Love Your Heart

Love Your Heart

February is American Heart Month. Join us in exploring what it means to eat heart-healthy. Discover the flavorful foods of the Mediterranean. Find heart-healthy recipes you’ll love. And get tips on heart-healthy living from experts on our blog.

Heart-Healthy Cooking

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  • Kelly Luke

    I always ate butter. Makes sense, it’s real. Tastes better. I like salt. Red meat doesn’t always agree with me, same with too much dairy. Sad, I love ice cream. I didn’t always listen to the latest scientific findings. I use MY common sense. Which is not always reliable. So I investigate when I need to.

  • Alba Leclerc

    In other words… eat Italian, not Itamerican.

  • SloopJB

    This fixation on cholesterol is quite antiquated, get with the program Cleveland!
    Cutting carbs sorts it all out, fat (incl saturated fat) is good. Do it radically and you lose lots of weight too, then ease off once you’ve reached your desired weight.