Stay Trim for Heart Health (Infographic)

27 is today's surprising health number

Trans fats can “hide” in foods, even if the Nutrition Facts label lists “0 grams” of trans fats.

Keeping your waistline is about more than vanity. It’s important for heart health. To cut your risk of heart disease, keep your BMI (body mass index) at 27. This is an estimate of body fat based on your weight and height. (See our chart below to find out if your BMI is in the right range.)

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    How do I find out what my BMW is?

  • Corindus Vascular Robotics

    Knowing your BMI and discussing where your BMI falls in-range with your physician can help you establish a plan to either lose weight or maintain a heart-healthy weight. This does differ from patient to patient, so even if you do know your BMI, it is best to discuss with your doctor what your specific healthy range should be and how to achieve and keep these goals.