Cancer Answer Nurses

Jamie Schwachter, BSN, MSN, NP-C and Josette Snyder, RN, MSN, AOCN are Advanced Practice Nurses for Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute’s Cancer Answer Line.

The Best Strategies To Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer

Contributor: Josette Snyder, RN, MSN, AOCN One of the reasons we all look forward to the balmier months of spring is the ability to enjoy the sun once again. Sunshine warms us and makes us feel relaxed and happy. But, as we all know, the sun’s rays can be harmful as well. Sunlight contains ultraviolet … Read More

How You Can Continue to Work During Cancer Treatment

Contributor: Jamie Schwachter, BSN, MSN, NP-C Among the many important issues that patients with cancer must decide is whether they should continue to work during their treatment. This is a highly personal and individual issue and one that only you can answer. In deciding, you will want to take into consideration your workplace, diagnosis, treatment plan, support … Read More

4 Things You Should Know About Cancer and Dehydration

Contributor: Josette Snyder, RN, MSN, AOCN One of the issues we make sure to talk about with our patients who are undergoing cancer treatment is dehydration. Dehydration is an excessive loss of body fluids and occurs when your body’s fluid output exceeds its fluid intake. When you are undergoing cancer treatment, side effects such as vomiting or diarrhea can lead to dehydration. Infections, … Read More

Can Your Cancer Treatment Be Hazardous to Others?

Contributor: Josette Snyder, RN, MSN, AOCN If you are undergoing treatment for cancer, you know the medicines and procedures have side effects. You may worry that these lifesaving treatments could somehow be harmful to your loved ones. It’s a concern that we often hear from cancer patients or their family members who call the Cancer Answer Line. … Read More

Are You a Caregiver? Take Care of Yourself, Too

Contributor: Jamie Schwachter, BSN, MSN, NP-C Many of the patients we see at Taussig Cancer Institute have someone at home or a close friend who is helping them. This person – a caregiver – often is a spouse, a partner, an adult child, a parent or a close friend. If you are among the ranks of these … Read More

6 Ways You Can Fight Cancer-Related Fatigue

Contributor: Josette Snyder, RN, MSN, AOCN “I feel so wiped out!” In my work with cancer patients in person and on the Cancer Answer line, I hear this phrase all the time. Fatigue is one of the most commonly experienced side effects from cancer treatment. Cancer-related fatigue is different from feeling tired. When you feel tired, you get some … Read More

Should You Exercise When You Have Cancer?

Contributor: Jamie Schwachter, BSN, MSN, NP-C After you receive a diagnosis of cancer, starting or maintaining an exercise routine might seem like the least of your worries. That’s understandable. Regular exercise might be something you didn’t seem to have time for even before your diagnosis. With all the new demands of treatment, such as medical tests and doctor’s visits, exercising may … Read More

Why You Should Tell Your Child’s Teacher You Have Cancer

Contributor: Jamie Schwachter, BSN, MSN, NP-C It won’t be long before children will be heading back to school.  If you’re a parent with cancer, it might be a good time to start thinking about having a talk with your child’s teachers, counselors or school administrator about your illness. You may find it difficult to share such personal … Read More

Who Is On Your Cancer Support Team?

Contributor: Josette Snyder, RN, MSN, AOCN Learning that you have cancer can make you feel terribly isolated. Suddenly you find yourself in a new, unfamiliar world. But you are not alone. Take a few minutes to think about the many people who surround you and want to help support you through your treatment into survivorship. Who is … Read More