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Love Your Heart

Love Your Heart

Learn how to eat heart-healthy every day #loveyourheart

February is American Heart Month. Join us in exploring what it means to eat heart-healthy. Discover the flavorful foods of the Mediterranean. Find heart-healthy recipes you’ll love. And get tips on heart-healthy living from experts on our blog.

Heart-Healthy Cooking

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  • Nw

    Anyone take Belviq for obesity. Is it working for you

    • jojo

      No, it does nothing, AND it’s very expensive! Phentermine works much better and can be as low as $10 month. Save your money. Belviq is useless

    • The_Beating_Edge_Team

      NW – Please talk to your doctor prior to taking any medications – with or without prescription – to make sure if the medication is right for you, your medical history, and goals.