What The Color of Your Urine Says About You (Infographic)

Color, density, and smell can reveal health problems

pee color chart

Human urine has been a useful tool of diagnosis since the earliest days of medicine. The color, density, and smell of urine can reveal much about the state of our health. Here, for starters, are some of the things you can tell from the hue of your liquid excreta.

What does the color of your #pee say about your health? Find out. #infographic

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  • MrBLinstrot

    You barely mentioned odor. I regularly told my children, and now tell my grandchildren that if they can smell their pee they are not drinking enough water.
    Also, I think I remember that some type of odor was affiliated with diabetes. Please address odor issues.

    • leigh

      Fruity breath smells and sweetish smelling urine are indicative of diabetes.

    • mjs_28s

      foods can impact it too, big time.

      For me Honey Nut Cheerios makes my pee smell like the cereal.

      Asparagus for most anyone – phew! Musty rotting rags and plant matter.

      For sure, look out for the sweet smelling urine as a sign of trouble, less my honey nut cheerio pee.

  • MrBLinstrot


  • Karen Mann

    Ummm… I expect that you have heard of PUBS (Purple Urine Bag Syndrome)? It’s kinda rare, but can happen in folks who have long term indwelling catheters. Their urine IS purple.

    • Health Hub Team

      Thanks for your comment, Karen. Yes, we have heard of purple urine bag syndrome – a rare condition that occurs in patients who have catheters when they get a highly alkaline urinary tract infection. In PUBS, it’s technically the urine drainage bag that turns purple, while the urine itself remains unchanged. In this infographic, we were simply referring to the actual possible colors of urine.
      HealthHub Team

      • Karen Mann

        Ok, you are right, the bag is purple, not the urine. I just had a patient with this the other night! Weird, and very stinky.

      • Bree

        Why not include porphyria as a cause for purple urine?

      • Tulip

        It’s what you are eating, eat a lot of red beets and drink the juice, everything you eliminate will be red in color, it will scare you pink, but its ok and that goes for other colors of foods.

  • Dave

    Dogs have known this for ages. They check up on the status of others in the neighborhood by checking out smells at fire hydrants etc.

  • CalebBoone

    Dear Doctors:

    Thank you.

    The best diagnostic aid is an observant, conscientious, intelligent patient.

    Who thinkles when he tinkles.

    Have a Dovely.

    Sincerely yours,

  • Michael G

    What color is this? It looks purple to me.

  • bakscorpio

    what if you have dark amber color urine and all you drink is water, can you still be dehydrated or not getting enough water?

    • Kristin

      Get your liver checked out.

    • eddytawler

      cut down on the alcohol if you drink

  • DogLoverinKailua

    Ah….. I thought including the purple urine was cute. But then a thought struck me and I Googled purple urine. Yep. Two kinds of patients can have purple urine. Those with Porphyria (See Mayo Clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/urine-color/DS01026 ) and those with Gram-negative bacteruria. (See Medscape). So please change to another color to make us chuckle.

  • Esther

    Porphyria can produce purple urine.

  • leo

    Good diagnistic. Very useful. Thank for awake us.

  • leo

    Very useful diagnostic

  • ThisIsNot4U2

    And if your urine is PLAID, then you are either Rush Limbaugh or Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

    • Smitty927

      You moron, Rush has been sober for YEARS! Don’t get why some idiots just cannot get over other people’s mistakes when they have themselves!

      • ThisIsNot4U2

        Unless you live with him…you have NO WAY of knowing that for sure. So why don’t you take it down a notch.

        • Smitty927

          Just as you have NO WAY of knowing otherwise. So why don’t you take your slander elsewhere!

      • biffster

        Remember all those years that Rush railed against how weak, lazy and evil drug addicts are, all the while being a drug addict himself? The man is a lying hypocrite. Don’t believe anything he says, especially about addiction and drugs.

        • Shrugged

          Rush became addicted to Oxycontin following a failed back surgery. It happens. He admitted it very quickly and placed himself into treatment for 30 days and has been clean ever since.

          Is there something wrong with that example?
          You may not like Rush, but you will never succeed bashing him on his personal responsibility for his one-time drug use.

          The man is 100% deaf – but you’d never know it. He never complains – and he is working full-time without much accommodation. To most people, this would mean a life of medicaid and disability payments — obama voters of course.

          • biffster

            That is so disingenuous. He placed himself into drug rehab after his drug use became public knowledge. As he himself said: “Over the past several years I have tried to break my dependence on pain pills and, in fact, twice checked myself into medical facilities in an attempt to do so,” Limbaugh said at the time. “I have recently agreed with my physician about the next steps.”

            So he spent several *YEARS* being a hypocrite about drug addiction.

          • Shrugged

            And during that period he did NOT rail against drug addicts. I was a listener and waited through his rehab period. Were you listening the years prior and daily at that time? He became silent. Not to minimize his addiction, but the extent of hypocrisy is not a blatant as you wish to construct after the fact. And let’s turn to Hollywood and Washington DC for the most extensive authentic hypocrites on planet earth – Rush doesn’t hold a candle next to these towering giants of hypocrisy.

            Rush’s problem was more than 10 years ago – a single event – and you still want to crucify him today? If so, then, there will NEVER be another Hollywood movie you can watch or another politician you can vote for — because their individual and aggregate hypocaicy is staggering.

          • geob01 .

            It was YEARS of Single Events. And since we are talking about his character, you need go no farther than him calling Chelsea Clinton a ‘dog’. WHY would ANY sane person listen to him after he so reveals his character? Oh, I forget— he apologized.

          • Shrugged

            You really don’t have much to say and very little in the way of substance to your claim. You don’t like him – I get that. But you don’t listen to him and have no idea that 99.9% of his time is spent in constructive discussion.

            You need go no further than the liberal lunatics of MSNBC and Hollywood to hear people name calling beyond any reasonable level — horrific names — ALL DEMOCRAPs — ALL LIBERALS. And all you can do is refer to chelsea being called a dog??

            She IS a DOG and takes after her DOG Mother.

          • Hey You

            He got hooked on pain killers, idiot, he didn’t get there by injecting, sniffing or smoking. There is a differance. His mistake was trying to take care of it on his own without seeking help.

          • biffster

            Wow, are you Rush’s illegitimate child or something? Apparently you just aren’t going to face the facts that Rush was a drug addict, and a hypocrite about it.

          • Percocet

            Actually, Rush found out from a DNA test that he is black and then his mother confirmed the sad, sad news. He’s been in pain ever since.

          • Shrugged

            @Perc — Yes, you demonstrate so well the “tolerance” of the left.

            50% of Hollywood is addicted to drugs, alcohol or their own ego and you want to pick apart one man – one episode – that is more than 10 years ago that he successfully solved. You show your shallowness, your intolerance, your severe hatred of mankind.

            Thanks for this verification. Duly noted.

      • EnduringBrevity

        A joke at the expense of those two blowhards is nothing to get your panties in a bunch about.

      • Margey DeHuff Sebastian

        Wow, a little overreaction there. Who the heck defends rush limbaugh anyway.

        • Shrugged

          And if you spent a little time listening to him your IQ would go up at least 100 points — to double digits.

          • Margey DeHuff Sebastian

            Yes, and then I would believe the recent cold snap was a liberal conspiracy to push the climate change agenda. What will he come up with next? LOL.

          • Shrugged

            . . .Thus proving beyond a shadow of a doubt you have never listened to him and are an ongoing low information voter (by choice sadly) because you reject any rational discussion of issues. He would never say such a thing, but that you would allege such a response suggests you get your news from John Stewart.

          • Margey DeHuff Sebastian

            Ah, where’s Walter when you need him? Some nice, unbiased straight reporting would do us all a world of good. Maybe you wouldn’t be so angry and personally insulting.

          • Margey DeHuff Sebastian

            How did this get in the middle of a discussion about urine anyway?

        • Guest

          What would ever make anyone fall so in love with Rush Limbaugh. He is a pig in so many ways.

      • Fitpro

        He may have been sober for years; perhaps he is punch drunk or simply a bigoted moron. Or possibly a closet liberal getting rich by stating what bigoted morons want to hear — ha ha!

      • geob01 .

        Because Rush uses the mistakes of others forever against them.

    • Red_Geologist

      Lol from a Scott

      • ThisIsNot4U2


  • hdavis

    So happy I had my phone with me in the bathroom when I was reading this.

    • mark1702


      • Olivia

        Calm down, this century the majority of people bring their laptop and phones with them to the toliet.

  • Bryan

    Sometimes, after I eat BBQ, my urine smells of onions and garlic. I’m assuming that’s mainly because my food had a strong concentration of onions and garlic, right? Or are onions and garlic two foods where the body doesn’t process the chemicals that way and I need to see my doctor ASAP?

    • SGUMS2

      Onion and garlic contain sulfur compounds that easily make their way into the urine because they easily dissolve in water. These sulfur compounds are also responsible for the flavor of these vegetables. That’s why your urine smells.

  • Helen Stewart

    I just went to the doc yesterday for my annual checkup and she said that taking b- multi-vitamins can darken it to a deeper yellow. Totally normal. I drink at least 20 oz of water everyday so I know my body is not craving water. This article needs to mention the effects of Vitamin b – surprised the Cleveland Clinic didn’t mention this

    • Dr. Heide

      20 oz. is hardly anything… If you are active… Try drinking your body weight in ounces everyday, or at least 100 oz.

      • Tyroanee

        I’m drinking 20 oz before I even have my breakfast.
        Guess some people are different than others….personally it would be difficult for me to function with only 20oz.

        • Lori Smith

          I’m the same way. I’ve been drinking a lot of water for years, now, & I’ve found I can’t go long without it before feeling thirsty.

    • Concerned

      You are so correct. I was concerned about this myself but when I stopped taking the B+ my urine color changed to more normal. Thanks for adding this.

      • Latigo 1026

        You would be better off taking the B vitamins and ignoring the orange urine.

    • stephan schwebke

      It’s the riboflavin, B2, that causes it to turn yellow. Any excess the body takes in is simply excreted. Buy some riboflavin and you’ll see the color of the tablet, bright yellow. It’s totally harmless, taken in excess, since, like I said, the body excretes whatever it doesn’t need.

    • http://nathanrein.com Nathan

      It does, however, mean that you will have very EXPENSIVE urine.

      • Cliicki

        My pawn shop didn’t seem to think so…

    • 68gto

      64oz a day is the absolute bare minimum for the body to survive (over time). you may get away with less for a short period but not for the long term.

      • jimmyd787

        the 64 oz of water a day is a myth. that comes from three eight oz glasses of water a day myth. there is water in foods… BTW oxygen doesnt burn, rust does not cause tetanus, it’s OK to swim right after eating

    • Tulip

      hey, you should drink a quart of water for every 40 lbs. of weight you are that is what one alternative doctor told me. try it for 3 days to see how you feel. Set your cell phone alarm to time you choose to remind yourself to drink 8 oz. of water, your milk, orange juice and soft drinks are extra.

    • Jeanne

      20 oz is definitely not enough water you are supposed to drink at least 64 oz a day! Yes b vit. do make your urine darker.

      • jimmyd787

        myth…the 64 oz of water a day is a myth. that comes from three eight oz glasses of water a day myth. there is water in foods… BTW oxygen doesnt burn, rust does not cause tetanus, it’s OK to swim right after eating

    • Mr Highliter

      This is almost hilarious! I’m recovering from a urology related surgery and a moment ago my urine was practically highlighter yellow.
      I did however take a B-Multiple Vitamin. So this makes perfect sense from your post.

    • GumbyR

      Technically, you just need fluids. I drink plain water MAYBE, once every third month. Otherwise, it’s coffee, diet soda, energy drinks. Never had a kidney infection, kidney stones, bladder infection, diabetes (least not yet), and my urine is usually clear to pale yellow.

      • Guest

        Not very likely. In fact more in the range of unbelievable.

  • rachel brewer

    When I eat asparagus my urine smells like it for days!!!

  • ozric

    It’s great that you show the different colors and give an easy definition for the root causes, however not all kidney diseases can be cured. I fell into the trap of the American Medical Association and nearly went bankrupt from all the tests that they recommended. It wasn’t until I asked if there was a real cure for my disease (there isn’t) that I saw all the medical garbage float to the top. When I started to decline the offers of having tests done all the time to monitor my health, my doctors started to ease me out of their offices. First it was doctors every month, then every three months, then every six months. Now I have personally stopped seeing all of my doctors because they have nothing to offer but monitoring services and I can monitor my health better than any of them. So the first thing you should ask your doctor is if there is a real cure for your ailment, not if they can make you feel better. Don’t waste your hard earned money on a system that “practices” medicine, search out the natural remedies that have been used for centuries around the world and tell the American Medical Association that incorporating the health care system under the banner of major health corporations for better health is nothing but a scam for the medical professional to charge you more money than the services that they provide are worth. Watch your diet and stop eating the garbage that the Food and Drug Administration allows the corporations to add to your food. Unless the Food and Drug Administration is dissolved I will never trust any of the lies that the corporate world throw out to the masses as truth. Stop using additives that cause cancers and stop using artificial sweeteners that cause diabetes. The only reason corporate America adds such ingredients to our food is to make sure we will become sick so they can sell us their drugs in the future.

    I will never again allow myself to be a slave to the medical community and blindly follow their recommendations. I would rather die than ever support the crooked corporations that run this land.

    • Sam

      My sentiments exactly. The medical establishment is the 5th largest economy in the world, surpassing France, and money is the game. There is no profit in finding cures.

      • Carolyn Alarcon

        Get real people! You really think that by the time 2014 rolled around, there is still no cure for the simple “common cold”.……talk about a money maker.,..that is a staple for EVERY General Practitioner! Mark my words…there will NEVER be a cure.

        • spaghettimonsterfan

          I have been told and did some reading about the common cold and it seems it is a way for the body to wake up and exercise your defense system. If true there should never be a cure for it. Let it run it’s course.

          • jamann1

            I do think companies need to work towards cures for actual diseases instead of treatments, but I also agree with just treating a cold. If we completely remove these viruses from having contact with us, it will weaken our immune systems. Then, when a new virus his the scene, we are screwed. Cure the big stuff, but don’t sweat the little stuff.

          • geob01 .

            I like to read history books- I read that the mountain-men-trappers would get sick after the big rendezvous, then when they went back into the mtns by themselves they didn’t get sick for the rest of the year.

          • bunny

            The big stuff is too much of a money maker for a cure.

          • Crookid

            Excellent point. Also, why try to cure something not life threatening? Especially if we need germs.

            Like I said in my above post, people need to educate themselves and not just think everything is a conspiracy because of several isolated incidents or statistics. Sometimes, doctors are just as much of victims as we are. My doctor is a stand up guy and I trust him. He also always complains about how corrupt insurance companies are and how hard it is to deal with the folk behind the scenes. At the end of the day, those are the people/corporations profiting and causing all the BS in this country.

          • http://stilljanet.com/ Janet Still MSN-FNP

            If you are truly interested in seeing change in health and healthcare, consider researching medical journals for all the articles written on the concept of managing symptoms versus curing disease. Pharmaceutical companies, like corporate “food” manufacturers, have no problem stating their goal is profit…therefore, to actually cure disease would not be aligned with their stated goals. There are many many scholarly articles, honestly. For my degrees, this was required reading as much as the rest of medical study. But then I was studying during the time period that California decided to disallow pharmaceutical gifts, wine&dine events, and other freebies. The topic of greatest interest at that time was about distancing the practitioner from the business of profiting from illness. To get you started, try searching on NIH’s NLM site for a 2005 article titled, “Disease mongering and drug marketing” author Wolinsky.

          • getdave

            The best treatment for a common cold, typically rhino virus or something similar, is to drink lots of water and or juice and get in a hot tub until you sweat. This has the effect of both hydrating your system and dilating the capillaries so that immune response can be delivered effectively throughout the tissue. If your body is cold, the extremities do not benefit from the immune response and the virus can hide there and continue to affect your body. By raising your body temperature and hydrating, the immune response is most effective and the perspiration helps remove the results of the “battle” between your body and the virus.

          • Frank Lekstutis

            You’re kidding, right? You don’t really believe that’s how physiology and the immune system works…do you?

          • Kristen Nicole Potter

            I agree. Antibiotics are working against us. Let your body do its job, unless absolutely necessary. I’ve had strep, bronchitis and pneumonia and it has all gone away within a couple weeks. It sucks, but I bet I won’t get it again.

          • hamad

            I have also pneumonia and bronchitis what should i do to need.

          • Quake-mom

            No antibiotics to treat your strep ? are you kidding ? Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease that can develop as a complication of inadequately treated strep throat or scarlet fever. Leaving a person with heart valve damage, I gather you are not a medical professional.

        • lexiwords

          This is also true of type 2 diabetes….not everyone with it is lazy and obese. I believe the cure is sitting in a pharmaceutical company’s safe somewhere hidden BECAUSE there is so much more money to be made by not curing.

          • Koree

            Actually my uncle is a bariatric surgeon practicing in Houston. He practices a surgery that cures type 2 diabetes, unless you go out and eat horribly and get it all over again. It is a well known cure in several countries. Of course you have to pay for it yourself because the insurance companies want no part in it.

          • lexiwords

            Koree, I wish that was a solution but I am 5 feet tall and barely weigh 100 lbs. I don’t think I qualify.
            I do thank you for the suggestion it is certainly more helpful than those who berate others or make lovely comments about eating and exercising.

          • geob01 .

