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Find tips for daily living with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, treatments such as deep brain stimulation, and the latest breakthroughs in treating epilepsy, brain tumors and more from our Neurological Institute.

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Young slim female has backache

4 Things You Should Know About Back Pain

Tags: back pain, chronic back pain, chronic pain, spine, spine surgery

Your spine is amazing. It holds you securely upright, while providing you with incredible flexibility that allows you to bend and twist. However, the spine is a common source of pain for many people.

Are You a Closet Eater? 4 Important Tips (Infographic)

Are You a Closet Eater? 4 Important Tips (Infographic)

Tags: binge eating disorder (BED), bulimia, diet, healthy eating, infographic, obesity

Some of us binge on food at Thanksgiving and eat too much cake on our birthdays. Discover where bingeing ends and binge eating disorder (BED) begins.

person dialing 911 on phone

Stroke: Know These 4 Lifesaving Tips Because Every Second Counts

Tags: brain health, FAST, mini-stroke, stroke, strokes

As soon as you see any signs of a stroke, such as sudden weakness in the face, arm or leg, confusion or slurred speech, call 9-1-1.

Using Brain Images to Predict Huntington's Disease

Using Brain Images to Predict Huntington’s Disease

Tags: Alzheimer’s disease, brain health, Huntington's disease, imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MRI, Parkinson's Disease

New Huntington's disease research uses imaging to help predict changes in the brain. The study’s findings could ultimately help delay the disease’s progression in at-risk populations.

mature woman holding her head

Is Menopause Causing Your Mood Swings, Depression or Anxiety?

Tags: anxiety, brain health, depression, estrogen, memory, memory loss, menopause, mental health, perimenopause, sleep, sleep disorders

Menopause can make you moody and irritable. It can also cause anxiety and depression. Here’s some advice on how to handle it.

middle-aged woman in bed looking very tired

5 Tips to Make Your Sleep More Restful

Tags: insomnia, sleep, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, sleep hygeine

If disrupted sleep rules your nights, it can make your days nightmarish. You may feel sluggish, groggy and dull. Your emotional and physical health may suffer. Try these tips to get a good night's rest.

woman eating food

You Can Lose Weight and Keep It Off With ‘Mindful Eating’

Tags: healthy diet, mental health, weight loss

Current studies show that mindful eating helps you manage weight and diabetes, reduce BMI and cope with emotional stress, so check out these great tips.

woman yawning

If You Have Sleep Apnea, Your Memory May Decline Earlier in Life

Tags: Alzheimer's, Alzheimer’s disease, memory, memory loss, sleep, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, study

Sleep apnea — a sleep disorder in which breathing is briefly and repeatedly interrupted during sleep — may be doing more than affecting the quality of your sleep and making you tired. A recent study finds a link between abnormal breathing patterns during sleep – like heavy snoring and apnea – and cognitive decline at an earlier

women with neck ache rubbing area isolated on white

Do You Have a Stiff Neck? Try These Simple Remedies

Tags: chronic pain, electronics, ibuprofen, inflammation, neck pain, sleep, stretching

With so many of us gazing into computers or staring down at our smart phones most of the day, it’s no wonder nearly 20 percent of us have experienced neck pain within the past three months.

woman trouble sleeping

5 Signs that You May Have Insomnia

Tags: depression, insomnia, memory, memory loss, sleep, sleep disorders, sleep testing

Everyone experiences trouble falling or staying asleep at some point in their lives. However, if your sleep problems last more than three months and are disrupting your daily activities, chances are you have insomnia,