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5 Heart Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore #loveyourheart

Your Heart: 5 Symptoms Not to Ignore (Infographic)

When it comes to the heart, don't just shrug these off

There are some symptoms you shouldn’t shrug off. They may or may not signal heart issues, but it’s important to tell your doctor about them. Watch out for these five: chest pain, leg pain, getting winded easily, syncope (or dizziness) and heart palpitations.

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5 Heart Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore #loveyourheart

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  • Laura Henze Russell

    Here’s a sixth sign: you have mercury dental amalgam “silver” fillings, a lot of them in an out over the years, and at least one of a half dozen gene types that do not clear.mercury well. If you have heart problems, or any chronic health issues whatsoever, find a biologic dentist through the international Academy of Oral Medicine and.Toxicology, and find a physician who understands biocompatibility and how to help recovery from bad combinations of genes and toxins. See research on high levels of mercury found in enlarged hearts, and Thomas Duplinsky of Yale SOM article on higher Rx usage for CVD, neuro, psych and respiratory diseases by dentists than matched controls.

    • Rose Fox Gillet

      Are there still people who believe amalgam fillings are evil? Really??

      • TheVixter

        Wow I remember when this whole movement was in full swing and I really felt like it was a cult.