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Find tips for daily living with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, treatments such as deep brain stimulation, and the latest breakthroughs in treating epilepsy, brain tumors and more from our Neurological Institute.

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Epilepsy and Your Sex Life: Enhancing Intimacy

Tags: epilepsy, seizures, sex

Epilepsy impacts many parts of a person’s life, including romantic relationships. It can cause fear of intimacy and sexual dysfunction. Seizure control is key and your doctor can help.

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If You Are a Cancer Survivor, This Is a Must Read

Tags: b-aware, brain metastases, brain metastasis, breast cancer, cancer, Headaches, kidney cancer, lung cancer, lung cancer awareness month 2012, melanoma, paralysis, radiosurgery, radiotherapy, seizures

It's a hard reality: One-fourth of people who survive some common cancers go on to develop a brain tumor. But if cancer survivors know these nine symptoms, they can allow for early detection and better treatment.

Power of Love with 2014 date-cr

Help Fight Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis

Tags: #onememory, Alzheimer's, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, innovations, memory loss, MS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Parkinson's Disease, power of love gala

For the more than 6 million Americans who are living with Alzheimer’s, holding on to a memory is not a choice. Unless we find a cure, or stop the progression, projections indicate that by 2050 there could be as many as 16 million people living with Alzheimer’s.

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If You Have Epilepsy, Don’t Overdo Alcohol

Tags: alcohol, brain health, epilepsy

When it comes to alcohol use and epilepsy, keep the saying “everything in moderation” in mind. Moderate alcohol use is okay for many people with epilepsy, but excessive use can increase the risk of seizures.


Epilepsy Misunderstood: Best Ways You Can Cope

Tags: epilepsy, seizures

Misconceptions about epilepsy have persisted for centuries. Still today, that leads some to hide their condition from friends, teachers and co-workers. But education is the best weapon against stigma. Learn more.

Memory Loss

You, MS and the Mind: Overcoming Cognitive Challenges

Tags: cognitive impairment, memory loss, MS, multiple sclerosis

Memory loss, difficulty concentrating and struggles with organization can be troubling if you or someone close to you has multiple sclerosis (MS). Use these five tips to outsmart MS and live easier.

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Best Tips for Treating, Living With Essential Tremor

Tags: Parkinson's, Parkinson's Disease, seizures, tremors

To calm essential tremor, a condition that mimics but is unrelated to Parkinson’s disease, patients can turn to medications or surgery. But the stresses of life – and health – also need to be addressed.

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Got Back Pain? Get 3 Simple Tips for Doing Chores

Tags: back pain, chronic pain, health tips, pain

Does your back hurt just thinking about your housework? Find out how to get your chores done with minimal back pain.

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4 Simple Steps to Get You Back to Sleep Fast

Tags: Insomnia, sleep, sleep disorders

Many underlying health problems such as chronic pain, sleep apnea or acid reflex can cause insomnia. But if your difficulty in sleeping is not due to health problems, here are some tips that can help you get back to sleep.

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Alzheimer’s Disease Toll Vastly Underreported

Tags: Alzheimer's, Alzheimer’s disease, brain, brain fog, brain health, dementia, frontotemporal dementia (FTD)

A new study finds that Alzheimer’s disease may contribute to almost as many deaths as heart disease or cancer. The researchers say their results would mean that Alzheimer’s disease contributes to more than 500,000 deaths each year.