            I had your weight/height ratio I would be 11 feet tall. :-(

          • lexiwords

            Then you wouldn’t be able to find a bed to fit you.
            Or a doorway either. But take heart the more you move the healthier you will be. I firmly believe it is mostly about movement first and diet second—-Doritos not withstanding.

          • algebra will get you

            Height and weight are notlinearly related. Twice the weight, 1.25 times the height cube root.

          • lexiwords

            Not a math major lol

          • geob01 .

            Koree, could you direct me to more information on this? Key words to search on maybe?

          • felix

            can you please let me know what the procedure is my wife works for hospital for bariatric doctor I would like to look into it

          • marmalade

            Gastric bypass

          • joker15

            Koree, that is just another gigantic hoax perpetrated upon the public. Cutting up your gut is not the answer to diabetes or to weight loss for that matter either. Great money making scheme though. People need to eat properly and not stuff their faces with garbage. Of course that’s too difficult for some unfortunately.

          • Robert Lehr

            Your uncle is a grifter and profits from the ignorance of his patients, a procedure that is standard medical practice for the regular “doctor”.

          • royalgreenjacket

            Only way to help it is lose weight, exercise and eat healthy.

          • guest

            Your statement is a bit broad–and not entirely true. I know two overweight people who had insulin-dependent diabetes who underwent bariatric surgery that “cured” the diabetes. In both cases, MEDICARE, which is government-paid INSURANCE, paid for it 100%. Medicare never pays for anything private insurance companies refuse to cover. And, BTW, this type of surgery does not cure DIABETES in general–it “cures” diabetes caused by weight issues ONLY. While this is indeed functioning diabetes, its cause means it can be “temporary,” i.e. it’s a result of obesity, not a stand-alone disease. If the individual loses the weight, the diabetes is usually eliminated, too (an overweight individual can have diabetes that isn’t weight-related). Also, “eating horribly” does not cause diabetes. If it did, every sugarholic would be diabetic. Diabetes is not contagious. You can’t “catch” it. As to this surgery being a “well know cure in several countries,” again–if the diabetes isn’t weight-related, and much isn’t–the surgery will NOT cure it. But
            I’ve known several people who’ve had bariatric surgery, two of whom had diabetes that resolved afterward. Not a single one paid for it themselves. Insurance DOES cover most, if not all, bariatric procedures.

          • Raphael Smith

            As far as I know, the benefits of such a surgery work only temporarily, lasting only couple of years. After that the body is adjusting itself to work with a smaller stomach and the person is back to eating the way he did prior to the bariatric surgery, so all that weight comes back. With it all the excessive weight related health sickness.

          • John Edwards

            What surgery ? You are yankin my chain?

          • t

            Actually, the insurance co’s do pay for it, so its a myth that you have to pay for it out of pocket.

          • Swarley

            Yeah the cure for type 2 diabetes was just released by One of the leading research hospitals. And it’s all about diet. We are suppose to eat mainly plants and plant based proteins like nuts and seed. No red meat, and minimal chicken and fish. It’s very difficult to do, but if you eat that way you won’t need a doctor for anything.

          • lexiwords

            That is precisely what I do eat and have for 30+ years. I rarely get sick but my diabetes as well as several other issues were triggered by an atypical reaction to a prescribed drug. Nothing seems to work but then again I have not tried liver / kidney destroying drugs. If I exercise and drink 8-12 oz of water after eating I can keep my sugar down but that is all that seems to work consistently.

          • mommz53

            Check into dandelion greens.

          • paula

            Sure, go ahead and believe that one.

          • nia brown

            It is extremely sad, people have more faith in the human errors and man made statin drug of Neo- Science that according to this World wide demonic system of the present government, are designed not to cure diseases but to create diseases because it is known due to the World is extremely over populated. According to biblical prophecy Matthew 24th chapter and Revelation 6th chapter, 1/3 of people will be destroyed by “rich” men in power in order to make their own money and greater supreme dark power according to the “One World Order” plan as it has been plain to see on the news that the ten Kings will give their power to the sea beast that receive it power from the Dragon (Satan The Devil) to be able to use the system of elimination through ” Science” ! Example: Aids, H1N1, Ebola, etc.. are all genetically design by men !
            Read your Holy Bible: The Truth will set you free !
            God has given us all information to natural healing by his free health plan; dietary law. ( read ) Leviticus 11th chapter.

            John 3: 16 – 19, knowing Jehovah God has given us his only son Jesus Christ that is the conqueror of all evil and illness. The lord is the healer of all life in creation. Jesus Christ is our creator and the healer, the power of our living God is the Holy Spirit which is the real source of life not men of science !

          • momusicman

            Break out the tin foil hats!

          • Charlie Schrantz

            Lol. I think that’s hilarious. But he’s right. Jesus is LORD and my Savor. Simply believing that is a starting point. Very funny comment though!

          • Will

            No, Muhammad is LORD… or wait, Krishna is LORD… or no, Buddha is LORD… er, Prince Charles is LORD….and in my part of the USA, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is LORD… stop following desiccated, imaginary, or irrelevant LORDS and wake up into the world you live in.

          • kym

            I have said the same thing over and over throughout the years that they get too much money to actually end the income and find a cure but i also began thinking who wouldnt want to be the one that found a cure for some terrible disease to put an end to suffering and/or death. I really dont know what to think . There has been so much money put into research and hundreds of thousands of researchers why hasnt someone even came close or even been able to make some kind of difference.

          • frznsld

            Researchers have made plenty of difference in the past century. HIV/AIDS is no longer an automatic death sentrnce; neither is cancer nor diabetes. People used to die of all these, and die fast. We’ve eradicated Polio, HAD eradicated measles – until the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nuts and Vax deniers stopped vaccinating their kids, that is – and people are living longer than ever. Want to attack anyone, go after the INSURANCE COMPANIES, not the doctors or researchers. If not for them, we’d be able to actually RECEIVE the medical miracles you think are out there but which are only accessible to the wealthy.

          • Mark Belk

            The cure for AIDs, stop practicing sodomy, simple.
            As far as vaccines are concerned, if they work, why would you care if my children are vaccinated as long as yours are? I know too many children who are autistic that were normal until vaccination.

          • spaghettimonsterfan

            Some meds can cause diabetes.

          • Feel-good Miami

            I came off my diabetes medication by drinking a healthy shake 70 cal, exercise, and just cutting back on portions. My doctor said I needed to get my sugar under 100, which I thought was a little outrageous since I had never had a testing that low, but since I started substituting 1 or 2 meals with a healthy protein shake and drinking lots of water my daily monitoring has stable out to 89 to 96 being the highest, not to mention those unwanted pounds I lost. Diabetes good, colestarol good, and energy level great. Have one more goal come off high blood pressure medication.

        • ok87

          The cold is caused by a virus, it’s not some medical conspiracy. You can’t “cure” viral illnesses because viruses aren’t technically alive and thus cannot be killed. They’re essentially small biological machines that only know how to sabotage living cells.

          • Daniel Schealler

            Don’t you realize that the germ theory of disease is still only just a theory?!

            Everyone knows instinctively that diseases travel in the form of bad smells! It just stands to reason! You never hear about florists getting sick all the time do you?


          • Frank Lekstutis

            Daniel Schealler, do you have any idea at all what the word ‘theory’ means in relation to science? Because based on what you wrote, you do not understand anything of what that word means. And no, diseases do not travel in the form of bad smells. Maybe we have that great public school education to thank for your ignorance, or maybe you just didn’t continue to learn and maintain your own education after high school, or perhaps you are afflicted with delusional thinking.

          • Daniel Schealler

            To be fair, I did specify I was pulling a poe. 😛

            Sorry for the confusion all the same though. ^_^

          • frznsld

            Although Daniel seems to have had tongue firmly planted in cheek, it’s a sad commentary on the state of our society that most people DON’T know the definition/meaning of the word “theory,” nor do they care to trouble themselves to look it up. Far easier to listen to whatever guru happens to be in power at the moment, be it a politician, newscaster, rabid radio show host, or their minister. Too lazy to think for themselves, then blame the schools. Don’t think so.

          • geob01 .

            Right. Basically they are simply a packet of information with a hook on it. Not alive.

          • maryann

            Try the natural antivirals with clinical trials: Sambucus, Olive Leaf, etc.

          • Potter

            Elderberry ( Sambucal, Sambucus) is amazing and really workd for viruses. One important warning however: DO NOT USE if you have an autoimmune disorder!!!! It will cause a flare.

          • frznsld

            Thank you for the warning re the elderberry! I’ve been attending a homesteading class and this week they’re going to make elderberry syrup for health . . . And I have a wicked case of MS. I’ll be skipping this week . . .

        • Mark Belk

          Why would anyone go to the doctor for a cold or the flu?

        • DeuceOnTreys

          The ‘common cold’ is caused by a virus, which lasts approx. 7 days. There are approx. 120 cold viruses & your never get the ‘same’ virus twice. Each cold you get, is caused by a different virus. Washing your hands often, & Not touching your mouth, nose, or eyes are the best preventions. Use hand sanitizer!

        • Crookid

          The reason there is no cure is because there are so many strains. Any good doctor would just tell you to take some aspirin or Tylenol if the symptoms are too much and exercise to build your immune systems.

          While the above poster is 100% correct, people still should educate themselves. And believe me, there are some doctors who share that sentimate, are as brilliant (or more so) than the ones that want to reap money from patients and actually care about people, their practice and the study of medicine/science.

          A lot of good has come from those types of minds hence why people don’t die from the same diseases that plagued is just a few decades ago. People with HIV can live full lives now. That’s not a miracle, it is science.

          Take the good, the bad and the ugly and stay educated. Don’t just read one conspiracy theory and think you understand the whole story.

        • d.cas

          The common cold is incurable due to the uncommon number of strains of the virus. You never catch the same cold twice

      • force majeure

        France is 1st in healthcare quality. The U.S. spends the most per capita and is 17th in quality.

      • geob01 .

        Statistically we don’t get the quality of health care we pay for. We pay more than any other similar country in the world, but the quality is waaay down, below many banana republics.

      • Ken Reed

        I’ve been getting blood and urine tests four times a year since I went on statin drugs for cholesterol control. Medicare always paid the full cost. The other day I had blood and urine draws, and noticed the cost was $495 when I signed a paper. If I am now going to be billed, I’ll quit taking these useless tests.

      • Madge Marley Howell

        So agree with you! Just finished a new book titled The End of Healing by Dr. Jim Bailey. The medical world is our biggest enemy! If we change our eating/drinking habits, we will win! Otherwise, that money grabbing machine will kill us all. Sadly, it is no longer about healing.

      • tj

        Exactly why do you think after all the money and years of research for cancer, we still only have the 2 available we have always had. Chemotherapy or radiation. Both of which break down the body and make it incapable of fighting the desease. The government adds all these chemicals to our food and animals, knowing it causes cancer, and has the FDA claim it’s safe just so America can produce enough food to ship to other countries, at the cost of American people say lives. They waste so much money on research for other deseases, but again there is no results

    • Graham Freeman

      Or move to Canada. Those tests are free here.

      • Rational_Being

        I love Canada and its citizens (and actually do want to move there), but, as they say, nothing is free.

        • ursulamargrit

          Exactly. The taxpayer pays for those tests here, because the government doesn’t own any money.

          • Sara B

            I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but, with the exception of the military (and we offer up our lives, so it’s not exactly free for us), the vast majority of government employees have to pay for at least some of their healthcare costs through the use of co-pays, etc. Also, most agencies have a cap on how much they’re willing to spend for health insurance, so if one wants a “cadillac plan” and works for the government, one will have to pay the difference.

          • Broke

            I believe when she referred to govt…she wasnt implying military. Everyone know our military guys/gals get crapped on. BTW…thank you and your family for your service.

          • Average Redneck Girl

            Thank you Sara B. Again, nothing is free. My family has had several military members over the years. If it the military is an easy way of life, then more would do it.

            Yes, I do recognize the fact the military members do indeed write a blank check payable up to the price of their lives to our government. Many do not understand this and never will.

        • Andrew Walzer

          In the USA it is FREE for half the people: Govern. Employees with their GoldPlatedHealthCare (paid by the middle class taxpayer),and people on Medicaid (most of Obama’s People) who also get free health care. People who actually work for a living and are productive in private industry and pay taxes into the USA, its not free for.

          • 68gto

            Hmm. I’m a Government employee (federal). My ‘free’
            GoldPlatedHealthCare costs me $415 a month, plus $30 copay, plus huge
            deductable. No government employee (at least Federal) gets free
            insurance — stop spreading false information. How much is that
            Obamacare costing you?

          • godivademaus

            I don’t know how much experience you have with government healthcare plans, an earlier response indicated that they have co-pays and premium requirements just like anyone in the private industry. My brother works as a civilian for the DOD and he has premiums to pay and co-pays just like normal insurance.

            Medicaid is insurance to people who are extremely low income. Last I checked a single individual would have to make less than $956 per month in order to qualify. I don’t know how you figure “most of them are Obama’s people” since 26 of our 50 states declined the medicare expansion and because, pursuant to the Henry J. Kaiser Family data on percentage of persons on Medicaid broken down by state, one state exceeded 19% — West Virginia the rest hover closer to 15% of the population (See: http://kff.org/medicare/state-indicator/medicare-beneficiaries-as-of-total-pop/).

            Depending on how low their income is and depending upon the state they live in, Medicaid participants still have co-pays and contributions toward coverage they need to make.

            Remember, qualification for Medicaid still requires that your income falls within the “extremely low income” bracket OR, you have certain serious diseases (like kidney failure).

          • geob01 .

            A fascist doesn’t need facts to know he is RIGHT!

          • geob01 .

            I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this. Sorry to whom-ever I addressed it to.

          • Evelyn Connaway

            godivademaus – Thanks for some real FACTS – TRUE ONES.
            As I listen to people discuss our people who really need help, I see the difference in people. The benevolent, who care for people and the malevolent, who do not care for people. You can hear the difference in their voice and the look on their face, and by the written word in their opinions in these columns, the truth and the untruth. How awful to live with such hate of another human being who has done nothing to the writer of the written words of hate.

          • Jay Jay

            Very well said. Thanks

          • shellyscorner

            Evelyn, that is just about the sweetest thing anyone has said directed “OUR” direction that I have maybe EVER heard, but certainly have heard in a very LONG time! Thank you! Sometimes, when people think know is going to know who they are, the written word can be even more revealing about who a person really is than the spoken word ever thought about being!!! But, the beauty of that is, it runs both ways! And you my friend, are a BEAUTIFUL light SHINING through the dark! Thank you!

          • frznsld

            I wish I could vote your statement up a trillion times. Well said. Thank you.

          • Johnny

            Ur brother works for dot. He’s a crook too

          • Joe1938

            John, In any population of people, we have good people and bad people. I have had contracts where I worked with government people. Some of them were great, smart, and not lazy. However, these great people were a small minority of the population.

          • PLDAVIDS

            How is someone a crook simply by working for the DOT????

          • shellyscorner

            That’s NOT FAIR! YOU DON”T KNOW HIS BROTHER! Not EVERYONE that works for the government is bad! Just because the barrel is rotten doesn’t mean ALL the contents are! Someone sounds VERY angry…

          • http://www.thedonovan.com/the_farm bethdonovan

            Medicaid requirements vary by State – and can be quite different from one state to another. So, this may be accurate where you live, but not necessarily where other people live.

          • shellyscorner

            THANK YOU!!! We won’t EVEN MENTION that those on Medicare AND Medicaid are VERY limited on their prescription choices compared to the rest of the population. For instance. Because of the high level of abuse ACROSS THE BOARD…in the whole country, ALL economic classes/races etc… If you have Medicare/Medicaid and have a problem with anxiety, you can NO LONGER get a prescription for anxiety medication! Like that was REALLY going to do something about the abuse of the medication! And GEE! LET’S THROW ALL THE POOR FOLKS WITH ANXIETY INTO A MANIA BECAUSE THEY CAN’T PAY FOR THE MEDICATION OUT OF POCKET! SEVERAL medications that I personally have needed over the last couple of years aren’t even on the PHARMACY PART D LIST on Medicare, they are on the PART B LIST. Meaning that regardless of what your normal medication copay is, you have to pay 20% of the price out of pocket as if it were a medical treatment! Oh yeah! We REALLY have it going on EASY ST. here, those of us on government insurance programs! TRUTHFULLY? I WOULD GIVE JUST ABOUT ANYTHING TO BE ABLE TO WORK AND PAY TAXES LIKE MOST OF THE REST OF THE FOLKS COMMENTING HERE!!! And being sick and having no money,….I go NOWHERE! I leave my home on average about 5 days out of the month…to go get groceries, go to the doctor, and the occasional pharmacy run. So, I have no friends. No social life. No,…well you get the picture. But don’t get me wrong…I’m NOT complaining about my life. I’m basically pretty happy. I just get annoyed when folks start talking out the side of their mouth making it sound so grand to be on government assistance, when it couldn’t be further from the truth! Although I will admit there are some who lie and cheat, and they’re the ones that I think make it so difficult for the rest of us. But it’s okay, it all comes out in the wash! 😉

          • http://ByCasuallyInsane.tmblr.com/ Casually_Insane

            If I may correct something, I am personally on Obama care temporary. (career cross roads… But only keep it for emergency, and pay my check ups out of pocket, because I feel weird having gov pay for anything)
            Everyone I know who is on Medicaid has their anxiety Meds covered (Xanax, zoloft, vistaril) . What I think th person ment who told you that is the following, WHICH IS T TRUTH.:
            when Medicaid patient has history of legal or illegal DRUG ABUSE, most doctors won’t prescribe them highly addictive abuse anxiety pills. And from personal observation when addicts get those, one of the two happens. 1. They abuse it to get high. 2. They sell out so they can buy their, usually illegal, doc (drug of choice). With that said:

            NOONE IS EVERY SIMPLY REFUSED TO BE GIVEN ANXIETY MEDS. THEY GET A CHOICE : THE GENERIC VERSION (Medicaid doesn’t cover brand) OR NON ADDICTIVE MEDICATIONS FOR ANXIETY (like zoloft or vistaril as just an example) . Later in case of Drug abuse history.

