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21 Amazing Facts About Your Heart from Cleveland Clinic. #infographic

21 Amazing Facts About Your Heart (Infographic)

Discover what your ticker can do

Your heart. You probably don’t think about it often, yet it continues to pump with its faithful, steady beat — carrying blood to all your organs.

At Cleveland Clinic, we think about hearts a lot. This year, we’ve been honored as No. 1 in heart care for the 21st consecutive year by U.S. News & World Report. We also are proud to be recognized as one of America’s top 5 hospitals.

Below, find fun, amazing facts about your own ticker.

21 Amazing Facts About Your Heart from Cleveland Clinic. #infographic

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  • Bruh

    It was a very helpful and meaningful lesson

    • Bruh

      Really you are such a noob and a goody goody

  • silvia L

    How about the heart pumping the other way ! Situs inversus !

  • fjogp9i

    hey guys my name is jeff

  • Daniel Draskovich

    My Father Died in the Cleveland Clinic. .from infection after open heart surgery….left my mom with 5 kids…and nothing els…

  • Bajan gal

    Interesting info about first pacemakers…….didn’t know that…..what happened if the power was off for awhil?