Coffee vs. Energy Drinks: A Caffeine Wake-Up Call (Video)

Coffee vs. Energy Drinks

Patients often have questions about the safety of coffee, caffeinated soft drinks and other drinks that contain caffeine. I typically tell them that there have been many studies of caffeine over decades, and to date, the vast majority indicate that there is no adverse effect on heart health with normal doses.

Energy drinks, on the other hand, are a problem and should be avoided. In this video, I explain why.


Steven Nissen, MD

Steven Nissen, MD, is Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic. In 2007, TIME Magazine named him “one of the 100 most influential people in the world.”
  • Alene Nemetz Deller

    I had a mitral valve replacement in 2008, ended up having a stroke during surgery, what amount of caffeine is safe if any?

    • The_Beating_Edge_Team

      Dr. Nissen in this video as well as Dr. Gillinov in their book Heart 411 state that moderate amounts of coffee 1 – 2 cups a day, particularly if you are a regular coffee drinker would not be harmful. However, these are general guidelines – if you have concerns, you should talk to your doctor who knows you best what if any restrictions you have. betsyRN

      • Alene Nemetz Deller

        Thank you so much for the response! Much appreciated

  • Cindy Rose

    Our son had WPW and drank a caffeinated drink and went into cardiac arrest. So i would warn against doing so while having episode.

    • The_Beating_Edge_Team

      Cindy – thank you for sharing your story. People with certain arrhythmias should avoid certain caffeinated beverages – it is important to ask your doctor. betsyRN