Sue Cotey and Andrea Harris, RNs

Sue Cotey, RN, CDE, and Andrea Harris, RN, CDE, are Diabetes Educators with the Lennon Diabetes Center at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center. Sue is the Program Coordinator.
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Best Travel Tips When You Have Diabetes

When you’re traveling with diabetes, you need to do a bit more planning. Here’s tips should ease your concerns and allow you to travel with peace of mind.

Top 10 Worst Diet Choices if You Have Diabetes

Choices, choices. How your health fares often comes down to the foods you choose to eat. You have the power to make the smart – and yes, delicious food choices – to keep your blood glucose at a healthy level. In this guide, we share the worst — and some of the best — food and drink choices if you have diabetes.

Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe for People With Diabetes?

As diabetes educators, we are frequently asked if sugar substitutes are safe and which ones are best. Over time there have been many sugar substitutes, and we always tell people that the one you use is a personal choice. They are safe for people with diabetes, and they can be used to reduce both your calorie … Read More

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5 Tips to Prevent Gum Disease If You Have Diabetes

Gum disease – or gingivitis – has been called the fifth complication of diabetes behind heart, nerve, kidney and eye disease. Gingivitis is simply the inflammation of the gums around your teeth caused by plaque buildup. So, why are you more at risk for developing gingivitis if you have diabetes? Gum disease begins with bacteria … Read More

Drinking Alcohol and Diabetes: Do They Mix?

Most people with diabetes may enjoy alcohol in moderation, but you should always check with your healthcare provider first. Your condition or the medications you are taking could be affected by alcohol consumption. You’ll want to follow these 5 safety tips: 1. Know if you can drink Check with your doctor or healthcare provider before … Read More

Diabetes and Sleep Apnea: What You Need To Know

Do you snore? Do you feel fatigued every day? Do you wake up frequently throughout the night? It may be that the shallow breathing or breaks in breathing caused by sleep apnea are the reason. If you have diabetes, it is critical to manage your sleep apnea in order to manage your diabetes. Some 18 … Read More

5 Best Exercises for People with Diabetes

If you have diabetes, exercise offers surprising benefits. As it lowers your stress levels, it lowers your blood sugar level. How much exercise is right for you? For people with diabetes, The National Institutes of Health  (NIH) recommends 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week. Exercise is so important for people with diabetes that the … Read More

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Increased Risk for Thyroid Disorders in Diabetics

If you have diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, it’s especially important to watch for problems with your thyroid, that butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that regulates your metabolism. This is because people with diabetes are more prone to thyroid disease than the general population – and their blood glucose control can be affected. … Read More

I Have Diabetes. Can I Get a Tattoo?

Tattoos. They are more popular than ever. Today, more than 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo. But if you have diabetes, getting a tattoo may pose unique risks. As diabetes educators, people sometimes ask us for advice about getting a tattoo. When you have diabetes, you really have to consider the physical consequences … Read More