Cleveland Clinic Receives Heart Failure GOLD Recognition

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Since 2011, Cleveland Clinic has received the GOLD Certification from the American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines®-Heart Failure Recognition Program. The GOLD recognition is awarded to hospitals for the greatest success in using AHA’s achievement measures for treatment interventions.

“Our team of caregivers is proud to meet the benchmark set to deliver the best care to our hospitalized heart failure patients,” says Randall Starling, MD, MPH, Head of the Section of Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Medicine and Medical Director of the Kaufman Center for Heart Failure. “Our mission is to provide the best possible care to our patients in the hospital, home, and all venues of care.”

By following these proven guidelines and procedures, Cleveland Clinic is able to improve the quality of care for heart failure patients, and prevent future hospitalizations.

Heart Failure Gold Recognition

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