theories about the causes, but still no clear answers.

Cancer’s Signatures — And What They Mean For Patients

Cancer’s Signatures — and What They Mean for Patients

Tags: cancer, diagnosis, genetics, genomics, innovation, research

New research shows what different types of cancer have in common, with an eye on better diagnosis and treatment.

parent putting child to bed

Back to School Means Back to Bedtime

Tags: back to school, growing pains of parenting, sleep

For kids who lapse into ‘late to bed, late to rise’ summer sleep habits, the start of school means a return to earlier bedtimes. Here are four tips to make a healthy return to school-year sleep routines.

girl carrying heavy backpack

7 Tips to a Lighter, Safer School Backpack

Tags: back pain, back to school

If his school backpack is bending your child over, it’s time to think about lightening the load. Backpacks that are too heavy not only cause discomfort but may lead to physical problems.

DNA Helix Illustration - One Different

Mutation Found in Deadliest Prostate Cancer

Tags: castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC), prostate, prostate cancer

A Cleveland Clinic researcher discovers a genetic mutation in a drug-resistant, often deadly form of prostate cancer — a potential key to a targeted therapy to block the growth of the cancer.

chocolates in a heart-shaped box

Treat Your Medicines like Chocolate

Tags: heart and vascular institute, medications, news

Many people think nothing of leaving their fragile medications on the car seat on a blazing summer afternoon – with the result that the medications lose some of their potency and become worthless against whatever they were prescribed for.

man biting nails

The Man Who Kept His Cancer a Secret

Tags: bone marrow cancer, cancer, leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome

Telling family, friends and colleagues about your cancer diagnosis is among the most personal and sensitive issues you could face. Oncologist Mikkael Sekeres, MD, tells the story of a man who kept his cancer secret.

woman holding measuring tape

Addressing Obesity With Innovation

Tags: childhood obesity, obesity, Type 2 diabetes

One out of every three American adults are now obese. While new treatments are underway, will they be enough to prevent American healthcare from being crushed by the massive costs of treating obesity and its consequences?