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Drug Can Help You Avoid Infertility from Chemotherapy

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A new study shows that a hormone-blocking drug taken during chemotherapy can help young female breast cancer patients avoid ovary damage caused by chemotherapy and go on to have children later.

To follow a balanced, heart-healthy diet, you need to eat veggies, fruit, fish, soy, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds on a regular basis. But some foods have more heart-healthy disease-fighting nutrients than others. Infographic on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

The Top 17 Foods for Heart Health (Infographic)

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You know you should eat more veggies, fish and soy for heart health. But which foods are best? Our Heart & Vascular Institute dietitians share 17 “power foods” for your heart.

Recipe: Veggie Dip

Recipe: Creamy, Low-Fat Cucumber Yogurt Dip

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This refreshing dip makes a great summer picnic side dish or appetizer. With cucumbers and yogurt, it's a cool treat that's good for your stomach too.

Stomach Pain

You Won’t Believe How This Works: Fecal Transplant

Tags: C. difficile, colonoscopy, diarrhea, fecal transplant, Gut Flora Study, IBS, poop, probiotics

The details may make you uncomfortable, but fecal transplants are working wonders for patients who suffer recurring bouts of gut infections, such as Clostridium difficile. Donors help recipients rebuild healthy gut flora.

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Can Ultraviolet Nail Salon Lamps Give You Skin Cancer?

Tags: aging, cancer, dermatologist, dermatology, manicures, pedicure, premature aging, skin cancer

We all know the dangers of tanning beds, and how they can increase your risk for skin cancer. A new study examines whether it's equally ill-advised to park your perfectly polished fingertips under the ultraviolet lamp at the nail salon.

Wiping Out Heart Arrhythmias

Implantable Defibrillators Shock Your Heart Into Normal Rhythm (Video)

Tags: abnormal heart beat, arrhythmia, heart and vascular institute, heart rhythm, heart rhythm whiteboard, heart video, ICD, video, Walid Saliba MD, whiteboard sessions

An implantable cardioverter defibrillator is an electronic device that constantly monitors your heart rhythm. This often life-saving device sends energy to the heart muscle when a very fast, abnormal rhythm is detected.

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Is Your Long-Term Pain Making You Depressed?

Tags: anxiety, chronic back pain, chronic conditions, chronic knee pain, chronic neck pain, chronic pain, depression

Do you ever wonder if being depressed or anxious could contribute to your chronic pain? Turns out these feelings could be connected. Experts explain the links between these illnesses and how to treat them.


7 Things You Should Know About Vasculitis

Tags: blood vessels, vascular disorders, vasculitis

Although vasculitis is rare, awareness of the disease and its symptoms is important. That’s because treatment exists for almost all forms of vasculitis and is more effective in preventing organ damage when diagnosed early.

Sealing Aortic Aneurysms at or Above the Kidneys

Sealing Your Aortic Aneurysms at or Above the Kidneys (Video)

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Open stent grafts provide a minimally invasive option for treating abdominal aortic aneurysms that occur above the kidneys. Learn how this works.

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Got the Midnight Munchies? Try These 4 Substitute Snacks

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Avoiding midnight snacks is your first line of defense in preventing weight gain. But if you’re up late and must munch, choose wisely.