          • shellyscorner

            Dear Casual, No, please ALLOW ME . . to correct something! The INDIVIDUALS who informed me knew EXACTLY what they were saying! They said what they meant, and they meant what they said! I DID find out however, that you and I are BOTH right AND WRONG! Here’s why . . . One might be tempted to think that because Medicare and Medicaid are both federal programs, that the PDL’s (Preferred Drug List’s) would be the same across the country. Well, ONE WOULD BE WRONG! Apparently, every state decides what they are going to cover and what they aren’t. Now, Zoloft can be used to treat anxiety, but the drug itself is classified as an anti-depressant. Xanax however, being a benzodiazapine, is classified as an anxiolytic. I would suggest going to this website (link below):

            There you will find a chart. In the first column on the left, you will see a list of all the US states and in the last column on the right hand side you will find the column for anxiolytics. If you scroll down to the row for North Carolina (my state) and follow it across to the far right, you will of course notice that there is NO asterix in the anxiolytic column! Indicating that in MY state, THEY DO NOT COVER ANXIOLYTICS! Now. It may be that where ever you live, whatever state that is, you may well have an asterix in the column, showing that YOUR state DOES cover the class of drugs! Oh! LUCKY US! So in the state of NC if you suffer from anxiety and have Medicaid OR MEDICARE . . . YOU ARE SCREWED! UNLESS . . . you can afford to pay for it out of pocket! Which MOST can’t. . .

          • http://ByCasuallyInsane.tmblr.com/ Casually_Insane

            That’s a good resource you posted. I am in NY, here everything I ever been prescribed before has been covered by non-straight medics d. Including wellbutrin, suboxone, xanax , zoloft, klonopin, contraceptives etc etc etc

          • ugggh.

            You may want to double check your Obamacare benefits. I know some plans allow you 5 or 6 visits for the year, but according to the benefits they are for preventative measures. So basically what can you do with the other few visits you are allowed? As we say in the medical world… If its not documented, it does not exist… so if there is no documentation for sick doctor visits being covered… well, you decide. I do not see that Obamacare has resolved any issues within the insurance industry, only made it mandatory for you to have it… a watered down, low benefit, high premium/deductible, version. At least before you did not have the extra monthly expense before it was made mandatory. So, lets just add to our expenditures..unnecessarily.

          • http://ByCasuallyInsane.tmblr.com/ Casually_Insane

            Well, now that some time has passed I’m not so sure what I have is Obama care per say, I just have Medicaid, and had it before Obama law passed and am still assigned to same provider, as I am not knowledgeable in this field I can’t provide any arguments or facts on the matter

          • frznsld

            The ones who “lie and cheat” are less than 0.02% of ALL those who receive benefits. This comes straight from the latest report of the DHS, December 2014. And to the person below spouting off on people who “abuse” their anxiety medication to “get high,” well sister, either you’re one of those or you’re one of the uniformed, because our lives as outlined above by Shelly are pretty limited. We’re NOT lazing around, scamming doctors for drugs and “getting high.” Why don’t you stop “abusing” your employer’s largesse and stealing his time to write on comment boards? Your anecdotal evidence is incorrect. Medicaid is a STATE program and therefore had its own rules which are different everywhere. And if you are not on Medicaid yourself, then your “facts” regarding how it works based on your observation of your junkie friend are patently FALSE.

          • Judy Duckworth

            Well said. I Have a rare CP disease Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. There is no cure. Touching hurts, clothing, a gentle breeze can cause excruciating pain. I Can only define the pain by saying to turn an electric stove to high and put your hand on it. There is no treatment protocol. It is strictly clinical and what works for one will not for another. I Have had this along with fibromyalgia for 19yrs and 87 Drs. I Went as far as the Emory Hospital in Atlanta for treatment. Pain meds are all I am left with. Tried it all and the implanted Spinal Cord Stimulator took 3 revisions till it was removed leaving the site burning since. No 2 Drs agree on anything. The Best pain regime has been OxyContin, Percocet, Baclophen, Clonozepam. Try to get Medicare part D to pay for OxyContin!!! They won’t even put it on THIER formulary. I draw 675.00 mo SS and spouse works minimum wage and we are just a few dollars of being eligible for medicaid. My meds run 275.00 mo. My husband has medical issues which he drives 220 miles round trip to a VA clinic. His meds are cheaper but with diabetes heart disease etc. it is costly. He can retire and should as he is not well. We could not afford it if he did. What is wrong with our system??? We need to chose between meds or food. The Government sucks at taking care of its citizens and yet willing to let immigrants legalize and they are using our benefits!!

          • Mark Belk

            I feel sorry for you but it isn’t constitutional or moral to force (tax) one person for the benifits of another regardless of how much they need it. That is where human compassion and Christian charity come in play. We should help those who CAN’T help themselves but on an individual one on one basis.
            If an individual can work and won’t, let him starve! My bet is he will get up off his sorry butt and get a job before that happens.

          • somethingiswrong

            Yes that is true I’m tired of people complaining about the people who are on Medicaid they do pay co-pays and are very limited on the quality of care Medicaid doesn’t pay for specialist I used to be in the medical field I got a rare disease in my spine and pelvis eroding my sacrum bone and nerves in my spine I’m disabled now. I deal with spine fluid leaks muscle twitches body flares bladder and bowel problems and more I’m 45 I’ve been working since the age of 12 I hope nobody never has to go through this.

          • Ronni

            Too bad I didn’t make that amount a month and have ms and still don’t qualify.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tony-Martellini/100002036311928 Tony M

            I’m going to drop the PC,,and stop the nonsense you libers try to SPEW like vomit. EVERY SINGLE GOVT employee from postal worker to ________. PAYS for their helth insurance,,they pay CO-PAYs and annual deductibles. OH,,,except for the HIGH and mighty OBAMA and BIDEN, they pay for NO medical, not a penny! Even the military, when they leave active duty have to pay for TRI-CARE and co-pays. Stop your liberal, whiney pants,,woa is me,,,crap! IF you have failed in your personal life, it is becasue you are a loser!!! BTW, as retired Army and now civil service, I pay 412.50 a month for my policy.

          • LTC, Ret

            Well my fellow retiree please tell us WHY you are paying 412.00 per month when you can opt in to TRICARE for YOU and YOUR DEPENDENTS for < $1000 per YEAR. Now you stop your needless rant.

          • Evelyn Connaway

            LTC, Ret – Thanks for your answer. I chose not to answer
            Tony M. He really is a Whiner!!

          • geob01 .

            Retired gov’t worker, I pay $1000/month, just for myself.

          • Pip313


          • geob01 .

            > Retired gov’t worker, I pay $1000/month
            Yes, I’m a liar. I didn’t say that the $1000 would also include coverage for all my kids, no matter how many I had. And wife too of course. But I am by myself, alas.
            The City of Fresno is self-insured. As a full-time employee the City paid a lot of the cost (don’t recall how much, let’s say 1/2). As a retiree I can stay in the system till 65 if I pay the full cost.
            This is public record stuff. I am sure, as a man of integrity, you will want to research this yourself and issue a contrite apology, Mr. PimpleOnButt13.

          • peeler englewood

            Yeah, that nasty Obama and his Crony Biden – they dont pay a penny for healthcare ever. Just like George Bush Jr, Bill Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan, Carter, Nixon……

            So, when it is a President you dont like, his free health care is a concern for you. Were you out there on message boards when Bush or Clinton was President, harping on the free healthcare, “paid for by the almighty tax payer”. Right, i didnt think so. Con-tard!!!!

          • Hey You

            Look peeler, those are all past presidents and during their time healthcare was affordable, covered pre existing conditions and was great. I had four employees from Reagans time up until Obama that I paid 100% of their healthcare. Although Obama isn’t responsible for what we saw happening in the 90’s with the increases in premiums and the lowering of coverage his act had made it the worst ever. So your tolerant with seeing people with coverage they loved lose it overnight and no longer have the doctors that were treating their cancers etc? Look around and pay attention to what is happening. This whole situation with the uninsured should have been solved through the private sector maybe with a little government assistance but to have turned our whole healthcare system upside down and turning it over to government control is completely insane. Do you realize if you have a complaint about the system there is no higher up you can go to our another company to switch to? You must be one of those people sucking off the taxpayer to think aca is good for us.

          • hokieduck

            Yes, because the private sector operates out of concern for a person’s well-being. Oh, oops. I mean operates both ethically and practically for obtaining the most profit possible.

            Health care provided for profit is not “care”.

          • Hey You

            So Hokieduck, Your against anyone making a profit providing health care. Your one sick puppy. I’m willing to bet you try to get everything in your life for nothing. That your owed. Gotta be an idiot to think government run health care is anything close to free or caring.

          • hokieduck

            Hey you. I hope you will take the time to read this article I just saw on Reuters. It reminded me of your reply to my comment. Given the vitriolic and personal attack that you made against me in your comment, I doubt anything can make the slightest impact on your preconceived notions. But read it if you feel daring.

            For others who may see this comment. This is a post written by a young woman who recently lost her father to Stage Four Pancreatic cancer. He began his treatment at Sloan Kettering and completed it in his birthplace in France. It is a pretty amazing story.


          • Martha Lacy

            You got to be an idiot to think that anyone asking for AFFORDABLE care is asking for it for free. Or a Republican.

          • badphairy

            Wait, what? What about the free market I keep hearing about, that’s going to make everything fair? Are you some kind of socialist that wants to steal doctor’s skills from them and give them to the unworthy for free?

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            Obamacare did not address the frivolous lawsuits out there. You cannot have affordable healthcare without tort reform (thus alienating trial lawyers: huge donors to the democrats).

          • Raqtman

            Just wait till employers force all of us into a private exchange, which is already happening. We are going to end up in a single payer system before it’s over…. The high deductibles basically mean we’re buying catastrophic coverage and most of us will never meet the deductibles that most plans have put in place. The insurance companies have it fiqured out and will continue to enjoy the profits seen in the past..

          • Martha Lacy


          • colbertfan

            You mean the ACA, which was inspired by ROMNEYCARE? You Teahadist Repug idiots are a cancer on the US’s soul.

          • ds

            ahem… REAGAN IS DEAD. JERK. And he was the best president of my lifetime thus far.

          • bill

            reagan was an actor. period.

          • hokieduck

            Who played second to a monkey in one of his most noteworthy roles. Then he went into politics and Nancy became President for a good part of his second term.

            They trickle-downed the country into the plutocracy we have today.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            No, Clinton was the actor. He talked about women’s rights and women’s equality while using his office to chase most every skirt that worked for him?

          • Martha Lacy

            You do know Reagan was an actor, no? As was Schwarzenegger. They both sucked as politicians. You clearly don’t like Clinton cause you’re a right wing extremist, but there is no doubt our country was in better shape under his administration. He may have chased women, but never fell asleep during arms negotiations like Reagan did. Talk about puppets, Reagan has been the biggest one yet.

          • colbertfan

            She’s a Teahadist; they believe what they want and ignore inconvenient facts. Wanna talk climate change?

          • colbertfan

            And a bad actor, bad economics student, bad president.

          • force majeure

            Reagan was the beginning of the end for America. When the idiot took office the U.S. was the world’s largest creditor. By the time Reagan left the White House the U.S was the world’s largest debtor.

          • colbertfan


          • bill

            that’s a lot of hate, con

          • geob01 .

            Yeah, preach it Brother! I’d like to see how fast you change your tune when life happens to you. Yeah, sure, it has- but I’m talking about the horror stories of people who just drew the wrong cards and had awful things happen. This is a result of life, not bad choices in so many cases. You are simply painting with too wide a brush. We as a people have chosen to try to soften these blows by the socialist aspects of our society. Socialism is NOT a four-letter word. Our country has always been a mix of both capitalism and socialism (yes, technically they are not apples/apples). The fights we have are over what the ratio will be. Personally I don’t feel that the riches of our country and the life-long labor of the citizens are put here just to enrich a select few. I believe we need to swing the pendulum even farther left. The country belongs to us CITIZENS not multinational corporations hiding money off-shore to avoid taxes.

          • godivademaus

            @Tony M it’d be nice if you’d manage to have a few facts to back up your patently offensive posts. Like, Former presidents are entitled to medical treatment in military hospitals; they pay for this at interagency rates set by the Office of Management and Budget. Two-term presidents may buy health insurance under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program; a GSA legal opinion ruled Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush ineligible.

            So, Pres Obama and Vice President Biden will, like others who have served in the office they now occupy be able to be treated at military hospitals and they will pay for this care at interagency rates. It’s not free.

          • Linda Stewart

            Look not everyone on Medicaid is a lazy bum. I have worked since I was 14, became disabled in 2003 and I am on medicaid ! Yes I paid my taxes all those yrs I worked and would give anything to be able to still work, but I have 17 diseases and 5 doctors said ” you can not work anymore ” .. so please don’t label everyone on medicaid as a lazy bum ! thanks..;-)

          • LydiasDad

            Agreed, but there are more lazy bums ON Medicaid, than OFF Medicaid.

          • Evelyn Connaway

            LydiasDad – Know all of them do you? Frankly you don’t know what you are talking about. One can’t get on Medicaid by just asking to join. Check all the different checkups you have to go through by Doctors to pass an exam to get Medicaid. All the different checks you have to go through to get Food Stamps. I still thank God every day for Barack Obama for The Affordable Care Act, for our people who need healthcare.

          • Jennifer Corgan

            I and my family get medicaide. ( My husband works full time but makes so little. BUT HE WORKS FULL TIME!! BUT, there are NO medical tests and exams to go through to get medicaid.

          • aaron

            All you have to do is be irresponsible and have children without the income to take care of them. Its people who work full time and don’t learn enough money but don’t have kids that can’t get medicaid.

          • Martha Lacy

            Very ignorant statement.

          • tnwoman1948

            Very naive/ignorant comment. Haven’t you ever heard of LIFE CHANGING situations such as DEATH, LOSS OF EMPLOYMENT, DIVORCE, etc.? I smh at your ignorance and lack of empathy. Remember, aaron, “There but by the GRACE of God (Yes, He is REAL!) go I”.

          • Cathy Ledbetter

            Evelyn Connaway: You need to know what you are talking about before making comments on a public forum…YOU DON’T! AND, you need to read up on the “Affordable” Care Act before you start praising it so highly.

          • Martha Lacy

            Cathy Ledbetter, you need to follow your own advice and educate yourself before commenting and putting down the ACA. All Republican made up horror stories have been disproved.

          • dave

            No Martha just because harry reid says they are made up dont make them disproved he offered no evidence he jist stated it.

          • Martha Lacy

            I’m not even talking about anything Harry Reid said. Every single story has been disproved, with facts.

          • Republicans Suck

            The Republican Party does not give a dang about the ACA all they care about is getting their misinformations out in the media. All their lies , posturing , racist remarks is all they know because they have no other platform to go on. “If it sticks, that’s all that matters.” They have been caught with their lies over and over again.
            The ACA is booming! This is going to hurt them. What lies and deceit will be next? The R s. have stunted Americas growth by their constant obstruction for past 5 years. They have given America a bad name t/o the world
            —Never trust a republican –!!

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            I see enough of them while sitting on my porch after a hard day at work. I listened to one at the bus station talking about not being able to party right now since he had to take the $300 voucher his social worker gave him to pay his cell phone bill. He was in his 20’s and I could see no physical handicap.

          • julianenglish

            I’m always impressed by the way some people can just look at another person and diagnose their health. Who needs CAT scans, MRIs and blood work when we’ve got Conserv8tiveWoman on the job!

          • Johnny

            I think we should have population control in the USA. Welfare seems to only go to losers who had kids knowing they can’t afford it, and the people who came here illegally. Thanks Obama. U should have deported them all instead

          • colbertfan

            Shrub had his chance, why didn’t he?????!

          • geob01 .

            The Christian Right and other conservative groups supported Shrub(s). I don’t know what they were thinking, The Shrubs only made token statements about being ‘Christian’. When the conservatives held majorities in both houses and with a Repub president, why did they do nothing about Roe vs Wade? (I am not taking a stand on that) Yet the Christian Right still supports the far right. If Jesus was a voter here now He would NOT be a Republican. The Christian Right supported Reagan too, then found later that some of his guidance came through Nancy and a ouija board ( forbidden to Christians and Jews). Idiots.

          • GivMiaBrake

            I’m amazed at how everyone is pointing the finger at their neighbors and not one of you has pointed it up at the politicans, big business, or pharmaceutical companies!! Let’s put a cap on their wages!
            How are these governors / senate retiring with millions and no one cares!! Do they really NEED that much or deserve that much for their 4 yrs of service??? Seriously – you guys act like the governor that gives 4 years deserves millions and the disabled vet that was injured in this fake war needs to get a job and hop to work on his one leg!
            If you must insist on pointing fingers point them in the right direction- our “leaders”!!!

