Charis Eng, MD, PhD

Charis Eng, MD, PhD

Charis Eng, MD, PhD is a global leader in cancer genetics and cancer genomic medicine. She is an elected member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Sciences and one of only four formally trained clinical cancer geneticists in the country. Dr. Eng is founding chairwoman of the Genomic Medicine Institute and founding director of its Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare.

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Twisted cigarette

The Epigenetics of Cholesterol, Smoking and Cancer

Tags: breast cancer, cancer, epigenetics, genetics, genomics, prostate cancer, PTEN gene

Find out what the hot field of epigenetics can tell us about bad habits and the way cancer grows and spreads.

DNA as a puzzle

3 Ways Genetic Knowledge is Power

Tags: genetic counseling, genetic testing, genetics, genomics, personalized healthcare

Knowledge is power — when it is delivered in the right way. The goal of genetic testing and counseling is to prepare patients, not create “patients in waiting.”

Family members

When Family Matters for Alzheimer’s Disease

Tags: Alzheimer's, Alzheimer’s disease, family history, genetics

Alzheimer's disease takes its toll on families, both patients and their caregivers. Many people want to know, “If it happened to someone in my family, can it happen to me, too?”

Family health history

8 Tips for a Better Family Health History

Tags: family history, genetics, holiday season, personalized healthcare, Thanksgiving

When you gather around the table with your family this Thanksgiving, don’t just ask them to pass the mashed potatoes. Ask them about their health history.

Mother and daughter in pink

How Your Genes Affect Breast Cancer Care

Tags: breast cancer, breast cancer awareness month, breast cancer prevention, genetic counseling, genetic testing, genetics

As researchers learn more about the genetics of breast cancer, doctors can diagnose and treat patients based on very specific needs. Get expert answers to common questions.

Test tubes

A Genetic Test You Don’t Need

Tags: genetic testing, genetics, personalized healthcare

Just because we can test something doesn’t always mean we should. Learn why there’s a better way to monitor conditions related to the MTHFR gene.

Cancer’s Signatures — And What They Mean For Patients

Cancer’s Signatures — and What They Mean for Patients

Tags: cancer, diagnosis, genetics, genomics, innovation, research

New research shows what different types of cancer have in common, with an eye on better diagnosis and treatment.

Vitamin E pills

Can Vitamin E Help Prevent Cancer?

Tags: breast cancer, cancer, Cowden Syndrome, genetic disorder, genetics, thyroid cancer, vitamin e

A study shows the preventive power of vitamin E in certain people with Cowden Syndrome, a genetic disorder that leads to high cancer risk.

white cigarette smoke on black background

Thirdhand Smoke May Damage Your DNA

Tags: DNA, research, risk factors, smoking, stop smoking

The lingering smell and chemicals of cigarette smoke may lead to a bigger problem: damage to your DNA.

Older man with glasses

Prostate Cancer: Can You Watch and Wait?

Tags: genetics, Oncotype DX Prostate test, prostate cancer, prostate screening, PSA screening

The new Oncotype DX genetic test identifies which men need immediate attention and which men can avoid unnecessary treatment and side effects.