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Vitamin K should be 120 mcg for a man and 90 mcg for a woman - from HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

Vitamin K Know-How (Infographic)

120 and 90 are today's surprising health numbers

Kale, collard greens and spinach are all rich in Vitamin K, an essential nutrient that promotes healthy blood clotting.

Even though it’s good for you, too much Vitamin K should be avoided, experts say. Your intake of Vitamin K should not exceed 120 mcg if you are a man and 90 mcg if you are a woman. For all of us, intake shouldn’t fluctuate greatly throughout the day.

For people taking blood thinners, such as warfarin (Coumadin®), it is especially important to limit Vitamin K so that it does not interfere with the medication.

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Vitamin K should be 120 mcg for a man and 90 mcg for a woman - from HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

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  • Healthy Lady

    Pretty odd that you don’t identify the amounts in the foods you list.

  • Bonnie Milburn Sager

    So how do you know if you’re getting too much

    • Herblady

      People taking blood thinners have to get their blood checked from time to time.

      • Bonnie Milburn Sager

        Even if you are not on blood thinners, seems as if one would want to know if you are getting too much vitamin K

  • Herblady

    Isn’t it interesting how they say that vitamin K interferes with the medicine? if you need thinner blood just eat more of the leafy greens. The vitamin K will do what it is supposed to do. Same with fish oil. the INR test will show if blood is too thin.

  • Herblady

    My husband’s doctor told him to eat his greens because the meds can be adjusted. Makes better sense because few of us get enough vegetables in the diet.