          • unsilent majority

            Bravo.. my neighbor quite job because they MAKE more getting medicaide. wife cut fown to part time. BTW their brand new camper looks great next to their Jeep Grand Cherokee…ill drive my 6 yr old bucket ti my full time middle class job to pay for it, their childcare credit, their food ( smokes and beer).
            I watch this looser every day put his kids on bus then light up his ( medical?) MJ at 8:00am as buddies come over…by time I leave for work there are 3+ other loosers ever AM.. so dont wonder why middle class is angry! I can hold my head high, and have no mkney for disney vacation, eat black and white mac n cheese…I did it witjout big brothers hand out.. I will not be forcex into dependency but a goverment system that claims to care for the poor, but really only wants to keep them poor enough to ensure the next vote.. by the way. the ACA did take my healthcsre an away!!!! now my premiums are double ( over $1100 a month!!!!) and a $5000 deductible PER FAMILY MEMBER!!! I have an autistic child.. so ppl understand the middleof class may make a high wage, but we pay for ourselves and those making less than 50k/ yr thanks to our socialist idiots in thw WH. just wsit…it will hit you too, and youll be begging to keep what you have. I for one would rather have a stroke working hard thsn yo tesch my kids to accept something they did not earn if they were truely physically capable.

          • Johnny Lee

            Shows what a real dumbass u r

          • Rachel

            If not for the ACA, I would be a volunteer EMT w/o health insurance constantly in excruciating and debilitating pain from migraines. I worked until I was asaulted at work. Now my husband has to pick the slack, but I can’t get insurance through his job. Not everyone just lazy. However, Everybody you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always.

          • tnwoman1948

            EXCELLENT comment, especially, “Everybody you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always.” God bless YOU and your family!

          • tim sweeney

            correctamundo! because we live in a fallen world everyone is doing battle with Satan also known as “The Prince of the Power of the Air”, we are all trapped in these aging bodies as we wait for the soon return of Jesus Christ Who will seperate the wheat from the tares on Judgement Day. The Blood Red Moon we saw this week is a sign of the Promise of His sure coming. The first Blood Red Moon occured in the evening of the day that Jesus Christ was crucified on Calvary. On that day there was darkness for 3 hours, and there were huge earthquakes that shook the entire earth and opened the graves of many dead people who were seen walking the streets like zombies that day. The Veil of The Temple was torn in two, representing that the death of Jesus meant that now every man has personal access to His Creator.Only The Creator of the Universe could possibly have orchestrated all these events to transpire on that day.The Roman Soldier who himself pierced The Sacred Heart of Jesus with his spear that day remarked, “Truly this was The Son of God” when he saw these things take place, and they must have frightened to death when the first Blood Red Moon rose into their sky that evening. The exact same Blood Red Moon those Roman Soldiers saw was predicted to be seen again prior to The Second Coming. We ARE the Fig Tree Generation, the last generation of human beings on planet earth that will witness His second coming. These signs in the heavens are meant for you,to get your attention back to the Creator of your soul. For behold, He stands at your door and knocks, will you now answer? The gift of eternal salvation is free to all who hear and cho

          • tim sweeney

            it is free to all who hear and choose to repent of your sins and give your life over to Jesus. Choose this day whom you will serve, for TODAY is the day of your salvation!

          • The_Janitor

            Don’t steal my quote.

            NOT INSTIGATING.
            But GOD CAN’T even control FREE WILL. its the glue which binds centuries and universes together.

          • shellyscorner

            WHAT?!?! “…But GOD CAN’T even control FREE WILL…” WHO do you THINK GAVE you/us that free will!?!? God DOES NOT WANT TO CONTROL our free will! To give someone free will and then turn around and control that same free will would be rather counter productive, don’t you think?

            Janitor, do you even know WHY we have free will? Let’s say you meet someone that you feel like you just CAN’T live without! You KNOW that YOU LOVE this person with ALL that is with in you… AND YOU DESPERATELY want that person to love you back the same way… How well do you think it would work if you tried to MAKE that person love you? I can PROMISE you, IT WON’T WORK. They might ACT like they love you out of fear…OR EVEN IF SOMEDAY THEY ACTUALLY DID BEGIN to love you…there would ALWAYS be that nagging in the back of your mind that if this or that happened, would they still stay by my side? There are a WHOLE HOST of reasons of why we can’t FORCE people to love us! God giving us FREE WILL is about LOVE, He doesn’t want to CONTROL it! In fact, lets say you and that special someone meet and you both FREELY fall in LOVE with each other. IF YOU TRIED to control the LOVE THAT THEY FREELY GAVE YOU … how long do you think it would take before, sadly, you chased them away? Probably not very…. Can you understand that? And yes… free will IS like a glue binding centuries together! For the good AND for the bad….

          • geob01 .

            > like zombies

            Hmmm.. The Bible doesn’t add this part.

            Could you possibly give chapter and verse for the ‘Blood red moon’ prophecy? I’m not familiar with it.

            I like most of your post though. :-)

          • Mark Belk

            Thanks for that inspiring mini-sermon Tim, it was a spiritual pick-me-up.

          • Jake

            …no just no

          • The_Janitor

            Butterbur aka Petasites Hybridus from neurological to asthma to migraine. It doesn’t have to PETADOLEX (its patented) but it must be PYRROLIZIDINE ALKALOIDS FREE which means its should say or be stamped on it. If no allergic reaction then occurrence time varies but it should be taken 3 months minimum. GYIYF(google is your friend)

            If you want permanent cure then you will do your homework and not be enslaved by the SYSTEM.
            OBAMACARE will be REPEALED & REPLACED By next year if there has been enough blood shed for this country.

          • http://ByCasuallyInsane.tmblr.com/ Casually_Insane

            Beautifully said!

          • Shande

            My lazy alcoholic Oxy brother didn’t have any problem getting food stamps. Now he has more money for drugs. His sneaky pos girlfriend lives off the system and teaches other low life’s how to work it. My recently divorced sister in law had to move to a low income Apt and was struggling until the neighbors (not citizens) taught her how to work the My other brothers partner from Mexico says it makes him mad that groups of his family are living together up to 5 families, collecting aid, then all the men go out and work for cash. Their kids have more then his and he is doing everything legit. It’s a sad situation.

          • rj

            shame on you Obama is a government paid puppet that has no control of office or himself this country is corrupt, the sooner you realize the simplicity of puppetry, the better you may understand and see the bigger picture.

          • geob01 .

            Yes, he is a puppet… but the entities pulling his strings are the multi-national corporations, conservative lobbying, and special interests. This is true of most elections anywhere, but especially true at the national level. You simply won’t have enough money to run without selling out to the special interests. We *have* to take the money out of politics.

          • GivMiaBrake

            ES!!! yEs YeS!!!! “We HAVE TO TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!!” That’s the most intelligent things I’ve read on this post!! Thank you!!

          • UnsilentMajority

            Really?? what medical exam is required to get foodstamps or medicaide? I’ve been in Healthcare for nerly 20 years and have NEVER, not one time, EVER ( seen a certification or physical form of any kind to get foodstamps OR qualify for medicaide! Check you terms and facts…and post you reference site.
            SS and disability benefits is NOT medicaide FYI!

          • The_Janitor

            You realize she’s a troll to talk great about ACA THE REPUBLICANS AKA real tea party finally understood that its REPEAL AND REPLACE THAT CAN WORK. Which will happen by next year if the amount blood spilt for this constitution has been enough. Which HAS.

          • dave

            While you are thanking God I am cursing Harry Reid ,Nancy (we have to pass the bill to see whats in the bill) Pelosi and Barack Obama because I was one of the early cuts 3 months after Obamacare was passed I recieved a letter from my ins company stating my plan didnt pass the new standards and they were discontinuing it the replacement plan was 2x the cost at about roughly the same cost. My work doesn’t offer ins. I was a divorced father of two with full custody and no child support. Things got better when I remarries I could get on my new wifea cadalac plan… ooops the company would have to pay peanalties because her plan was too good so they tripled her cost added a large up front deductable and because of her medical problems e could afford the family plan….so tell me how good this is again please do

          • dave

            *we could not afford the family plan

          • Martha Lacy

            You’re full of it. And, can’t write.

          • nem44

            I know people who have tried to get all of the freebies from the government claiming they had a bad back. When that didn’t work they claimed depression and actually got all the benefits. I have a bad back too and I’m still working past retirement age mind you because my husband is dreadfully ill. I can’t afford to give up the health insurance from work. I would have long since went under if not for my health insurance at work. My point is, I have a medical issue, I’m still working because I believe in taking responsibility for my own family and not expecting the government to take care of us.

          • GivMiaBrake

            So it’s “fair” and perfectly fine with you to work until the day you die, paying your taxes and social security deductions for life while the Fed Gov / politicians are living like kings off of your tax dollars ( it’s ok if they spend like crazy you will pay for it! ) meanwhile they keep wages at a minimum. ( it helps their big business buddies be able to line their pockets come election time )

          • bill

            just your opinion which the facts do not support

          • julianenglish

            How do you figure that? Most great weath in the US is inherited, not earned. The idle rich are where you’ll find the true lazy bums. They may not be on medicare, but they sure are living off the public dime through favorable tax laws thet help insure that they never need work a day in their lives.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            You mean like Jane Fonda and those darned Kennedy kids and their trust funds? Seven of the ten wealthiest people in Congress are democrats – and they LOVE to preach about ‘taxing the rich’ and yet somehow minimize the taxes on their own wealth.

          • BilbaoMoon

            Conserv8iveWoman-not sure what point you are making, other than having an excuse to troll with names like Jane Fonda. But in the 212th Congress, 32 of the top 50 wealthiest members were Republican. The top two – Michael McCaul and Darrell Issa – are together worth more than half a BILLION dollars. Mitt Romney paid just 14.1% of his income in taxes in 2011 ($1.94 million on income of $13.7 million), far less than the income bracket of 35% he is in.

          • force majeure

            From 1996 through 2009 Willard Mitt paid $zero in income tax. Then, when it was politically expedient, he started paying token amounts.

          • colbertfan

            And Repugs don’t, you Teahadist tool?

          • tnwoman1948

            STOP judging! A wise friend once gave me the best definition of life I have ever heard: “LIFE is what happens to YOU when you are busy making other plans.” Ms. JUDGMENTAL, just remember, “There but by the GRACE of God (Yes, He is REAL!) go I”.

          • colbertfan

            Oh really? Start with Congress.

          • geob01 .

            Is this simply opinion or can you support this statement?

          • godivademaus

            What? People on Medicaid aren’t lazy. They are either extremely low income (and most of them work — could you try reading sometime?) OR they have worked and they are disabled and because of it they are still so low income that they qualify for Medicaid.

            The Medicaid expansion provided for persons (only in states that accepted the expansion) making up to 133% of the Federal Poverty Level to receive Medicaid. So, for a single person, the Federal Poverty Level is a little over 11k per year.

            You don’t know how those persons came into that “big screen tv.” Perhaps it was given to them, perhaps they purchased it used, at a garage sale, perhaps a supportive family or friend gave them one. You don’t know. You assume. They may have owned it before they became disabled or lost their job. They’re supposed to shed their nice things because they lost their job?

            I wish you were so darned judgmental about the corporate subsidies that your tax dollars pay for (corporate welfare) which twice the amount of all the safety net programs, paid to companies that make enough profits (that’s after overhead, expenses, wages, etc.) to be more some countries entire economies (GE, Exxon, etc.)

            The people that have their televisions etc. you seem to be complaining about aren’t getting any MORE money than they’re entitled to under the plan. So if they’re spending the money they receive in one area… it won’t be available in another. It’s not like the Medicaid looks at them and says… Oh, you spent your money on a TV so we’re going to give you EXTRA so you can afford some additional medical care. These people live on a budget and the thing about a personal budget is that you can personally choose what you spend your money on.

            While there are people on social security who are deemed to need a representative payee (because they cannot handle their own funds), generally speaking we don’t strip cognizant adults of the rights of choosing what foods they will buy, what clothes they will buy and where, or dictate to them how they will fill their homes, or what car they will drive. They pretty much figure you’re going to be limited by the amount of money you receive.

            So back the f off and get yourself a little compassion the next time you’re on your high horse.

          • Hey You

            Linda, please be assured that when these folks blast those taking advantage of medicaid they are not talking about people such as you that truly have a need for it. These people are referring to those that claim hardship to get medicare yet seem to come up with funds for their alcohol, cigarettes, big screen tv’s etc. If the government would only require real proof of need and remove those sucking off the programs imagine how much more would be available to take care of the real needy. I hope you’re health improves soon.

          • Arwen Bernard

            Some of those people that you see buying that stuff manage their money and save as much as they can so they can by that stuff. Just because they are medicare doesn’t mean they can’t manage their cash. Also some of the people that are on it are either mentality or physically disabled meaning they can’t work. I’m one of those people. My kids are on medicaide as I’m rated 100% disabled as per the VA. I am also being evaluated by SSI as trying to live of VA disability with 3 sons is impossible. You don’t even know what the hello you’re talking about. I sadly do.

          • Dinkerson

            Yeah he does know what he’s talking about. I’m not paying taxes so that you can use my money to buy big-screen tv’s. If you’re buying nice things like that, but living off of my taxes, then of course I have a problem with it.

          • Pip313

            The point is if they have money to save for that stuff then they have money to pay for thier own care.

            If I pay your medical bills then you buy a tv it stands to reason I bought your tv because you shouldn’t have spare money.(you know cause your so poor you can’t pay your own bills and all) If you do have spare money that’s great just pay your own bills.

          • shellyscorner

            Personally, I don’t have any of that stuff, the big screen tv, etc… however….I CAN SEE someone saving a penny here and a penny there to EVENTUALLY be able to buy that tv. But as LONG as it takes to save up that amount of money, THERE IS NO WAY he could save it fast enough to pay for the insurance! So NO you STILL DON’T SEEM to get it!

          • http://ByCasuallyInsane.tmblr.com/ Casually_Insane

            I usually don’t get involved in ignorant discussion. But here we go.

            Flat screen TV costs around 300$ / for 5 to 10 years
            Medical bills for sick and Medication maintained cost around 300$ to? 30,000/per 1 MONTH.

            It’s ignorant to compare the two. Also Ignorant to say that ” well if you are on Medicaid u need to live in a paper box and play with sticks, luxuries of what every single human has AR for those who didn’t get unlucky to be sick or have hardship”

            While I do agree that many abuse the system, your view I disagree with in responce to Arwen

          • Judy Duckworth

            My husband is rated 85% by VA caused by being second loader on gunner during Vietnam. He draws a whopping 227.00 mo.

          • godivademaus

            I’m sorry, what? Now you’re judging what these persons buy too? So, if someone is disabled and on Medicaid and they live in a nice house… then they are somehow sucking off the government? Or is it the cigarettes and booze that you’re alluding to (I mean I know it’s bad for you, but… that’s sort of a moral assessment, right?)

            You know, I am on Medicare and am disabled. Due to the generosity and support of my family, I live in a nice house. I have an older HD Television set that used to be my brothers before he gave it to me. For my birthday he gave me a nice surround sound system (I, personally, rarely use it by my brothers enjoy it when they come to visit and watch the game).

            I suppose if people were looking at my life from afar, it looks like I’ve got toys that people who are low income do not have. Again, I have extremely supportive family.

            I don’t drink much because of the medications I take and because in my state liquor is taxed at about 44% (and I cannot bring myself to stock a liquor cabinet at those prices). I don’t really care for beer and when you open a bottle of wine, it pretty much needs to be consumed in a day or so (and since I don’t drink much, or often, and it’s just me, I’ve got an unopened bottle of wine just hanging out there in the wine rack all by it’s lonesome)

            There was a meme going around about people who have medicaid shouldn’t have it if they have internet, cable television, big screen tv, cigarettes and alcohol. I thought it was a pretty mean spirited and ugly meme.

          • L

            Good point! That is what you and everyone else pays taxes for.

          • dawn Pendleton

            I’m on Medicaid. I would loved to have a job & a life. Other then 45surgeries & rehab. Living at Drs offices. Being in being horrific pain. All disabled people work real hard. I rather be working! Then be on medicaid. Try living on $700.00 month. Your body is in major severe pain. Your sick all the time & Your energy level is low. Your life is surgeries & i would trade all my sicknesses & pain & suffering. To be healthy & have energy. And be off medicaid. And have a life & job. And be able to pay my bills. I work hard everyday. Just to be able to walk & take care of myself. I was hit by a drunk driver @ the age of 32. Im now 54yrs old. Don’t judge people until you walk in there shoes.

          • tara

            You should be on medicare (disability) not medicaid for low income

          • jessiann

            I’m going to be praying for you Ms Linda Stewart. May God bless you…

          • Juan carlos

            I agreed with Linda. Don’t criticise the people that been here all their life in this country and we deserved to have Medicare, Medicade and food stamps. We worked for it and pay taxes. What I desagreed is somebody that comes to this country and in a month they have the same benefits we have. Has to be a diference between an American with refuges or what ever the reason. For me has to be a difference between an American and refugees from other country. My grandpa gets $890 retirement and a refugee with a month in this country and gets $1200. WHAT? ….

          • godivademaus

            That’s not true regarding undocumented workers. They are ineligible for TANF (what used to be called Welfare) they are ineligible for SS or SSDI, and not eligible for Food stamps or Medicare or Medicaid (read the government website, it states it very clearly there that proof of citizenship is required OR a valid green card — which means you’re eligible to work in this country by virtue of having legal residency here).

          • geob01 .

