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Jewish Sufganiyot and Latkes Made Healthy

Try These Lighter, Healthier Jewish Sufganiyot and Latkes

Healthy twists on two popular Hanukkah foods

Try these lighter versions of popular foods for Hanukkah: sufganiyot and latkes. By making a few small changes, you can make them healthier and still honor the tradition.

  • Use THESE tips and #recipes to have a healthier #Hanukkah

    Sufganiyots (jelly-filled doughnuts)

    The Israeli Hanukkah treat called sufganiyots – or fried jelly-filled doughnuts – are a holiday tradition.

    Many Hanukkah dishes are fried in oil, so eating just a few can set you back on your heart-health or weight loss goals. As an alternative to fried sufganiyots, try these jelly-filled baked versions and see if your family notices any difference.

    Try this recipe

  • Use THESE tips and #recipes to have a healthier #Hanukkah

    Latkes (potato pancakes)

    Traditional potato latkes (or potato pancakes) are deep-fried in oil and contain only white potatoes. But latkes don’t necessarily need to be made with just white potatoes.

    This lighter version, root vegetable latkes, is more nutritious with the addition of sweet potatoes and parsnips. Using egg whites cuts cholesterol, and going light on the frying cuts the additional fat calories that traditional latkes contain.

    Try this recipe

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