• Chris Bechetti

    What about genes that determine HCM? I’m not understanding the gene myth!

  • Richard Kovacs

    Does genetic predisposition to HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) mean it’s likely or just more likely the patient will suffer sudden death if participating in high exertion sports activity? Currently doctors say expensive testing should be done only after symptoms appear. By that time the patient may be dead! If college basketball player Hank Gathers, assuming he had the genetic markers, hadn’t dropped dead would he still have been likely to eventually suffer the symptoms of HCM or could he have lived a normal life to age 85 symptom free? Are insurance companies refusing to shoulder the burden among their policyholders and shareholders for genetic testing because incidences are low and testing is costly? If one in a million were genetically predisposed to sudden death from their hearts exploding wouldn’t we demanding that everyone be tested? In the U.S. about one in 200,000 athletes die suddenly from HCM. How costly are the tests and how much is a young person’s life worth, say your son or daughter?