            Thanks Rush.. er.. I mean WallStCorrupt; for your normal vitriol, objectifying certain groups, and divisive harsh intentions. And total stupidity. Your words don’t match your name, as you are acting as a shill for the wall street rich guys! They love it when you start parroting their jingoism that they use to distract us from the truly important social economic and political events taking place. This is how they keep us sheeple from turning on THEM.

          • Evelyn Connaway

            WallStCorrupt- People on Medicaid? When you have nothing and no money to pay for help – you take what you can get, which isn’t much. Doctors just over charge Medicaid just like they do on Medicare! What’s this crap of “most of Obama’s People”?? Medicaid was in the making before Obama was born, you dunce! And if you mean the race of people, as the African-Americans, as Obama’s People, then you need to check the records because we have as many Caucasian’s on Medicaid, as we do other races. And they all live way under the poverty line, way under and family groups live together and share what little they get. I have been an Advocate for the poor and disadvantaged and disenfranchised all my life. I adopted a handicapped child and took care of him, because my husband and I worked, When my husband died and I no longer worked, I had to join the group on Medicaid, as I couldn’t buy insurance for a MILLION DOLLARS for him. He is now 49 years old and I still have him at home. Medicaid pays for his medicines. Medicare now pays for the two of us. My husband never got to use Medicare , which we both paid for all those years. The same with Social Security. We both receive Social Security, which my husband and I paid for all our working years, and our
            Medicare premiums are taken from our Social Security checks each month. I pay for my medicines in full. So friend, nothing is free.

          • FlamingLiberal

            People are on Medicaid because healthcare is so out of reach for a lot of people. And for the Republcians they just like passing tax cut laws for their cronies. But I do like the Republician Health plan: 1. Pray to God you don’t get sick, 2, if you do get sick go to the ER.

          • Conserv8iveWoman

            Again – 7 out of 10 of the wealthiest people in Congress are Democrats. I do not see the Heinzes or the Kennedy grandchildren (and now great-grandchildren) giving it back any time soon.

          • PhasmaFelis

            Do you think that the solution to that is to give free and equal health care to everyone? Or would you rather just take it away from the people you don’t like?

            My health care isn’t free, although my employer pays part of it. I would happily pay more than I am now if it would help every American citizen, regardless of wealth or employment, get free and equal health care.

          • Sophomoric1

            My husband is in the military and gets that so call “free” “goldplatedhealthcare” and let me tell you his take home pay is $2,200 each month and he pays over $500 in taxes, social security, medicare and other goverment cuts. That means that 20 percent of his earned income is going towards his “free” healthcare and let me assure you that the doctors we have access to and the hoops we have to go through to get the tests we need and the treatments we need is certainly mot worth what we are paying. It may be GoldPlated but it is rusty if you look closely.

          • Joe1938

            Yes Wall, A multitude of fools have transformed the United States of America into two classes of people; Entitlers and producers. Unfortunately for the United States of America, we will run out of producers.

          • Citigroup

            Who is Obama’s people …..

          • lexiwords

            Walls…..It is NOT just the Obama administration who gets free medical care for life…BOTH houses of congress do and even if they only serve a partial term they get to retire at their salary level.
            This is NOT an Obama thing but goes back to before Nixon and Kennedy.
            Also… Eisenhower was the first to dip into Soc Sec $$$$ to pay for his pet project….He stole the money and never replaced it. That was the start of the downfall of that program…..take a U S history class. You will find it fastenating. I certainly did.

          • Macy’s Mom

            You do not know what you are talking about. My government insurance is paid for by ME with my monthly premiums deducted from my pay check. You are probably one of those people who have no health care because you are too cheap to pay premiums and end up in the emergency room for free. And as for Medicaid, that has NOTHING to do with President Obama. Medicaid or MediCal if you live in California has been around for many many years and a lot of people like YOU are on it. This post is in reply to “wall street corrupt, most likely a Medicaid parasite.

          • Madrewop

            Your an idiot if you think public employees and union workers are so hooked up . We carry this country and we pay high premiums just like everybody . There are no special treatment cause you wok for the government or are a union worker. If you work in the private sector that’s what you chose so shut up and stop complaining

          • Madrewop

            You are so dumb who are obama’s people you racist

          • Katlyn

            Actually that’s not true. I work for a living and I receive Medicaid for myself and my child. I don’t make enough money to pay for the insanely expensive medical insurance but that doesn’t mean my child and I don’t need coverage. Finding a job out there that pays enough to be able to afford medical coverage is extremely difficult. But I work my butt off at my job and I don’t think getting assistance if we need it makes me lazy or a bad mother.

          • Salamander

            I have worked full time all my life since I was 11. I now have lupus and cannot work. I have Medicaid…I can only have $500 worth of lab tests and X-rays combined per year. I can only see a dr 12 times per year, and I have several specialists. They deny every medication I am on which is 12, each of them are over $200 a month. Don’t think for a second that Medicaid is free healthcare!!!!! It costs me MUCH more than my insurance ever did!

          • ReblMommy

            Some people on Medicaid are working people or formerly working people who no longer have the ability to work. I have intractable epilepsy and I am pregnant with my second child. I only left my job because I was getting injured so much having seizures at work, as well as the fact that the stress of working caused me to have three miscarriages before I quit. Medicaid is not free. I paid into it for all ten years that I was working, from age 17 to 27. People receiving “free” healthcare are not necessarily bums or people looking for a free ride. Sometimes premiums are just not feasible, especially with a pre-existing condition.

          • Misty

            Just because someone is on Medicaid does not mean they don’t work and pay taxes. I receive Medicaid for both my children and work over 40 hours a week. My husband also works over 50 hours a week. We both work and pay taxes. We both have degrees and no available jobs in our field instead we work for minimum wage because it’s all that’s available at this time. So don’t judge an entire group without any knowledge of their individual circumstances.

          • shellyscorner

            I would like to suggest that you find a way to take the chip off your shoulder before someone KNOCKS it off FOR YOU!!! It makes me SOOOOO ANGRY when I BLANKET comments likes YOURS! Now that being said, I agree with you about PART of what you say…The health care benefits that government employees receive because they work for the government is absurd! By offering such benefits the government makes it VERY clear how highly they think of themselves! And yet, they almost all dirty as the day is long.

            As to the folks on Medicaid the health care is NOT free. Although, on the outside looking in I certainly understand WHY it looks that way. There are some, albeit VERY small copays that still have to be paid. And before you throw up your hands and go, “Well, see…there you go!”, you better FAST be remembering the income that a LOT of those people live on. My daughter for one. She’s almost 30. She has SEVERE scoliosis. Her spine LITERALLY looks like the letter “S”. She has two curvatures in opposing directions and has undergone THREE MAJOR back surgeries and is looking at a FOURTH! She is MOST DEFINITELY NOT an Obummer supporter either! All she has EVER wanted to be was a doctor. She wanted to deliver peoples babies. To SERVE OTHERS. Well, she can’t do that now. Her first back surgery, at 13, paralyzed her from the waist down. They said she would NEVER walk again. We believed differently. And … regardless of WHAT you believe, after 3 months in the hospital, walked out of the hospital to the car, just like I said she would the day of the surgery after we were told what had happened. She used a wheel chair for a while, until she could build her leg muscles back up, but ultimately she began walking with a cane. She has Medicare and Medicaid and if she didn’t she would NEVER have been able to get the health care that she desperately needed. That says, as a result of her health problems that stem from her Scoliosis, as well as the other things CAUSED by the first surgery, (yes, we tried to sue, but couldn’t…no one would take the case) it has taken her 10 YEARS to complete her bachelors degree! But EVERYTHING is a financial struggle for her, because she lives on about $750/month! YOU DO THE MATH! Rent, utilities, food, clothing, transportation. medication, etc… Yes she gets help with her rent, but that’s it. she still pays phone, power, and everything else that you do, for basic living. Luxury items that most people take for granted, that really aren’t such a luxury anymore, LIKE A CAR, she can’t have, because she can’t afford it. Well let me rephrase that. She actually saved up and bought a car, that’s SITTING AND ROTTING because thanks to the wonderful government agency that failed her miserably she has no hand controls so she can DRIVE THE CAR!!! Sound angry!?!? YOU BET I AM!!! She did EVERYTHING that she was told to do, EXACTLY as she was told to do it! In all, she spent about the same amount or more on the car and the insurance for a year that the hand controls cost,,,about $3500. But because they didn’t tell her everything they were supposed to (OH! But the EXCUSES we got!)… Anyway, I digress…

            The point is, she has NOTHING! And yet, she still chooses to be happy, positive, and plan for the future. What does she want to do with that future? STILL SHE WANTS TO SERVE OTHERS! Most people don’t realize that there are still WELL over 80,000 military personnel unaccounted for as far back as to the Korean War and WWII. As those remains are found the agency that handles that is JPAC. They go anywhere in the world to retrieve the remains when called. As an Anthropologist she wants to work for JPAC (Google it.) and identify the remains to return them to their families.

            So MAYBE next time you want to WHINE about all the FREE stuff that Medicaid users get (and YES … even if they DO support someone WE disagree with – they DO have that right) MAYBE … JUST MAYBE … YOU AND THOSE WHO SHARE YOUR THOUGHT PROCESSES … could STOP and take JUST A MOMENT to REMEMBER the EXCESSIVE circumstances that they live in and the luxuries YOU have that MOST OF THEM will NEVER see except possibly in their dreams, if they dare…

            We ALL are having a hard time of late. But I PROMISE, if you STOP feeling sorry for yourself for just a minute and look around you, in your OWN BACK YARD, so to speak, you will EASILY be able to find someone who has it worse than you!

            I couldn’t tell you the last time she and I either of us separately or together, went out to a restaurant (McDonald’s is even a RARITY for us), or had meat, even canned meat, in the house. We don’t have cable because we can’t afford it… good ole rabbit ears… OR the last time we went to the movie theater, or had a balance in a savings account. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, I’m on disability… I don’t have Medicaid, just Medicare. The day I received my disability I lost my Medicaid, because I now made $17/mo TO MUCH TO QUALIFY! I live on $1,000/mo. the cheapest rent I could find in my area or 100 mile radius was my $600/mo apt. No, I receive NO government assistance for rent. I did just recently apply for food stamps though….yeah, all $54/mo worth of it. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. but there is clearly something wrong in my county with the food stamp allotments in my county. Another story for another day! But my point I was going to make is I DON’T WANT GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE! But the crappy diet that I’m on because I cannot afford to eat healthily is causing problems with my health! So I FINALLY broke down and applied for the food stamps. Obviously,,my diet didn’t change much….

            Being on government assistance …. It’s REALLY NOT as WONDERFUL as folks like you want to make it out to be! You make it sound like we live in some kind of UTOPIA … NOT!!!

          • L

            I believe the poster meant that Obamas people were minorities, yet there are more whites on Medicaid than minorities. I was a nursing home director. Look up your facts before you rant racist propaganda.

          • shellyscorner

            Hi L . . . I agree with you, that s/he was very much implying that Obama’s people were/are minorities. So far as I am aware of, most of Obama’s supporters are non-white. Now whether or not that makes them minorities as such, I’m not aware of all the most up-to-date statistics on that one. Frankly, I don’t care what color someones skin is. Yours, mine, or anyone else’s. Whether it’s regarding his supporters, the fact someone is on Medicaid, or otherwise. I very much disagree with Obama and I don’t understand why anyone would still want to support him. Now, as to what you were saying that there are more whites on Medicaid than there are minorities, I have not ever seen statistics to support that. I am in NO WAY saying that you’re wrong, I’m just saying that I haven’t seen the stats showing one way or the other. To be honest, I haven’t bothered to look the stats up, because again, I don’t think that for my purposes or conversations that they matter. Now, if we were going to get into they WHY’S of why one race has a higher “representation” in the stats for the purposes of trying to see if there was something that could be done to help people support themselves, then yes, I think it would be worth looking at them then, or for other similar discussions. And i do see the importance of having kept the statistics. But, just for my everyday needs and what not, I just haven’t bothered to look at them.

            I am curious as to if you were directing your comment regarding “racist propaganda rants” towards me or the individual that I was responding to . . . IF they were towards me, there was certainly nothing that I said that was intended to be implied as racist, and hopefully not perceived as racist.

            I don’t care if a person is, black, white, Hispanic, or purple w/pink polka dots, when someone starts making generalized statements about “those people” on public assistance, I just get really bent! I mean, absolutely!, there are FAR to many people who lie and misuse the system and put a tremendous strain on our countries financial status, but truth be told, there are FAR MORE people on public assistance who are there because they TRULY need the services provided. Unfortunately, my daughter and I are two of those people, and we would both be over the moon if we could somehow NOT be on in the system!!! My health is such that I will probably not ever be able to come off the system, but my daughter is working VERY hard to put herself in a position where she will someday be able to come OFF the system! She just finished up her undergraduate degree, and is now working towards her masters degree. (She has to obtain her masters degree in order to work where she wants to work in the job she wants to hold) So anyway, I think you meant the last part of your comment to apply to the individual I was addressing and not to me, but I just wanted to be sure. Mostly because I didn’t want anyone to have misunderstood something that I had said! Hope you have a great week!

          • Germain Berlin

            You mean like the American billionaires and farmers that get annual govt subsidies for their failed businesses???? I thought they normally voted Republican, and the blue stated were the wealthy Ivy League crowd?? Oh well…..but you are aware that govt subsidiesand corporate welfare are the most often awarded benefits, and the most expensive…right???

        • Average Redneck Girl

          Thank You! I learned a long time ago that nothing is free. People who actually believe this are idiots. There is a price for everything. It may not be monetary but the price is still there.

        • md mal fatal

          there was a documentary in regards to people in canada and what they said bout healthy care.. too. Doctors are just to insane. i had a friend who went to yale and said it sucked because people felt thy were smarter than they really were. so imagine why doctors kill so many people. its not just yale..

      • rosalina9877

        If those tests are free, how are they getting paid for????

        • Graham Freeman

          Same way your cops are paid for. Same way your garbage collection is paid for. Same way your public libraries are paid for. Same way your schooling is paid for. Here in Canada we think someone’s health is just as important as all of those things.

          • rosalina9877

            So should we have the gov’t pay for our houses and food and cars and vet care too???? Is there no end?? You really think you get a better system that way???

          • Daniel Schealler

            That’s the exact definition of a strawman – you’re taking Graham’s argument to an extreme that Graham did not espouse, and then dismissing him because the extreme is silly.

            Try harder.

          • rosalina9877

            You know what’s silly: gov’t health care.

          • Daniel Schealler

            I’m from New Zealand.

            I like living in a country where people aren’t going to die from preventable and treatable diseases because they’re too poor. Society as a whole is better for it. As a result, I get to live in a better and healthier society even if I never use those services myself. But when I do need them, they’re there.

            I like that we do this by funding healthcare directly. I like that we don’t do it by having the government fund a layer of middle-men (insurance companies).

            I like that this helps to keep healthcare costs (relatively) down because the bargaining power of the healthcare provider is strong enough to drive competition amongst their suppliers. I like that we don’t have a system like in the states, where the buying power of healthcare providers is fragmented to the point that suppliers can call most of the shots.

            I don’t think any of this is silly.

          • rosalina9877

            I work in private hospitals. I’ve also worked in gov’t hospitals. I guarandamntee you that the private hospitals I’ve worked in are far better than anything in New Zealand. We already have a system in this country that covers poor. It’s called medicare. So don’t sit there and lecture me about socialized commiepig healthcare that’s in your country.

          • Daniel Schealler

            Private hospitals are better than public ones? Of course. They charge more. Spend more money, get a better service. Duh.

            I thought Medicare only applied to those over 65, with exceptions made for the disabled and certain severe conditions such as renal failure. What about a 35 year old who can’t afford health insurance?

            Also: What do you think ‘socialized’ means in this context? If it means ‘taxpayer funded healthcare’, then Medicare is funded in part by taxes on employers and employees.

          • Evelyn Connaway

            rosaina9877 – Ignorance is an unlimited natural resource and stupid can’t be fixed! Medicare is not a system for the poor – only if the are over 65, retired and one draws their Social Security. They take the premium for your Medicare from your Social Security.
            Or if you become Disabled, you are put on Disability, with Medicaid and if you are diagnosed as not being able to return to work, you are put on Medicare after that time, and draw SSI until (which is less than Social Security) you are 65 years old.

          • geob01 .

            Rosalina, I have spent several hours reading health care statistics. Most of people of the world do not agree with you. Most of the countries of the developed world have better health care than the USA. Most of them have longer life expectancy. Most of these countries pay MUCH LESS than we do for their medical care. We are inundated by.. oh, sorry for the big word.. I mean we are FLOODED with propaganda from the health industries, insurance, AMA, etc with the goal of keeping us paying as much as we do for as little as we get. We don’t look around us at what the rest of the world is doing. I would encourage you to do some reading on the topic. Just Google most anything on the topic. Google ‘World health care’. Oh, I just did! World Health Organization says that we are ranked #37 out of 190 countries in the quality of our care. But we PAY THE MOST!!!

          • rosalina9877

            Only you are slaves to the gov’t that’s all. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH.

          • geob01 .

            Oh, Rosalina, I forgot to ask… do you live in a country with public (free) health care? No? Have you asked anyone who does live in such a country what THEY think about it? Several of them have given their opinion in this column. Read on…

          • rosalina9877

            If all you get is “free” care, then you get what the gov’t says you get. If you live in a FREE SOCIETY then the sky is the limit on what you get. Why on earth would you want the gov’t DICTATING TO YOU WHAT YOU CAN GET???? It’s like the gov’t decides that everyone gets a FREE CAR. Only the car that you get is a FORD FIESTA. Do you think you might want something better than a ford fiesta (ooooh the ford fiesta is FREE you say). Well guess what. I want a Suburban, and I will pay for it if I have to!!!! If your healthcare is FREE why are you paying out the wazzzoooo in taxes????

