Drug Shows Promise in Reducing Agitation Due to Alzheimer’s

A new study suggests that a drug already on the market may help people with Alzheimer’s disease-related agitation. They found that people with moderate to severe agitation who took the drug saw a 60 percent reduction in symptoms compared to the control group.

Why a Brain Tumor Does Not Always Mean You Have Cancer

You might be surprised to hear that having a brain tumor doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer. Some tumors are benign. While they are not cancerous, they can still cause problems depending on their location.

Smoking May Worsen Your MS More Quickly

If you have MS and smoke, there’s now more reason than ever to quit. New research shows continued smoking after an initial multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis appears to speed up the disease and lead to greater disability faster.  Multiple sclerosis (MS) is thought to be an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system mistakenly … Read More

Best Ways to Protect Your Mind Against Dementia

Most Americans fear getting dementia from Alzheimer’s disease more than any other disease, including cancer. However, a growing body of evidence supports ways people can act to help prevent this disease from getting a grip on their minds.