Try Fiber for Healthy Heart, Svelte Body

90% of Americans do not consume enough fiber. Cleveland Clinic HealthHub

Most Americans, 90 percent of us, are missing something essential in their diets: fiber. A Cleveland Clinic study suggests that a diet high in cereal fibers such as oats, barley, and 100 percent whole grains can reduce the risk of heart disease, lower triglyceride levels, improve glycemic control and help you lose weight.

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90% of Americans do not consume enough fiber. Cleveland Clinic HealthHub

  • Hippie

    So what are the best ones to eat? and that are low glycemic?

  • Anonymous

    Worthless drivel. Doesn’t even bother to say how much is enough or even too little.

  • George Butel

    I see that brave commentator “Anonymous” was upset because this article itself doesn’t say “how much is enough or even too little.” The article does provide a link to the PubMed abstract of the Cleveland Clinic study, which then provides a link to a free full version of it: “It appears well-established that 3 g or more per day of β-glucan from oats or barley or 7 g or more per day of soluble fiber from psyllium can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease [29]. The relationship between other cereal fibers and cardiovascular health is less clear: 14 g/day of inulin-type fructans, added to foods and beverages, may modestly decrease serum triacylglycerols [72] and 6 g/day of arabinoxylan or 5–6 g/day of resistant starch may improve glycemic control [65].” In other words, we cannot say at this moment in time exactly how much of which type is necessarily best for a particular person, but it is fairly self-evident that an intake of a number of different types of fiber in reasonable amounts would be a healthy addition to one’s diet. Someone not already doing that, though, might well be beyond help.

  • Richard Kovacs

    Evidently some people are too lazy to read a cereal box.

  • SMBK

    More complete garbage from mainstream nutrition science, paid for and funded by US govt subsidized grain industry. There is not one thing that grains do to help weight loss and they are in fact the #1 cause of obesity and diabetes in the US.

    • Elisabeth Tuck

      SMBK…..with all due respect -you are completely wrong. You, as everybody else, are thinking in terms of refined WHEAT. Try thinking rye – the scientific documentation is phenomenal. It has been around Europe for centuries and has proven to have a low glycemic index, tons of healthy rye fibers that helps lower the risk of coronary heart disease, helps alleviate constipation, helps increase satiety to a point where the Finnish Weight Watcher has rye bread as a free food. We do NEED grains to supply our brain and muscles with ready available glucose. It is the package of glucose supply that is important.

      • SMBK

        Absolutely false. How can you argue that we “NEED” something that did not exist for the first 99% of human history? Has been around for centuries?? Humans have been around a few years longer than agriculture, I’m afraid.

        • Jenna

          I would suggest, SMBK, that humans were eating grains prior to the “agricultural” period, and you are right that we should use care with the type of grains – not freely accepting everything that is advertised.

  • Elisabeth Tuck

    Eat KrustaVita rye bread. Wheat free, all wholegrain rye with a whooping 8 grams of fiber per 2 oz. serving size and 1 grams of sugar only.
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  • raodayaker

    nice blog.

  • James

    You people are idiots. Grains are govt subsidized that’s why they are pushed. Grains are high in omega 6 regardless if they are refined or not. All people should really eat is veg fruit and lean meat. Fruit and veg are high in magnesium and potassium aside from all the other antioxidants they have. Mag and potassium are a good combatant to everyone’s high blood pressure.