          • geob01 .

            Rosalina, if you are talking about the USA being a free society you have been drinking too much koolade. The health industry has the government bought and paid for. You will get what THEY decide to offer you and at their price. The system is NOT working. The government, in collusion with the health industry, is ALREADY dictating to us all what we can have. There are MILLIONS of people in this country who cannot afford the most expensive medical system in the world. So many examples come to mind, a close friend broke his toe at work. He works 6-7 days a week and cannot afford any of the insurance plans out there. He certainly can’t afford a trip to the emergency room or a doctor who can fix his toe. So he just works with it. No disability, he’d get fired if he took off work. No bargaining power, the large industries, in collusion with the government, as far back as Reagan have worked to destroy unions. He can’t afford to get married because his sweetie would lose her food stamps and they simply CANNOT live without them. The sweetie has two toddlers who *I* believe have a right to eat, in this rich country of ours. The man is being a good father to them even though he didn’t ‘sire’ them. I could tell you her story and I expect any reasonable person would agree she is doing the right thing, food stamps and all. Another young man who fell and broke his wrist.. He is layed off from his job and cannot even pay the emergency room visit. THEY did nothing for him anyway, gave him pain pills and referred him to a surgeon that he can’t afford. So his wrist is growing back crooked. This is short-sighted of a society to act this way. He would be a good investment to keep healthy and productive. We pay more in the USA for health than ANY other semi-civilized country– and we are #37 as far as quality of care. Says World Health Organization. And at #37 even banana republics are ahead of us.
            The bottom line is you are talking theory– but in practice here it just doesn’t work that way.
            I pay $1000/month for insurance. I can get most any type care I want… but very few people are in my position.
            I don’t understand your comments about health care being free. Nobody expects to get anything for free. We DO want to get what we are paying for but are NOT getting. Some countries (I have some in mind but you do the research) have HIGH taxes. They also are progressive compared to the USA. They have public (not free) health care. people are battering at their gates to get in! They have SO restricted immigration that it is HARD to get in unless you are simply a short-time tourist.
            We make the rich richer and the poor poorer and the middle class is disappearing into the poor. There IS a class war going on, and WE little people are losing it.

          • rosalina9877

            Look. That was a lot to read. The bottom line is that no one is guaranteed life. No one is guaranteed everything they want. When our immigrant ancestors came to this country, they did it although there were NO GUARANTEES. Do you want to be free, or to be a slave, because gov’t healthcare will ENSLAVE YOU. If the gov’t did not dictate what insurance companies had to provide, our insurance costs would be cheaper. Think how much of the pie they get when they are just a THIRD PARTY.and the gov’t makes it way worse!!!! How many people are programmed to think they shouldn’t have to pay for their own care, yet they have many tvs in their houses, have cable, have cell phones, etc. How many more jobs would be available for people to support themselves if the gov’t didn’t jack up the costs of everything with all the taxes? (Sales tax, property tax, income tax, gas tax, electricity tax, cell phone tax, phone tax, cigarette tax, alcohol tax, estate tax, cable tax, tanning bed tax, etc etc etc)

          • peeler englewood

            Sorry – i think what geob1 was trying to say is that we are ALREADY ENSLAVED to Big Pharma, Big Insiurance AND the Government – THEY tell us what healthcare we can have and you know what the real limit is (hint: its NOT the sky). Its as big and fat as your wallet is. and if you dont have one, well, there must be something wrong with you and therefore, you must not deserve any healthcare. This is the same old tired Tea Bagger BS that you people keep peddling. I for one am tired of it. Lets elimate the mifddlemen (insurance, pharma) and do what we should have done in the first place – single payer!

          • med mal fatal

            michael moore had the solution in start in his film sicko.. u need to be your own doctor and teach med classes in grade school to kids . to undermine the ineptness of doctors. the more self aware kids are of their health the more they can do.. for themselves.. and cut out the dirt doctors.. and make them starve .. unless its something they can’t do. i had to learn my own self to stay alive deprived of medical care for survival.. i saved my life over and over where doctors sat and did not care.. to busy out eating fine good dining and social clubs and show off what good taste they have.. and so on..

          • geob01 .

            Here the various ‘health’ industries are so rich and powerful they get whatever they want from the government. They complained to Bush that people were escaping from their clutches by buying expensive medicines at 1/2 price and lower in Mexico and Canada. So Bush made it illegal. Bush also took in a HUGE amount of campaign funds from the health industry. because the health lobbies are SO rich and powerful
            WE will never have a plan as good as Canada’s. We will never have single-payer option medical coverage, even though people are dying and going bankrupt because of the rotten health system we have here, they will not stop listening to the propaganda.

          • Evelyn Connaway

            The medical establishment is the 5th largest economy in the world, and money is the game. There is no profit in finding cures. Men once became physicians due to their love of humanity, but for the last 100 years it has been for the “Jingle of Midas”!
            The Pharmaceutical companies are a disgrace and should be taken over by the Federal Government. Our medicines are sold in other countries cheaper than they are sold in the USA.
            By the way, Canada fought for their healthcare for their citizens longer than we have, and would give up Christmas before they would give up their Healthcare. The day will come when the same will happen in the US. The GOP are trying to get us to give up, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the same as they want us to give Affordable Health Care, before it really gets started. Been trying to repeal it over 40 times already.

          • Evelyn Connaway

            Graham Freeman – Our Great Socialist Government was set up to collect taxes, which they use to pay for the needs of the citizens. Our Military, our federal government employees, our schools, our libraries, our firemen, our policemen, all the employees of the States, Counties, Cities, along with their health, pensions benefit packages, along with contributions from the individual citizens. A portion of our GOP politicians constantly gripe about our Socialist Government, but BOY, do they enjoy all the perks and would raise heck if we tried to change it. They don’t want taxes to be raised on ones who make the most money, which would help our country – most of them are very wealthy and they would have to pay more taxes. They also don’t want taxes raised on the big corporations who really make the money, like the oil and gas
            companies and get subsidies from the government, which the shouldn’t. The Chamber of the Commerce is one of the biggest crooks against the US Government. In fact they, and all the corporations work against the US Government.
            Politicians help these corporations, because they are paid bribes by lobbyist to do so, plus they own stock in the companies. They aren’t interested in our Country or the Citizens , only their selves, power and greed. And to top it all, 5 of our Supreme Court Justices help them with Citizens United. The get paid the same way, by our Socialist TAXES. And the love it also., but want more POWER.

      • Dennis Cain

        Do you really think it’s free??

        • Graham Freeman

          I need the test, I get the test, I don’t pay for the test. It’s free.

          Unless you subscribe to the theory that NOTHING is EVER free in which case you’re technically correct, but also a massive tool when it comes to operating as a member of society.

      • Conserv8iveWoman

        Just try and get a doctor’s appointment there?

        • Graham Freeman

          I do. Often. It’s not a problem. I’m surprised you think it is.

      • thohan

        It is possible that you do not entirely understand the meaning of the word “free”.

      • Joe1938

        Graham, Nothing is free. Someone has to pay.

      • Dinkerson

        Lol. The tests cost you plenty in taxes. Just because you don’t pull the money out of your billfold at the time of the test doesn’t meant that the test is free. Your healthcare system costs Canadian citizens a fortune. So foolish.

      • Serena Morris

        yeah, unfortunately Canada’s immigration policy isn’t as lax as ours down here in the States. Tried to look into moving there, but unless I’m a doctor or some kind of professional athlete or other “important” person, it’s a no go.

      • infidelanimalfarm

        Because we pay for your military / defense! Your welcome.

        • Graham Freeman

          Perhaps the US should invest in more schooling, because if your spelling is anything to go by, it sucks.

      • Dale

        Not quite “free”, we pay for health care through our taxes. However,
        it’s preferable to the US system and still works out much, much less expensive.

    • Tulip

      You are right. If you go to a dr for any reason when u walk out their door with a fist full of prescriptions, oh but now they call them into your drugstore. It is a recurring every month. A merry-go-around when do they let u get off.. never

    • chris morris-roberts

      What if it’s not any of those listed? Rather brown, dark yellow and red like a tea color???? I had a bad injury to my back and now its tea colored. Could I have done something bad? Pain is chronic and I have a strong smell to it. The color isn’t all Brown yellow orange or red …It’s tea colored. It’s worrisome but it’s not listed unlike purple. …which there is no color.

      • al

        That falls under the brown ale color. Tell your doctor only need one test it’s the urinalysis test. If no blood or spinal fluid it most likely is medication.

      • rosalina9877

        tea colored urine is liver problems, I think

    • LydiasDad

      This kind of stupidity gets people killed. See your doctor everyone, and ignore this Ozric foolishness. He’s just one of those nutty “natural remedy” and anti-doctor guys. Probably sells herbs out of his trunk, and tells everyone to avoid immunizations.

    • origwwotp

      I agree ozric. When I was on my family plan as a child, they nearly killed me by listening to the “experts” and driving me insane with tests, procedures, pills, etc. None of which would cure me. There is no cure for my genetic disorder. They didn’t even diagnose my genetic disorder, that happened when my sister got a doctor just out off med school who was curious why her hematocrit level decreased while on iron pills. Exactly what was happening with me.

      When I got off their plan, I stopped going. Guess what? No change in my condition, no problems either. My blood levels went to MY normal, which was just fine. I’ve lived without their interventions for over 30 years without problems other than the usual female problems of occasional UTIs usually curable with lots of water intake.

      Doctors are pill shills and profit centers. Other than broken bones, I don’t trust them with anything.

    • JustJess29

      Either the FDA is corrupt, too small, or not doing their jobs whatsoever. People are dying from the poision in our food, medicines, and vaccines and they do nothing to stop it!

    • Barbara Silano

      I feel the same way and natural is the way to go!

      Doctors know that there is a schedule and progression for immune system causing diseases. They know this and won’t tell you why because, it will interfere with their dosing schedules and money making schemes. They are still telling new mothers to give fluoride drops to infants (babies as young as six months old have markers for kidney disease) insuring the future of the profession.

      I cured my own osteopenia avoiding calcium and increasing my magnesium for a time. I was then diagnosed with high cholesterol and I’m working on that. I have and had host of problems like I can’t sleep, dry skin, weight gain, pre-diabetes. Had cataract surgery and tumors on my para thyroid removed.

      What I have found out is that the fluoride they put in our water is one reason everyone is getting sick (sodium fluoride is industrial waste). There are water filters for it but, they must say they remove fluoride. Another reason we are all getting cancer and heart disease is, we all need iodine and the government bleaches out the salt and adds iodine and it is only enough to avoid getting a goiter. It isn’t enough or the right kind to fuel our thyroid and they know it.

      I bought one filter so far for my shower (you get a cup of fluoride in your body and lungs every time you take a shower) and I use that water to cook with. I am getting filters for the rest of my house and also, I started taking nascent iodine only yesterday and felt better right away.

      I go to europe every year and started comparing the differences and noticed that they don’t walk any more than we do and watched a friend eat gobs of pasta and he is thin so, I asked him if he was afraid to get diabetes and he told me that people in Italy don’t get diabetes. I googled it and couldn’t believe that only 3% of the entire population has it (its probably all the americans that are moving out of the US).

      They don’t fluoridate the water or bleach their salt (although they do have it) their soil is good they don’t use GMO’s or hormones and as a result, the food is more nutritious! The only country in europe that does fluoridate their water is Ireland and they have the highest rate of heart disease in europe.

      If people read about these things I’ve mentioned and take appropriate steps to change this, they might have a chance.

    • xxsimmonsxx

      Youre right. Dont talk to doctors and use “natural” remedies. Just ask Steve Jobs. It sure worked for him. Oh wait you cant ask him can you?

    • JohnnyL53

      Artificial sweeteners do not cause Diabetes.

    • A. zia

      I agree to most of stuff mentioned above, The preservatives and the chemical we are eating every day some bodies adapt to these chemicals and some don’t, the one’s do get adopt don’t get these man made horrible diseases and the others do .why some bodies get immune and some don’t we don’t know or maybe I should say ii don’t know. But overall these drugs are making us live longer the life expectancy is twenty five years more then it was in the forties.

    • Michael

      Well, you haven’t experienced anything until you endure the scenarios at the Veteran’s hospitals and clinics! All I asked of my fat doctor was that she okay a handicap placard for me, because I have no feeling in my left leg. HA! She has put me thru more “tests” than you will ever imagine! That, mixed with all the corruption in the Phoenix facilities has caused me to cancel many appointments and tell them to “KMA!”

    • Miltown mom

      I couldn’t agree more!!! I don’t use antibiotics and even on my children I have found the homeopathic route to be more successful and I don’t feel as though I am pumping my children full of chemicals. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “wow you don’t let your kids drink soda, I wish mine didn’t” really!!! All the crap we ingest and feed our children is the leading cause of most health issues! How about taking away the sugar and chemicals before putting your child on ADHD meds…I just think things have gone to far…

    • Mark Belk

      AMEN to that, study natural remedies using herbs and you will be better off 90% of the time. Now if you fell off a building and broke yourself up the medical profession can put yuo back together better than new and they got that expertice from all the wars we have been drug into.

    • Andrea Alina Ynigo Suarez


    • Ohiofathers Have Norights

      I’m sorry to hear you’re that sick and hope you’re doing well.
      I have sciatic nerve damage and ruptured & bulging discs due to a car accident,I’ve had spine surgery and have more back pain but a lot less nerve pain,doing well I started getting really ill in 09 and had throat surgery,started losing my eyesight out of the blue in my left eye,I’m sure is a result of hitting a nerve durring my throat surgery,now I have to give myself an extremely painful,outragioualy expensive injection every week,my insurance tried worming out of paying for this even though my eyesight depended on it,they went a year denying it,even after trying all alternative s,turned out each injection cost $1,500 , so $6000 a month,I had to have family help me financially,I couldn’t keep up with house payments,every penny I made & savings were depleted because of my insurance company and my sons mother constantly taking me to court to have my time with my son taken away,I’ve spent over $10,000 on attorney &court fees. So far I’ve always ended up w more time with him,but she s very evil and takes advantage of Ohio not having any legal rights for fathers,a mother has no legal obligation to let a father see his children,unless you go to court and get granted time and have your name put on the child’s B certificate. They donot put fathers on a child’s BC even though you’re there during birth. My insurance eventually started paying for my meds but they took as long as poss before doing so. I do have a great Family Doctor though and without him I’d be dead,in too much pain to function.depressed and hopeless. I have had a couple Doctors during this nightmare that were extremely irresponsible,never checked or responded to inportant messages during close calls,Faled to complete prior authorizations or send in or ok refills etc… Who regulates these Doctors? I found the one,female Doctor from UC hospital rheumatology (“Dr Juani or Juiani”,something like that?)on Facebook and she was taking beautiful pictures and posting dinners out,al the while I was suffering,leaving messages about medications needing PA’s,my eye Doctor waiting on a treatment plan but neither of us could get in touch with her.

    • smile

      this is a natural remedy which is practiced in india and some other parts of the world. You can give a try if interested. I personally witnessed people recovered from so called ‘incurable diseases’.
      This treatment is called “Urine Therapy” also called as “Auto Urine” “Uropathy” and Shivambu / Amroli in India. Do a google on these keywords you will get enough resources to start. “Water of Life” a book by J.W Armstrong is a good read


    • galaxy

      Man, you hit the bullseye with this commemnt! Much respect. You may want to try a doctor who specializes in natural medicine. I found out there is only one state in the US where natural medicine is legally practiced, Washington State. But bravo once again at telling the dirty secrets of corporate America and our disgusting food industry.

    • Ozzy Junior

      Good, croak, no books

    • Tony

      Try alternative medicine…….wasting your time with the allopaths…..you’ll get much better results……

    • BC

      What’s wrong with your kidneys ? Go on amazon. Com and do a search for Dr Hulda Clarks Kidney Cleanse. Her research books maybe able to help you.

    • Louise Zeitlin

      the medical community and the pharmaceutical community will never find a cure for anything because they make most of their money on the drugs. Sad but true.

    • Angel

      Amen. If there we’re a cure for every little thing. We would not need Doctors.

    • Kyle

      There’s no such thing as “artificial” sweeteners. If it sweetens, how is it artificial. And stop learning medicine from idiots on the web. Sweeteners causing diabetes? Omg

    • Guest

      Sorry agree with you! Just finished a new book titled The End of Healing by Dr. Jim Bailey. The medical world is our biggest enemy! If we change our eating/drinking habits, we will win! Otherwise, that money grabbing machine will kill us all. Sadly, it is no longer about healing.

    • Ginny

      Love this….this is real talk right here!

    • David

      You are so spot on ..thankyou for sharing something that I have known for years through my experience..The CT Scans with Contrast..well if your kidneys are not damaged the contrast can destroy or like a girlfriends mother in the past sent her to an early grave some are highly allergic..Why do you think they make you sign a Waiver Releasing them of all Liability..also the Urologist that sticks the camera up your Urethra to examine forgot to tell you that it can scare it for life..Damage that is not reversible .They build up your bill to astrological proportions walk you down the primrose lane when there are less invasive blood tests and urine tests for cancer cells that will give you insight to your condition..you know when they do those tests after they rip you off at the end when your bill is to there liking..its all about $$ not saving you..Can you imagine have nothing wrong and because of these invasive tests creating a lifelong problem your broke and damaged when there was nothing wrong with your health..Happens all the time..Get some Knowledge..they want you to think there Gods when in Fact they are capitalizing on ones ignorance..Remember what I am about to tell you the next time they wish to try giving you an agent or a test with potential dangers.. Sir Mame have you ever had a allergic reaction to the Drug..How do you know that answer when you have never ingested it in your life..Get My Drift..


