• Doogie Houge

    Of course not, imagine the money they’re making.

  • Hants Hippy

    They caused me such bad memory loss that I couldn’t remember my family’s names, how to use a knife and fork or how to drive my car!!

    • Cary

      Sounds like Demensia, look it up, do research on that!!! Good luck to you.

  • Lois Parker

    I’ve been on Crestor for many years. Have had two open heart surgeries and two knee replacements. I blamed the weakness and pain I was having on my heart. After the last surgery my urine turned orange/copper color, I became dehydrated, fever, headache, pain in all joints and muscles and extremely weak. Blood work showed liver and kidney changes. I had ALL the bad side effects that was listed. It took me myself to stop the drug. I will never take another statin drug. The stomach pain and diarrhea was overwhelming.

  • Jerry

    The problem people have nowadays is believing their Providers. There have been so many articles about the collusion between Big Pharma and Providers. This is the main issue that you should address. Most people really believe that there is Collusion between Big Pharma or big money–FDA– Providers and they have good reason to.

    • The_Beating_Edge_Team

      Jerry – thank you for your comment. We will look to address this in another blog story. betsyRN

  • Tris

    The Pharmaceutical Companies must be paying John Hopkins the big bucks!! Statins cause memory loss and it is NOT reversible. My Mother has Dementia because of Stains. Greed is a terrible thing when these companies begin lying to the public. It disgusts me!!!

  • Tris

    The statins remove fat from your arteries to lower cholesterol and they are also removing fat from the brain!!! We need fat in the brain. THIS IS COMMON SENSE. If statins were taken off the market, what would Big Pharma do and what would the Universities doing studies do? ANSWER:NOT MAKE MONEY!!! Greed GREED GREED!!!! God don’t sleep!! And shame on the Doctors prescribing statins. As soon as memory loss was discovered due to statins, John Hopkins, Big Pharma , etc. had to step in and protect their money!!! Started doing studies to protect themselves!!! How about teaching patients about diet and exercise and quit going for the “quick fix” of popping pills!!!

  • Beatriss


  • c0gn0menDavid Graham Jones

    This article mentions there were 12 studies, if you read further they actually started with 41 studies. Is that cherry picking? Doesn’t really matter where the money came from for this “comprehensive review”, who paid for the research done in the 12 studies.

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