Brian J. Bolwell, MD

Brian J. Bolwell

Brian J. Bolwell, MD, is an international leader in bone marrow transplantation and managing cancers that affect the blood. A 24-year Cleveland Clinic veteran, Dr. Bolwell serves as Chairman of the Taussig Cancer Institute, one of the country’s largest and most respected cancer programs.

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3 Ways You Can Help Detect Cancer Early

Tags: cancer prevention, colonoscopy, early detection, mammogram, prevention, PSA

Here’s a sad, frustrating truth: We could save countless lives from cancer if we simply found the disease earlier.

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Tumors Are Unique — Treatments Should Be, Too

Tags: bladder cancer, breast cancer, genetics, genomics, prostate cancer, research, tumor

Forget “one size fits all” cancer treatment. A new study of tumor genomics will help current and future patients get tailored treatment based on their individual needs.

DNA in test tubes

The Genetics of Cancer

Tags: cancer treatments, chronic myeloid leukemia, genetics, personalized healthcare, pharmacogenetics, research, thyroid cancer

What if you could take a pill twice a day to treat cancer instead of going through surgery or other difficult treatments? Sound far-fetched? It’s not, thanks to genetic research and personalized medicine.

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Treating Cancer With Compassion

Tags: cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, support, tumor

People frequently ask me what makes us different from other major cancer centers. I think it can be summed up by the phrase, “We get it, and we are going to do something about it.”