      I hope you are in a state that has naturopathic doctors. That’s all allopathic/AMA doctors know how to do is test. If you haven’t been to a naturopath, it’s a COMPLETELY different experience. THEY ACTUALLY TALK TO YOU! I have been nearly killed by M.D.s so many times. I think they are desperate for business because people are catching on that they are just dealers for big pharma.

    • Egg’s

      Absolutely correct!!!! :-)

    • Red rum

      I’m heading down the same path. Thanks for the advice. Microscopic blood in my urine.

    • Isis Wiggins

      I agree 100%. I have thyroid disease and have been on 1 medication off and on my whole life. Recently I moved across the country and begin having symptoms again. My new doctor refused to give me my normal medication and tried to have to me take several sample medications he had in his office, even though the records showed that my normal medication would work. Finally I told him if he wouldn’t give me my medication I would find a new doctor and only then did he right the prescription. Within a month my body got better and my levels improved Over 40%. Now almost two months I’m just about normal and all he can say is he thinks I should try several other medications. For what I asked? To cure it he replied. But my disease is incurable I responded. Well you never know he said. Needless to say I’m looking for a new Dr.

    • dennis j kucharzak

      Thank you for letting people know how the “system” is set up to bilk patients who trust “doctors” to supposedly help. “Practice”, indeed.

    • Ty Shlackman

      Cures come from Mother Nature not Big Pharma.

  • ozric

    I see that if I do not agree with the propaganda that the corporate world spews out and post it, that they will delete it immediately because someone else may be awaken from their lies.

  • P Buyas

    OK we have the color, and smell, then why is urine cold sometimes? That’s when it’s coming out and not left in a bottle in the sun.

    • Matt ‘Doug’ Cordell

      What the heck are you talking about?

  • Dave2

    When I take vitamins My urine turns flourescent yellow.

    • Mark Seifert

      It means you are taking too much of something.. I’m currently taking 2 different stress formulas and I need to cut back on one of them or something else in the mix. Mine is currently a neon yellow.. so I know it’s time to modify what I’m taking. 😐

  • John Andrews DC

    Awesome post and I would only like to add that light green can indicate both excessive copper and b vitamin surplus, dark brown can mean blood in the urine fron kidney or liver issues, and.most importantky the color should be checked in a clear container, not as it appears in the toilet. That is obviously far diluted from the water already there and is too pale to measure.especially if you have a minimumm1 gallon per day, not 20 ounces!

  • bakscorpio

    the previous post wasn’t for me I was asking for my elderly mother. she doesn’t drink alcohol and her liver enzymes are fine. thanks for your comments though.

  • bobbyhayes

    In the clear listing at the top, you say “you might want to think about cutting back” on your water intake. Are there any serious health issues that develop from drinking too much water? This is the first I’ve heard of that.

    • OpieJuanCannoli

      In extreme cases, yes. Drinking excessive amounts of water can lead to electrolyte imbalances that can affect heart and brain function. It is rare, but “water intoxication” can be fatal. Essentially, drinking large amounts of water over a short period of time can rob the body of minerals (e.g. sodium, potassium, etc.), and it strains the ability of the kidneys to handle the increased fluids that must be filtered (thus leading to problems with brain function). As you probably expect, the problems associated with not drinking enough water are FAR more prevalent than those of drinking too much. To Dr. Andrews’ point below, keep in mind that color must be determined by examining the urine sample in a clear container. If you are looking at the toilet bowl after urination, urine with a “healthy color” can very easily be diluted to the point that it appears clear.

  • Casper

    I found some imformation from “The National Center for Biotechnology Information” which is about PURPLE URINE, actually, “Purple urine bag syndrome”: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22941873
    What’s your opinion about that ?

    • Elle

      This only happens if you are catheterized and have an infection with a gram negative organism. Unlikely to happen in the outpatient population.

  • get it right

    your chart is wrong, when i was a kid i used to eat bucketloads of beetroot and my pee was bright purple. Plus the boy scouts have had this chart for years.

  • peter christopher

    my mother in law smells of old cigars

    • orriol

      do you smell your mother in law’s piss ?

    • David

      Then buy her a crate of new cigars for Christmas and you won’t have to suffer any longer!

  • Justin

    Guys thanks for all your helpful comments. I noticed intense smell in my urine whenever I eat asparagus. Have you noticed this too?

    • orriol

      yes. it’s normal. i have that too…

    • Schnauzer

      Mucinex, or guafinesin, makes urine smell extremely strong and just like the medicine.

  • KRW

    Porphyria can cause purple urine.

  • Thom Frost

    mine glows in the dark 😛

    • Mark Seifert

      Maybe you live too close to a cooling tower?? lol.. If you’re taking vitamins or different herbal remedies, you may be taking too much of something and your body is passing the extra..

  • Corina Marie Howell

    I really wish there was someplace to purchase this graphic in poster form! Would be great to hang in my bathroom. :)

  • Daniel Schealler

    I thought Porphyria could turn urine purple in sunlight?

    Did I learn/remember that wrong?

  • Blake Jackman

    Hey, every single day my old man smoked 4 packs of unfiltered cigarettes, drank a fifth of bourbon, ate red meat and potatoes every meal, maybe a vegetable once in a while, and slept only 3 hours a night. He lived a long, happy 38 years, so don’t be lecturing me about what not to eat.

  • Shade

    Purple is caused by a rare inherent condition. It’s also a sigh someone might be a werewolf.

  • The guy in knickers

    I peed in the pool.. yeaaaa

  • Alfred

    Unless you just drank a cup ot two of beet juice freshly juiced. I did that and had purple urine for a day. No such thing as purple urine, bah humbug. Quacks, the whole lot of them.
    Its not a science, its an art, thats why its called a practice of medicine.

  • Jessica N. Casimir

    surprised they didn’t mention brown or black urine. and fizzy/foamy urine doesn’t just indicate a kidney problem… indicates kidney failure.

  • joan

    Ok…first time I disagree…my daughter’s apendex ruptured at the age of 6…gangrene set in quickly and she was urinating green from this…please correct your opinion of this, thank you.

  • Lola Rose-N-Bush

    A visit to my PCP was a constant reminder my ‘gold’ colored urine was a sign of dehydration but I drank water constantly, it didn’t make sense until I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. The signs were obvious to those previously diagnosed but to the ‘new-by’ nothing made sense. There were times when I’d ‘pee’ every 15 minutes sometimes more than 30 times a day than I’d go for hours w/o ‘peeing’ my sisters laughed (I wet the bed as a child) and they blamed it on my imagination (a really vivid imagination if I must say so which I must since no one else will).
    The blurred vision I’d blame on looking at a computer all day, if I couldn’t sleep a prescribed pill such as “Lunesta” which had no affect whatsoever. A normal thinking adult would think ‘gee maybe it’s something wrong with me specifically’. Once my sugar level dropped I’d finally sleep even though it might’ve been 3 AM and I knew I had to wake at 6 AM to get ready for work.
    I suppose the most prominent time I realized it wasn’t my imagination was when I was at work I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I told my Boss I had to go home, while heading north on I-95 I slammed on my brakes while travelling at about 65 mph due to what I thought was a stopped jeep in the middle lane. Thank you “Jesus” it was simply put the shadow of my jeep. So, needless to say I became suspicious of the weird things happening.
    I also recall feeling shakey (so much so that others could see my tremors) as any intelligent person would think I blamed it on an ’empty stomach’, the orange spots I saw were also due to either not eating or looking at a computer too much. Oh and yes, let us not forget the pain I had, my feet were like walking on pins and needles this too occurred to my hands again blaming the 8 hour plus usage of the computer. My headaches often disabling but I kept forging on I blamed on TMJ (which was acceptable since my jaw clicks with any movement whatsoever) or my glasses I actually wore 2 pairs (one pair to read small print and another pair to see the computer screen) simultaneously and looked like an eyeglass commercial.
    I should also mention the ‘heart pounding’ wherein which I simply could not sit still, my swinging foot gave me relief at meetings or in my office but that’s not a response when sitting in miles and miles of backed up traffic. So, yes I’m a stupid idiot that didn’t recognize the effects of blood sugar levels; as it stands now my ‘pee’ is light golden and scentless. That is of course as long as I take Metformin 2K mg daily (AM and PM with food). The aforementioned are items normal people are not made aware of until they seek professional medical advice in search of answers for this, that and the other…..Lola

  • Tywaggs

    I’m pretty sure they is a such thing as purple urine I mean it could of been bs I saw on TV but if pee is left in the sun and turns into a purpleish color it’s some sort of super rare disease I believe it’s called
    Acute intermittent porphyria of course it won’t come out of u purple but there is a such thing as purple urine

  • Kathy DeCant Haller


  • DBP

    My dad was a pharmacist and one day a panicked patient of his came in the store. Her urine WAS PURPLE. It can happen if certain drugs are taken at the same time. My Dad diagnosed the problem and told the patient to tell each of her two doctors what the other was prescribing! She thought she was dying, but it was just the combination of two different drugs.

  • Tom

    Cures??? The Best cure is not to get sick, stay away from those Quacks they will Bleed you to death. There is no cure . If there was a cure they would be out of Business along with the poison manufactures. you get something they will prolong your visits to keep on seeing them so they can extract more of your Hard owned money. watch yourself and what you eat and you will never have to visit those Quacks. I’m 68 years old and never in my younger days ever went to a Quack because I did not need to. now I’m 68 and on Medicare and its doctors all the time Check ups visits for this and for that, and trying to push poisons on me which I do not take. They tell you it will help you get better, but the fact is you get worse and keep on going to them and you get poorer and they and the poison manufactures get Richer.

  • Pay Jerome


  • peepee

    fort payne,al makes millions of dollars on colors an uren test.they love to wactch it,smell it,an shack it once an awhile, but most of all they like to put you in a room an lock the door if you have disease or they might just try another color an tell you to pay up frount for a couple more years.i wish they had to check their color uren for diseases.so good luck to all no disease free money pissers of fort payne al.

  • elmyra dickerson

    What if you eat onions and fish and you urinate and it smells like fish or onions?

    • Political_Poop

      Or garlic??

  • R. Hamilton

    Bright yellow could still be well hydrated if you just took a vitamin pill with B2 (riboflavin) in it.

    There used to be a (supposed) diuretic called Dewitt’s Kidney and Bladder Pills that had lots of methylene blue in it. Alone, they’d turn urine bright blue; with B2, the result would be almost fluorescent green.

    All of those effects typically lasted less than a day unless you took more.

  • dstampfer

    Nicely done, but purple urine IS possible. If you have blue urine from taking a medication dye like methylene blue and also have blood in your urine making it reddish (but not opaque red from too much blood) you will have purple urine. Good news is that if these things are happening, you’re probably already under the care of a urologist.

  • Have some common sense

    Wow! Where do you live, Ozric? That isn’t my experience at all but I live in a small town. I think people can monitor a lot of their health and should try alternatives such as those given by integrative medicine doctors. However, to shun them all and proclaim no one needs them is short sighted. I have a friend who would have been dead from a very deadly cancer without them. Yes, she was a very proactive patient which undoubtedly helped save her life as well but without them she would be gone, leaving two very young daughters to a lifetime without their beloved mother.

    Also, she is well because she gave up eating garbage and grew her own food too ! But the medical community and the billions of dollars put into research also saved her. Being cavalier about doctors is too easy. Saying you would rather be dead is anger that is more likely to kill you than they are. Try some loving-kindness meditation to help you let go of the anger and see the medical community clearly. Some are good and some aren’t just as in every profession. Everyone should be participating in maintaining their health.

    2013 has been a bad year for me with serious back issues. I had to keep shopping to find doctors I thought made sense for my problem, something we all should do rather than throw all their knowledge away.

    And very importantly, neither i nor anyone in my family are in the medical community in any capacity. I’m just a 60 year old housewife with some common sense. I don’t want to die rather than go to doctors! Life is too short as it is!
    BE WELL.

  • guest

    I was born with Spina Bifada, which has messed up a lot of body parts, i lost my leg to osteomylitis, I have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and now i’m in stage 4 chronic kidney decease. I had utis my entire life until i got an indwelling cathater 3 years ago. please people

    • JaylikeBird

      what color do you pee?

  • tiz

    I once pissed the color of a cola. Went to ER after two visits and major pain they did a CT to find a kidney stone 12mm. Had to have lithotripsy. Costed roughly $30,000 usd. After insurance I was left with oweing $4,000usd. Could have prevented they said at first after analysis turns out its hereditary.

  • To Your Health

    Drink it for it’s excellent health benefits. Google Urine Therapy to learn more. Millions in China and Russia and the rest of the world have used this for tens of thousands of years to cure diseases that now fill hospitals around the so called developed world. Two ounces early in the morning, every morning. Change your life!!! Use as an eye wash for better vision. Ever heard of Murine, it’s artificial Urine for the eyes. The real stuff works much better. This is not a joke. I’ve used it for six years now and noticed health improvements with in a month. Google Urine!!

  • rambrose

    Actually, there is such a thing as purple urine. It is very, very rare but it can occur with a severe episodes of certain types of porphyria. Should that happen to you you should get to a hospital right away – it can be life threatening.

  • bibslak

    On a related matter, why does “asparagus pee” smell strongly the way it does ?

  • rlpl02

    Purple urine – urine can turn purple when exposed to light if someone has porphyria–the madness of King George (and so many other royals). There is also a thing called purple urine bag syndrome which is associated with urinary tract infection. Odd, this is from a health clinic website where someone failed to do research. That speaks volumes about them.

  • woogiespeed

    Oh My All This Over the Color of Your Urine , Please People Get a Grip, I Mean Seriously !

  • Mary

    I thought this was a place to comment or ask questions about the above subject on urine color and health issues. Please go rant somewhere else.

  • LydiasDad

    Bottom line: Obamacare is a disaster. To tie it into the article, Obama is pissing our money away. His urine is green.

  • RedBloodedAmerican

    I’m from the USA and I’m trying to get my head around this “Who has the best healthcare” thing. Those of you who aren’t from the USA are saying we have the worst healthcare because it costs to much. Those of us from the USA are saying we don’t want a “socialist society” because we aren’t free. Those of you who are not from the USA say your taxpayer funded heathcare system is the best way. So how are we going to solve the “who has the best societal system” the USA’s capitalism or your Socialism? I say we solve it by the old standard “Those with the most toys wins” because it basically shows who has the best living. As we all know the USA has the most toys as a per capita in the world So USA wins this argument. Yes we have a high cost of healthcare but overall we have a very healthy society. I thing because we play hard which keeps us healthy. So USA wins… again.

    • j

      You’re a moron

    • funcdoktor

      You are retarded.

  • anoynomous

    I’ve been listening to all the comments about health care, when in fact, with a little discipline and watching what you eat,
    you wouldn’t need all this health care coverage. Anyway this great country is so deep in debt with other countries it will
    NEVER get out from under the financial pressure it is under. Healthcare will be the least of our worries in the near future.

  • Danny

    I saw an episode of scrubs where the patient had porphyria that caused pee that turned purple in the sun. Pretty sure it’s a real thing.

  • Scott

    I am absolutely shocked that ‘tea colored’ urine is not mentioned, as that is a telltale sign of kidney failure. I should know- Im a crush syndrome survivor who has experienced 100% kidney failure and lived to tell about it. A tea colored urine sample is what led the docs in the ER discover my kidneys had become clogged and failed.

  • annony

    while the medical profession is so blatantly uncaring corrupt and dysfunctional only because it is allowed to be. could care less about ur life over dollar. why would they make a fas when u chose to die??? if i had choice id be dead right now. and only because of what drs did or did not do to my life….. no other reason i lived and loved my life. not to have it talked away by evil..

  • annony

    i forgot why i people were reading this aricle on URINE. ok what they say here is partially full ofshit. m urine turns dark when i eat sugar or carbs , they do not speak of this. and smells like raw chicken.. sometime yellow when i don’t eat trash or coffee ,and clear when i eat watermelon veg and other..

  • mo

    Obviously a very racist article.

  • Paul F LeBlanc

    I beg to differ ….this is bad medical advise !!! About 20 years ago I started peeing PURPLE …. The doctor said it’s either blood in your urine, or you have Porphyria. I tested positive for Porphyria ….Go back to Med School

  • Joey X. Monaco

    if i remember correctly, porphyria makes urine turn purple if the urine is exposed to uv rays from sunlight or artificial lights

  • Condensate

    I pee rainbows.

  • Political_Poop

    Purple pee IS possible. I’m very surprised the Cleveland Clinic said different.

  • paul tqm

    What. if your urine changes color midstream …or glows in the dark?

  • AllenS_67

    Colour is one thing, what about smell?! Onions, garlic, apples, sometimes horse pee smells better. Nothing like an adventure in your inner self and what is really going on.

  • EmilyGoodall

    Dohhh that Cleveland Clinic . . . Big Pharma’s little angle.

  • mateo.luiz

    this info blurb is ironic since it came from the Cleveland Clinic and claims that they is no such thing as purple urine. I went to university in Cleveland and there is a certain fraternity there that will spike the drinks of pledges with potassium permangenate to turn their urine the fraternity color: purple….

  • someone

    Is it the color of pee in the bowl or when it comes out? I saw that it’s a lot lighter when it comes out.


