• leeon

    Cardiovascular diseases are at the top of the most important reasons of chronic disease, invalidism, premature aging and dying. Cardiovascular problems can be effectively prevented or reversed with healthy way of living.

    you can read mor about it here:

  • Jan

    I have a. Slow heart beat and lip 97/67. They are talking pace maker down the road. Don’t want that. I’m 68

    • Pacer

      I have a pacemaker. Got it at 65 and have had for 1 year. The surgery is easy and I feel much better. I don’t feel like I am going to pass out all the time. It mat be worth it for you.

    • tonya

      I have a pacemakerr at the age of 42 it sustaines my life as I only have an ubderlined heart beat…it eill be worth it whens itd all done dont give up on lige yoi still have awhilr to gp

  • tonya

    Its funny I took this test to see how accurate it might be…but it said I habe a1% chance of getting heart disease and having a heart attack…but im already in heart failure and have VT with a complete heart block anf only an underline heatt beat I am currently pacer dependant with an ICD…

  • Emom

    i just got told my heart murmur has reached the point where it needs to be fixed. Why can’t I have I invasive surgery to correct this?

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