Know Your Family Tree, Boost Your Family’s Health (Infographic)

Use this infographic to get started

Family tree

A family health history can help you and your doctors create a personalized care plan. Here’s a guide to help you gather this important information, which will benefit both you and your family. You can get the conversation going at any family gathering.

15-HHB-2392 Family Tree Infographic_HHB_FINAL

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Charis Eng, MD, PhD

Charis Eng, MD, PhD is founding chairwoman of the Genomic Medicine Institute and founding director of its Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare. Dr. Eng is a global leader in cancer genetics and cancer genomic medicine.
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  • nasim raza

    Believe this Infogaphic helps you to draw a warning tree that provides you an opportunity to early locate diseases in your family and cure. Good addition in medical gadgets.