Cancer Answer Nurses

Cancer Answer Nurses

Nurse Practitioner Jamie Kabat, BSN, MSN, CNP and Clinical Nurse Specialist Josette Snyder, RN, MSN, AOCN are Advanced Practice Nurses for Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute’s Cancer Answer Line. Cancer Answer Line responds to over 800 calls monthly from patients, non-patients, caregivers and even outside physicians. We’ll provide guidance and resources to anyone looking for answers.

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Close up on ice cube falling into glass of water

4 Things You Should Know About Cancer and Dehydration

Tags: cancer, cancer treatments, dehydration, hydration

Dehydration is an important issue for cancer patients. In this post, Cancer Answer Nurse Josette Snyder, RN, MSN, AOCN, gives advice on how to keep hydrated during cancer treatment.

Can Your Cancer Treatment Be Hazardous to Others?

Can Your Cancer Treatment Be Hazardous to Others?

Tags: brachytherapy, cancer, cancer answer line, cancer myths, cancer treatment, chemotherapy, radiation, radiation therapy

If you are undergoing treatment for cancer, you know the medicines and procedures you’re undergoing are toxic. The Cancer Answer Line nurses explain whether these lifesaving treatments could be toxic to your loved ones.

Are You a Caregiver? Take Care of Yourself, Too

Are You a Caregiver? Take Care of Yourself, Too

Tags: cancer, caregivers, exercise, sleep

Caregivers play an important role in helping loved ones move through cancer treatment. But juggling your caregiver role with your other duties can create a good deal of physical and mental stress.

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6 Ways You Can Fight Cancer-Related Fatigue

Tags: cancer, cancer treatments, chronic fatigue, fatigue, sleep, tired, treatments

Many cancer patients want to know why they feel so tired. Cancer-related fatigue is different from feeling tired and can be caused by a number of factors.

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Should You Exercise When You Have Cancer?

Tags: cancer, cancer treatment, chemotherapy, exercise, exercise therapy, radiation, stress, yoga

After you receive a diagnosis of cancer, exercising might seem like the least of your worries. But there are many good reasons to think about keeping some sort of physical activity routine while being treated for cancer.

parent teacher conference with child

Why You Should Tell Your Child’s Teacher You Have Cancer

Tags: cancer, cancer answer line, growing pains of parenting

You may find it difficult to share such personal information. Nurse practitioner Jamie Kabat tells why it's important to talk with the people who are with your child for the majority of his or her day.

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Who Is On Your Cancer Support Team?

Tags: cancer, cancer answer line, cancer survivors, cancer treatments, caregivers, support

Learning that you have cancer can make you feel terribly isolated. But you are not alone. Think about the many people who surround you and want to help support you through your treatment into survivorship. Who is on your team?

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Should You Go on Vacation When Being Treated for Cancer?

Tags: cancer, cancer treatments, chemotherapy, summer, travel tips, vacation

If you’re a cancer patient, taking a vacation might be exactly what you need. A vacation trip can provide a welcome respite from treatment sessions and visits to the doctor.

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7 Ways to De-Stress When You Have Cancer

Tags: cancer, cancer treatment, stress

A serious illness such as cancer exerts an unfamiliar kind of stress for which most of us are not prepared. Nurse Practitioner Jamie Kabat has advice to help you find relief for some of the tension and feelings you may be experiencing.

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How You Can Help a Spouse With Cancer

Tags: Be Well e-News, cancer, cancer answer line, cancer treatment, caregivers

You may feel completely unprepared to help your spouse or partner. Know that you are in a position to make an enormous impact on your spouse’s experience of treatment and recovery.