Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Brain (Infographic)

A mind-boggling collection of fascinating facts

Discover just a few of the secrets behind the inner workings of your truly one-of-a-kind mind – and learn more about its biggest foes: Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Infographic from Cleveland Clinic's HealthHub

Your brain is an organ like no other. When it’s healthy, its potential is truly hard to, um, wrap your brain around. Its biggest foes are Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease and multiple sclerosis, which can rob us of our ability to think, reason and remember.

Amazing facts you didn't know about your #brain. #onememory

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  • Mahesh111

    The single most interesting thing about brain is its ability to self contemplate and hence self-structure itself.

  • Mark816

    Great facts on the brain, my question where is the mind?

  • Ted

    Question: If the brain does not have brain receptors, why are many medications made to “work on the brain” for pain?

  • Michelle

    What’s going on when I feel like I’m having little “zips” like an electrical shortage? I usually will have several in a minutes time frame each only lasting a second or so

    • Health Hub Team

      In order for us to provide an answer to questions about your medical
      condition, you would have to be evaluated by one of our specialists. As
      you can imagine, each person’s situation is different and we cannot
      generalize about medical diagnosis or treatment options. I am sorry and I
      hope you understand our position. After an evaluation, the specialist
      should also be able to provide you with the information you need to make
      your personal medical decisions. To make an appointment please call
      HealthHub Team from Cleveland Clinic

  • Colleen

    How does cancer attack the brain?

    • HealthHubTeam1

      Many experts believe that a brain tumor occurs when certain genes on the chromosomes of a cell become damaged and can no longer function properly. These genes normally regulate how often the cell divides (or if it divides at all) and repair genes that become defective. Among the genes they repair are those that tell a damaged cell that cannot repair
      itself to self-destruct. Some people may be born with partial defects in one or more of these genes and environmental factors may lead to further damage. In other people, environmental factors may be the only cause of damage
      to the genes. To learn more about the types of tumors treated at Cleveland Clinic’s Rose Ella Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center please visit: or to make an appointment please call 866.588.2264.

  • Eutychus

    So what are the latest explanations for consciousness? I mean, the brain is matter, it has no aspirations, no desires, no grandiose ambitions. Where does consciousness come from?

  • Charles Messerall

    If the ringing is in the brain , do you know the cause and how to treat it? Mine hasn’t stoped lately!