    Bright orange pee from too much cocaine

  • Monique DesBazielles

    All I have to say is :

    Matthew 7

    King James Version (KJV)

    7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

    5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

  • JustMe

    Blunt, but great. Thanks. I have to drink more water.

  • Fifty Ville

    Pink to Reddish: You’ve had enough cherry Kool-Aid.

  • WillyV

    Don’t forget about St. Patrick’s Day and green beer.

  • mrego

    Purple-can be a side effect of taking phenolphthalein, a medication that
    has long been used as a laxative, but is falling out of favor because
    of concerns that it may cause cancer.

  • ronwf

    If your urine is green then you’ve been drinking at my old fraternity house out of the wrong wine bottle on Columbus Day – the one that the upperclassmen slipped some bromphenol blue into.

  • RustyShackleford1911

    B complex Vitamins will change the color.

  • deener

    nearly-fluorescent, bright yellow urine can be indicative of a lot of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) in the bloodstream.

  • Sjogrens syndrome

    I have Sjogrens with an autoamune disease. The autoamune disease was not realy talked about the specialist. He was more concerned with my Sjogrens. I have had the dry mouth and eyes for a long time and was told it has advanced to affect the soft tissue. What does that mean? Everything I have read says the same thing but does’nt make any sence to me. Can you help?

  • Lisa33

    Turned into a Medicaid war of words? Here’s what the frauds, I know of, do: They claim mental disorders! However, if these folks don’t continue w/medical treatment, why isn’t their checks taken away? Given time, they all quit the “crazy” pills and don’t even bother w/a free, group therapy meeting. Get the frauds off and provide better care to those in true need! It can’t be that hard to review these cases when so much data is electronically available! Also, PROTEIN in the urine may happen if you are HIGHLY ATHLETIC! For yrs I was often given antibiotics, due to this, by mistake, fyi.

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  • Ralph

    Really people you turn from piss to politics!

  • tasha

    I can see the connection between pee and politics.;)

  • oreanasen

    It’s amazing how an article giving information on ways to help monitor your own health can turn into a political debate.

  • Doug

    Purple pee (and blue, green & red) can be seen in acute intermittent porphyria. Hippopotami pee red.

  • lucifer

    bs your urine should be clear it means youre well hydrated

  • solidgoldpee

    i read all the comments below and no one has commented on the most important issues that have yet to be discussed: My piss comes out as a solid. What about that?

    • concernedpisser

      This is one of the most important issues facing our nation today.

    • peeinterrupted

      I’ve heard of this before. You start to pee out liquid but then it becomes goopier and then after a while you are pooping out your urethra. I remember listening to a show on NPR about this.

  • Jen L Dawe

    Vitamin B complex will turn urine an almost neon yellow…..DO NOT PANIC, like I did :)

    • Matthew Fleisher

      Almost any vitamin will do that, especially high doses of C. It’s caused by cheap vitamins and minerals that your body can’t absorb. Your kidneys are just doing their job.

  • aamericannovice

    What about the smell part of this story?

    • Matthew Fleisher

      Give it a sniff and let us know…

      • aamericannovice

        Asparagus does it.

  • peter

    Sweden also Have free healthcare, i get stelara medicin for 15.000 US dollar per year and i Pay Only a fee of 100 US dollar

  • Gabriel Nuñez

    Sometimes my urine is orange ls orange like some other times is real light, and they’re times when it smells is very stinky. What I think that it could be my medications but in the other hand it doesn’t happen all the time any advice?

  • Philly = Despicable

    Have any of you people been through the slums of Newark, Paterson, Camden, Philly? Thousands of trash over small lots of homes that could pass as landfills; There is a record shop 1/4 mile from Temple University with 3 big signs saying their slogan- ” We Ship to Prisons”… This is all u need to see to understand what’s going on and stop believing in your fantasy, bubble world.

  • Donna Anderson-Berry

    So not true about the purple urine. My husbands friend urine was purple because he had a tumor the size of a football on his kidney and it was causing lots of stomach pain and his urine was purple for 2 days before he decided to go to the hospital about it.. So if your urine is purple you better check it out because it could be a sign of cancer.

  • Stan

    Deep purple urine is an identifying characteristic of porphyria, a rare, inherited disorder of red blood cells.

  • mandi

    Not all people who are on medicaid don’t work. Or.are lazy.. I work 2 jobs and am a single mom who is also going to school, and my daughter is on medicaid bc I can not.afford healthcare for her..

  • Kelly

    the discussion was supposed to be about pee…..

  • Couponista

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh….please stop the trashing. Seriously!!! Post your paycheck stub and show me what you paid in taxes and how much went to support the lazy unworthy of help people you are berating. If you can’t or won’t, STFU you don’t have an argument. A great percentage of you also get huge tax refunds. So the net if what you actually pay is relatively low. Also you personally benefit from the taxes you pay. Do you drive on paved roads and highways? Do you have running water INSIDE your home? When you flush the toilet does the crap go down the drain and into the sewer line? If your house were on fire could you call 911 for help? Do your kids attend public school? Please really look at your pay check and try to calculate how much of your money pays for some sorry lazy persons medical care. I doubt you could figure it out. Get over yourselves! You are not that important.

  • Shannon Ireland

    “There’s no such thing as purple urine” lol!!!!

  • Vickie

    It’s seems to stand me now I do understand that dental disease can relate to heart disease. There is no dental coverage pretty much anywhere even if you have medical coverage it doesn’t include dental you can pay extra for it in most cases but you can most people can’t go see isn’t it is working person I found myself like 45 been disabled and then extraordinarily severe with nothing in the way of coverage. Then of course my disability came through when I got Medicare Medicaid Medicare I’m sorry I get them confused and then I realized something like that hey you were in the army so you can give va care and I get the NCAA care and Medicare but after don’t get dental coverage someday I think I might be perfectly healthy at all have no teeth when are they going to get his dental coverage that’s when I wanna know you know Obama care doesn’t take care of your teeth I can’t eat a healthy diet without teeth the same plaque as forms around your teeth as the same as in your vein and your heart.


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  • Chef Andrew W

    Wasn’t this article about urine color? Lol. Theres many problems in the world, USA and with its health and economic systems. Without pointing at who is what and labeling or sterotyping just think. For once stop and think, the healthcar system, medicad and welfare is a mess, but why? Exploitation! Our need for free or cheap labor has been our demise. From slavery to immigration. It has ruined this once great country. From the start, Americas economy had a demand for cheap labor. Jobs that once filled by our underclasses and less fortunate or less educated were not meeting the need. So we allowed an influx of immigrants not just the Hispanics but Middle Eastern, Asian, European etc as well. They worked hard and cheap and eventually returned to their home. But then the cheap labor stayed, they raised families here and because we paid them little they used our systems. From educational institutions, hospitals and even jail. The addition of the millions who applied for or plainly used these systems became too great for the middle- upperclass to support. So the way I look at is cheap labor wasn’t so cheap after all.

  • angie

    I foubd out after using the colir chart i have advanced stage hep c…i would be very grateful if anyone has any feedback for me..im very upset

    • Annalise

      I was cured with experimental medicine. There is a cure now ! Speak to your doctor. No alcohol, no processed food and get on the necessary meds. Good luck!

  • Mkr2014

    Did anyone else enjoy the purple urine joke? Ha!

  • Mel

    Pee guide has been very helpful, drinking a bottle of water now

  • Kklgma

    I beg to differ on the purple urine. Meds I took for an UTI caused purple urine. I did NOT know that would happen and scared the bejeezus out of me!

  • lara

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  • Rich71

    Oh, I had purple once. Full stream of dark blue-red blood, was told it was a tract or kidney infection. Had a bunch of tests and it never happened again.

  • Jennifer Tidwell Henderson

    I used to work at a drug testing facility. I guarantee you, urine can be purple. Usually a combination of blue and blood.

  • Smidely Whiplash

    My urine turns day-glo yellow when I take my workout vitamins.

  • Alberto Patiño

    Yes, is all about money.
    I will never finsh with my
    That’s why so much
    Opposition to health care.
    That’s the golden eggs

  • Renee Bush

    Insightful and very very helpful

  • docpepper

    I disagree about the purple urine. Purple or blue urine may indicate elevated levels of mercury. Englands King George (not sure which number, but during the American Revolutionary War) had blue-ish urine, which was a symptom of his malady.

  • CJP2014

    Eat what is natural on earth. Drink water. Skip pop. Agree with the urine color article,
    and keep in mind some people’s conditions are due to heredity or they were born with weaker organs. Avoid fast food (see first sentence). Get at least 30 min exercise daily. Don’t eat after 6pm, don’t snack after 8p (adjust to your schedule)…. And quit working yourselves to death. Oh, wait, we live in America so work away! to line other people’s pockets! Especially the FDA!

  • ToughJuice

    But if you had blood and pee is pink and you ingest food coloring that turns it blue it would be purple right?

  • SomeGuy1984

    Ummmm…. clear urine is how you can tell you are properly hydrated.

  • Carolina

    So much nice post. I believe urine color can determined our state of health. A physician can determined. so color is good pathway for determination of disease. online colour readings

  • Emily

    ): i need to drink more water I have “Amber or Honey”.

  • Delanie


  • P Lin

    I have Acute Intermittent Hepatic Porphyria. When it is active, my urine is brick red.

  • andrea

    Fluorescent yellow: points for trying with vitamins, but try to eat the fruit or vegies instead :)

  • Ronni

    What if I only drink water, then what? Because I hate soda and I rarely intake juices.

  • bruxe

    I have found that when I take a B complex vitamin my urine always turns very very yellow.

  • loverpoint

    How you take care of your body during the first 18-21 years of your life will determine how healthy you will remain for the next 20- 30 years at least..

    PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY : If parents have their kids eat 3 meals a day and limit their snacks to health snacks such as nuts and fruit . Keep the kids out of fast food restaurants and keep soft drinks and sugar out of the home meals as much as possible , and in todays world avoid GMO’s — Eat Organic, buy a water filtration system , make sure your kids are getting involved in some sort of exercise , keep them away from cigarettes forever and alcohol till they are at least 18 years old .

    People are killing their so called precious little children with the poisons they feed them, and they are driving up the cost of health care because of their obese and sickly children who become even more sickly and obese adults , and then they blame someone else for their irresponsibility, laziness and ignorance.

    Back in 50’s and 60’s my parents belonged to Kaiser Permanente and the only time our family of 5 used it was #1 when I had my tonsils removed #2 When my younger brother was diagnosed with epilepsy. And I guess regular doctor checkups . None of us has had any major illnesses and we are in our 50’s , Like most people our weight fluctuates a little bit . And when we grew up very few if any of the kids in school were obese,

  • R

    Most people that are on Medicaid don’t need to be, they’re just too lazy to work and want to sit at home and live off the government. It’s the easy way out. I’m so sick of it.

  • nemma hao

    uh, you didn’t mention the highlighter yellow color it gets from vitamin pills.

  • bob

    I want my pee to be green

  • Wrong again!

    Google “purple urine syndrome” A very serious infection!

  • Isabelle

    Green urine is also a sign that you are consuming enough B-complex. When people are taking B-complex as a way to help with a health issue, then they want to be taking enough that their urine is neon green/yellow. Neon is good.

  • Ree

    There actually is purple pee. The genetic disorder Porphyria will cause a purple tint to urine and feces when exposed to light. So if you’re peeing purple don’t listen to the voices in your head and get to a dr. Stat.

  • Sall

    That’s a lie have you ever eaten a bag of beetroot chips and then peed? Pure purple

  • ArmedPatriot

    Purple urine. Uh porphyria ring any bells

  • AZWarrior

    A note of clarification: The article says “When in the Doctor’s office don’t be afraid to pee in the cup.” Just make sure it is the lab’s cup, not the Doctor’s. 😉

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    This is a helpful post. Thank you!

  • Filipe Ferro

    I like the purple definition lol

  • flyingklown

    People people go to the doctor and get a urinalysis!

  • Michael Campanella

    Cancer “treatment” is a multi billion dollar industry. why would anyone in pharmaceutical industry want a “cure”?

  • IcyBlue Flame

    Yay! purple urine :)

  • Anthony Hamilton

    What so-called expert put this utter rubbish together? It’s incomplete and grossly inaccurate. What about, for instance, milky urine? Seriously, I hope no one paid for this misinformation.

  • Leilane

    Mine is Purple. Deep Purple.

  • parisian13

    Haha! “There’s no such thing as purple urine”

  • peerSpecialist/TexJon3

    Do you advise eating raw garlic?

  • Sukita

    I believe that purple urine is a symptom of porphyria.

  • Cosme

    Purple Urine exists! Eat “beterraga”

  • Linette Templeman

    Mine is much darker than those shown I have a kidney stone but doctor says its fine

  • Chris Suzor

    Ok thanks

  • David

    My urine is so bubbly that it completely covers the commode when I am finished. Every test indicates no protein.

  • thata

    Tanung kulang po bakit po masakit ung puson ko tapos pag umihe ako ang sakit tapos ehi ko parang water lang please give me advice thank you

  • Bladder Cancer FoundationofFL

    I regret no mention of red urine may be a sign of bladder cancer, the 6th most common cancer in the United States, 4th most common cancer death in men, more common than cervical cancer in women. It may be nothing but then again, may be Bladder Cancer. Better to be safe than sorry!

  • https://www.facebook.com/frankvillamodelartist Frank Villa

    There IS such a thing as Purple Pee. Google it

  • http://tbmuch-inthenameofcommonsense.blogspot.com tbmuch

    I’ll pay as much attention to this article as I would to Ted Cruz, Zilch!

  • Ruby

    I don’t understand why it’s bad to have transparent urine? Wouldnt it be better to see it cIear, because I’ve been told that you pee out waste, (toxins ) out of your body.Thats why its bad to drink your own pee, unless you arent able to find any other source of water .So knowing i withdrew most of these toxins in my body, by having transparent urine makes me feel a little Relief. I drink a lot of water because my body gives off signs that I need to drink water throughout the day. Dry mouth, body heat temp. rising, or my stomach not take other liquids in with certain foods well, from experience . For example, sweets,spicy food to specific textures of food, are things I must have with water. I never felt the need to go over board in drinking water. I drink water, if I have one of the three options.i absolutely need to drink something when I eat. I eat twice a day, unless I feel too heavy from yesterday meals, then I eat only once. Most of time water is what I drink during meals. Besides I never feel sick afterwards, nor do I feel the need to stop. Water is the only thing I can drink in large quantities without feeling sick later on like with sodas, or certain teas. I cant drink coffee or engery drinks without feeling really down, and sleepy. I feel like throwing up if I even decide to drink them. I stop drinking them a few years ago. I’m overweight just so you know. i been overweight since halfway through my childhood until now, so if anyone can answer my question, I would greatly appreciate it. I gave some of my background information just so you can have an understanding of where I’m coming from. I’m not a diabetic , but since my family has a history of it, my doctor always testes me, but the results show that I don’t have anything wrong with me.

  • Vitamin B

    Why no mention of B-complex vitamin supplements here?

  • Arun

    Am talking nexpro Rd 40mg tablet my urine color is yellow Any problem with this

  • Dark Athena

    I fart colors

  • zylstra

    I just have to say, OMG, what a bunch of BS this is.

  • Francois Curiel

    Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food. Grow your own if possible or eat organic. Nature won’t steer you wrong.

  • Tonya Ryals

    If you take vitamins or supplements your urine can be a darker yellow in color than normal too

  • Amy Duan

    1 is missing. Black urine. I had it when i was younger. Turned out that my kidney was injured badly. I fell from the top bunk. Spent about a month in the ward. I cried a lot too..

  • Wayne Whitehead

    Why is it always the bad side of every person or issue that is focused on. Sure hope the one who stopped seeing doctors does not get sick from something else. I sure hope Orzic realizes that secondary diseases and complications might have driven his doctors to further testing. If I had a practice, I would cut him loose as well. Good luck with the self diagnosis dude, you will need it!

  • Pornhub

    I pee

  • Tim-s

    Everything we eat that is processed is nothing but poison to our bodies and a big money making sceme I lost most of my family members do to trusting doctors saying you will be fine and the next moment their in a pine box we all need to say enought is enought everything is chemical induced now that’s where all of our medical problems come from our bodies are made to heal it self if we feed it the right food do the research and see what happens we all pay good money to trust our doctors and ya can’t even count on them what is the world coming to

  • Herbert Webb

    Very good article on the color patterns of urine, but what about the smell of the urine.Can someone answer this ?

  • http://www.sighedeffects.com Sighed Effects

    These anti-science anti-medicine comments on this page are just beyond disturbing.

  • Dave The Rave

    I was watching a MASH episode and the one doctor gave a guy “pep pills”. When one character wanted to know why, he said – “All these do is turn your urine blue.” Never forgot that one…….

  • Michele Hood

    Isn’t purple urine a classic sign of Porphoria?

  • tkhemi

    They left out the color of iron that looks like coca-cola. I had that it was dead red blood cells my body was killing them off . it was called auto emune anemia an another name can’t remember. But it almost killed me haemoglobin drop to 3.6 should be 13.0 something had 16pints of blood in three months was taking sixty mils. Of steroids aday. Couldn’t taste anything it was bad then I had cemo four treat ments an bang it knot it out. Been fine ever since except I can’t work. Have some side effects from cemo.but I’m alive. So yah pay attention to your itinerary.

  • Brenton Horne

    Purple urine can occur in those with an acute porphyria, such as acute intermittent porphyria, hereditary coproporphyria or variegate porphyria.