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4 Questions You May Have About Scleroderma

Tags: interstitial lung disease, lung disorders, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, scleroderma, skin, skin care

Scleroderma is a rare disease of the autoimmune system that many people haven’t heard of. Yet recognizing the symptoms can help you get treatment faster – and provide the best chance for a successful outcome.

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Rectal Bleeding: What a Doctor Wants You to Know

Tags: colon, colon cancer, colon cleansing, colonoscopy, colorectal cancer, fissures, hemorrhoids, Meagan Costedio, rectal bleeding, rectal cancer

Minor rectal bleeding can be alarming. Most of us worry that it's a sign of colon cancer. While it's important to tell your doctor about rectal bleeding, the two most common causes are easy to fix.

Fixing Your Aortic Tear Without Surgery

Fixing Your Aortic Tear Without Surgery (Video)

Tags: aortic artery, aortic-whiteboard, Dr. Clair, heart videos, high blood pressure, stent, Type B dissection, video, whiteboard sessions

A tear in the inner lining of the aortic artery can allow blood to seep between layers, impeding healthy blood flow. Doctors can now fix these “dissections” with a stent instead of open surgery.

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Can Medication Help With Your Child’s Autism?

Tags: ADHD, ASD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, autism spectrum disorder, medication, medications

When aggression, self-injury or other symptoms get in the way of your child’s social and academic development, medications offer extra help.

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Brain Pacemakers, Vaccine Ethics and Other News of the Week

Tags: cleveland clinic in the news, gluten, gluten-free, news, Parkinson's, Parkinson's Disease, vaccines, vitamin D, vitamin d deficiency

Here is this week’s round-up of stories from around the Web featuring Cleveland Clinic experts that we know you won’t want to miss.

Bulger Salad

Recipe: Fresh Mediterranean Bulgur Salad

Tags: healthy diet, Recipes

This salad offers the fresh taste of grape tomatoes, cucumbers and dill in an olive oil, lemon and vinegar dressing. It also calls for bulgur, a whole grain that is full of fiber.

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Don’t Let the Summer Bugs Bite (Video)

Tags: bacterial infection, bug bite, CDC, fever, healthhub number, infographic, Lyme Disease, mosquito, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, ticks, West Nile Virus

Bug bites are mostly just annoying. But when do mosquito bites or ticks need further attention? An expert explains what to watch for.

How Men Can Safeguard Sexual Health (Infographic) on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

How Men Can Safeguard Sexual Health (Infographic)

Tags: ED, erectile dysfunction, genital warts, health screenings, herpes, herpes zoster virus, infographic, STD, STI, testicle, testicular cancer, Type 2 diabetes

Men may be reluctant to see a doctor, especially for sexual health issues. However, it is critical to be proactive to catch problems early. Find simple ways to safeguard a man's sexual health.

Help Your Child Develop Healthy Sleep Habits For Life (Infographic) from HealthHub on Cleveland Clinic

Help Your Child Develop Healthy Sleep Habits For Life (Infographic)

Tags: growing pains of parenting, infographic, pediatric sleep disorders, sleep, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, sleep hygeine

Sleep deprivation is a national epidemic that is affecting our children, too. Learn about your child’s sleep needs and what steps you can take to get them on the road to healthy sleeping habits. Find out exactly how much sleep your child needs and how to make it happen!

Discover how to help your crew have the best day possible at the amusement park this summer using this infographic on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic.

10 Tips for Surviving Amusement Parks With Your Kids (Infographic)

Tags: child safety, growing pains of parenting, infographic, summer, summer safety

If you’re taking the whole family to an amusement park this summer, follow these expert tips to help everyone have the most fun possible!